Jee Le Zara 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 9th January 2014 Written Update

After finalizing the deal with Mr. Goel Sanchi goes and sits with others. DV asks what was taking her so long, and his dad replies that it had to take time as deal was so big. He then takes out his check book and signs a check for Rs 25 crores asking what name to be put. Sanchi replies Sanchi Prabhu. DV asks in shock if she has sold the land, but his father replies not the land, but his love. DV is shocked while Anvay and his wife are happy. Sanchi asks Aadu to leave from there. They leave and DV’s mom is surprised.

Nani calls up Sanchi to ask if everything went well and asks if they gave any shagun and Sanchi thinks of the cheque and says yes. She is unable to control her emotions. She and Aadu are about to go when DV comes and asks why she is doing this and Sanchi lies that

she got tempted by the offer and could not say no. DV refuses to believe it. But Sanchi goes on saying that she failed in his dad’s test but got so much money in return. She sits in the car sent by DV’s dad and leaves from there while DV keeps calling her. DV finds it hard to accept what Sanchi said and breaks down. He keeps asking himself why Sanchi did this. Inside the restaurant, DV’s family is discussing the deal and Anvay asks why he didn’t buy her land too, but his dad replies that Sanchi is very shrewd and it would be better to not push her too much as then it might be dangerous.

In the car, Sanchi is crying saying she is not greedy. Aadu says he trusts her and she can take her own time to tell why she took the cheque and Sanchi says that she didn’t take the cheque but returned a son to her mother as if she had not closed her doors for DV, then one day his family’s door would have been closed to him. She says did not have the heart to break DV’s mom’s heart as she too is a nurturer and so could understand her. She breaks down and Aadu comforts her.

DV’s family comes out and try to talk to DV but he is angry at them for even offering the money to her. Suparna says Sanchi took away 25 crores rupees, but Yash says that at least their family won. He then asks his wife to make sure that DV does not go there again.

Both Sanchi and DV are heart broken. DV smashes things in his house while Chann se tute jo koi sapna plays in BG.

At Sanchi’s house Nani, Ajji and Dilz are waiting for Sanchi excitedly. Just then Sanchi comes and they all start asking how things went and Sanchi replies in crypts. Nani finally notices her lack of excitement and asks what happened and where is DV. Sanchi goes quiet, so they ask Aadu who then ask them to ask Sanchi only. Everyone starts asking where is DV and finally Sanchi stands up and says he hasn’t come and will never come again.

Precap: DV lashing out at Sanchi on phone.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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