Tumhari Pakhi 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 9th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayaan thinking what is Pakhi upto, she did not eve scold him, whats in her mind. Maa ji comes to Ayaan. Ayaan is annoyed with Maa ji and scolds her for telling Pakhi the truth. Maa ji asks did Pakhi beat you. Ayaan says no, she was after me, she took me outside to make me eat food. He asks Maa ji to leave and have food. Lavanya asks Girish where is Naina’s adoption docs. Girish gives her. She thanks him and hugs him. She says if you did not initiate, I would have never thought, we will become her legal parents today, its such a good day, we should thank Naina’s parents for giving us this happiness and now when Naina is our responsibility, we should plan everything for her.

She says I won’t let Naina marry as I can’t be away from her, we will bring a in house son in law for her, that would be fine. Girish says I have to tell you something. Bua comes and gives Naina to Lavanya. Lavanya is happy. Bua asks Girish not to say anything to Lavanya. Pakhi sees a shooting star and makes a wish. Anshuman sees this and says if this goes on, she will never leave from here, she is not hating Ayaan, she wants to become Ayaan’s mum and wants to make me his dad.

Pakhi is thinking about Ayaan and Anshuman’s relation. Anshuman comes to her. She asks did you finish your work. He says no, I m not concentrating. She asks were you thinking about my words. he looks at the moon. She says you looking at the moon, you felt this stupid right. She says I m excited to see the snowfall, I have many plans. He says there is still time for snowfall. She says who knows the snow can fall tonight. She is happy to see snowfall.

She says its so beautiful. Anshuman looks at it. Pakhi says why is this not melting. She says this is not snow, its something like icing. Anshuman says I know this is coming from Ayaan’s room. He says I will go and see him. She stops him and asks him not to scold Ayaan. She says don’t rule over him. She flirts with Anshuman. Music plays……………. She smiles seeing him and says look in my eyes. Anshuman is shy and says I don’t have time. She says are you afraid. He says I m not. She says then accept my challenge, look in my eyes. He looks on. Bol dil se………………… plays…………..

Anshuman acts cute. They have an eyelock. Na koi tera ankhon me sapna, na jana tha tujhko apna…………………… plays……………………The scene is very cute. Pakhi says if everyone do the work together, then the love increases, so I have thought of something which we will do together. He says what. She goes closer to him and says in his ears. Music plays……………………….She says Mission BP.

He says whats this. She says I have to think like kids if we have to do something for them. Anshuman thinks about it. He says I know when she makes a plan, my plan shakes, don’t know what she will do now, she is raising my BP. Lavanya is happy with Naina. She tells Girish she is very happy and feeling motherhood. She says my identity is Naina’s mum. She says Naina will say mum first. Girish is tensed and looks at Bua.

Bua smiles seeing Lavanya happy. Girish tells Bua this is not right, I can’t lie and cheat Lavanya, I will tell her the truth. Bua says no, you won’t say and do anything, did you not see how much happy she is, Lavanya has accepted Naina, do you want to ruin everything, control yourself, it will be good for everyone. Anshuman asks Pakhi whats the mission all about. She says I will tell, but not now. He holds her and she falls on him. Saiyyan………………… plays…………………………….. They have an eyelock. She distances herself from him. He asks about the mission again. She says look there.

She laughs and turns him. She writes on his hand and asks him to understand. She writes big picnic. He says are you planning this for Ayaan. He says this plan will flop as Ayaan hates picnics. She says no way, this will increase the love. Anshuman says Ayaan will not change. She asks do you have one rupee. He gives her. She says we will toss and see what happens. Anshuman says ok. She tosses and she smiles as she won.

Pakhi is doing the arrangements with the servants and asks them not to inform Maa ji about this. Anshuman hears this and says if she wins, then….. Will she win Ayaan with all this, as he is a kid. He tosses and fails. He comes to her in the kitchen while she is cooking. He thinks he has to stop Pakhi. He coughs. She says are you fine. He asks what are you making. She says I will give you water. She gives him water and his cough stops. She cares for him. He says thanks. She jokes. He tells Pakhi I think your plan will flop. Pakhi says don’t worry, the party will be successful.

Maa ji comes and asks what plan. Pakhi says I can’t tell you, its a secret, it need not be told to you. Anshuman asks Maa ji to talk to Pakhi, till then he writes something in her diary. She takes a page from it and drops it for Maa ji.

Its a message for Ayaan. The page has Big Punishment, Mission BP written on it. Ayaan aks for his video game. Pakhi says I have thrown all your video games and toys. Ayaan is annoyed.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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