Pavitra Rishta 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 9th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sunanda warning Raunaq not to tell anything to her again. Raunaq thinks his luck is bad. Prashant asks Mansi, why you didn’t call me. I would not have allowed them to come inside. Sonu tells him about Naren’s help. Shashank comes and asks, will you marry me? Mansi is shocked. Shashank repeats his proposal. Mansi doesn’t know what to answer. Naren says, it is yes from her side. Mansi says yes. Everyone are happy. Naren congrats them. Purvi comes to Rishabh Kapoor’s home while it is raining heavily. She recalls about Arjun in the lock up and Rishabh’s condition to marry him. She recalls that only RK can save Arjun. She thinks of Arjun in pain. Naren is sitting wearing a cap and take out the jewellery and counts the money. Ankita comes and asks, what you

are doing. Naren says, I am dividing these equally for Mansi and Kinnari. Ankita says, it is not needed for Mansi. Naren explains her in his style. He says, if Mansi is your sister then she is my sister. So she is my family. Like wise Raunaq is your brother as mine. Ankita says, it is not needed as you have named your property on my name. Naren says, I have full faith on you that you will doubled or tripled my property. Ankita selects the jewellery for Mansi and Kinnari. Ankita asks about Cap. Naren says, it is thinking cap….Sunraha haina tu…….plays..Naren makes her wear the cap. Ankita looks cute with cap.

RK tells his PA not to fix any appointment for the 12th of the next month. His assistant asks about the purpose. RK says, it is my marriage today. He congrats her. His assistant asks about the girl’s name. RK says, I will tell once she agrees. RK asks him to finalised the venue as the date is final. Servant informs him about Purvi coming to meet him. RK asks his assitant to leave. Purvi comes there. RK orders coffee for her. RK asks her to sit and says you are strange. Did you agree for marriage? Purvi says, I want to free Arjun. RK says, it will be done immediately. RK calls Chadda and asks him to free Arjun and take the case back. Chadda says but. RK says, I want Arjun out of jail. Chadda thinks, why he wants to get him out. RK asks about her decision. He says, I am not interested to share bed with you as 200 girls are waiting for that. Purvi asks, why don’t you marry them. RK says, they don’t deserve to get marry me. They are after my name and money. If I marry you, then my money and name will be saved. He says, I want you to free Arjun. I saw a spark in you, you are ready to do anything for him. I like your loyalty. Purvi says, I am ready to marry you. RK says, that’s great. I know that. I have finalised the day. 12th and that’s my mom’s birthday. Purvi says it is okay. RK asks Purvi to pick any one of the invitation card as it needs to be given for printing. Purvi is shattered.

Naren and Ankita come to Shashank’s home. Naren says sorry to Shashank’s mom. Ankita says, we came here for Shashank and Mansi’s alliance. Shashank’s parents get happy and agrees. Naren congrats them. He suggests engagement in the evening. Shashank’s mom and Ankita says, how can we manage? Naren says, I will manage everything. I am a super man. He praises Shashank and leaves with Ankita. Shashank gives his mobile to Naren and says sorry for thinking him as a mad person. Naren says, people are mad. Love is very important in life. Ahana understands love. You and Mansi understand it. We are in the same boat. He asks him to come for engagement.

Soham yells at Mansi for agreeing to marry Shashank. Mansi says, but I love Shashank. Soham says, he is poor. Pranav praises Shashank. Soham dislikes Shashank and tells Mansi that my son in law will be rich. I will get another guy for you. Prashant says, Ankita fixed Mansi’s alliance. Soham says, I will fix it. Mansi says, today is my engagement. Soham says, I don’t agree with this proposal. Mansi tries to talk to him. Soham wonders what to do now? He thinks of a plan to praise Naren to get some money. Ovi asks the lawyer to get the papers ready for Arjun’s bail. She asks him to bail him on medical grounds. Arjun says, don’t do this. Ovi asks him to understand. She says, you needs good treatment and rest. You made me lie, but I won’t do any more drama now. Arjun says, Purvi will get to know about it. Ovi says, you needs treatment which you will not get it here. You can’t stop me. Police comes and informs Arjun that Chadda took back his complaint and said that you are innocent. Ovi is happy. Police asks him to sign on the bail papers. Arjun wonders why Chadda did this? Ovi says, what is important is that you are free now.

Soham asks for money from Ankita’s family for Mansi’s engagement. He says, her kaka doesn’t have money for the engagement. Ankita shouts him to stop and says baba. Sunanda is boggled while Raunaq smiles.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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