Jee Le Zara 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 5th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Pradeep tells Goyal that he is right.. thats why he is on top ..n so they are at top too! Goyal says dunno if u are nuts? We are interested in Sanchis land.. if u want us to buy urs..then get Sanchi to sell it! Pradeep tells that a lot of land is there.. ur hotel will be done! Goyal says.. hamara hotel tumhari aukat ka nahi. hamare haisiyat ka banega! We want entire land or nothing! He turns to leave and Pradeep calls out to have dinner! He says.. even my driver wont like it.. so! He walks off! Pradeep cribs about Sanchi!

Nani tells all that thinking to keep doors open during Laxmi puja so Lamxi enters! Aaji says and thief too! DV comes and says.. its diwali of dilwalas so they have to come at Dils place have Parsi food.. play games and enjoy! Nani asks what surprise is this? DV says on the occassion of her recovery! Dils says..thot they are tired of all preps so keeping a fun afternoon for them! Sanchi stays mum ..! Nani asks from where they got this idea? Dils says.. made Sooji Halwa for u all join in! Nani and Addu get up to join n Aaji says..dare anyone goes! All are shocked.. she says.. take me along! All lauf! DV says to Sanchi.. there is special game for u.. in that u have to beat me! Sanchi says.. he better play with Addu..! Have work! DV says ur always busy. Dils insists too! DV again..requests Sanchi! Aaji-Nani stresses and Sanchi agrees ! Dils invites Prachi too but she refuses..! Says not in good mood! Sunil comes right then! All welcome Sunil ..but Prachi leaves from there!

Sunil takes everyones blessings..and asks how they are? They say fine..! He says was busy so..! Nani says.. oh double duty.. home and office! Aaji asks about Laxmi puja at Sunils place.. and he says thats why he came to take Prachi along! Sunil asks permission to meet her! Addu says.. neki aur puch puch.. go ahead! He goes to talk to Prachi..! DV smiles at Sanchi..!

Part 2

Sunil comes to Prachi and asks her to come with him their home! She says am at my place! Sunil says our place..! Prachi says that home is ur moms.. where only her rules work! Sunil says.. talked to dad.. we both explained mom and in future nothing will happen! Prachi asks telling the truth? Sunil says can we go? Prachi says.. at Dils place there is Diwali party.. lets participate and go? Sunil hesitates but finally gives in! Prachi tells Dils they are coming too! DV says.. so all are coming! Sanchi says if there is cards party i wont come! DV says..what are u saying Sanchi? Hum pyaar karte hain aapse.. not ur enemies..we know u dun play cards.. so we wont keep such games! We have kept a game for u.. to make u tell the truth.. n there is a bumper prize too! Hope ur ready? Sanchi is nervous!

DV is on phone n says sorry.. please excuse this time..! His mom says on Diwali ..he has to be with his loved ones! DV looks at Sanchi n says.. am with my loved ones only ..where i stay..there all love me n treat me as family..! He says u should wish them! DV takes phone to Sanchi n says. Sweetheart. .talk to Sweetheart. .n Sanchi says dun wanna talk! DV says talk.. n gives the phone to her! She takes it.. n DVs mom says.. heard ur praise.. a lot from DV. .but i have a complaint! Sanchi is confused..! DVs mom says.. u have given so much love to him that he is urs more than ours! Sanchi says.. nothing like that! DVs mom says..on Diwali too he doesnt wanna come thank u.. so much on behalf of my entire family for loving him so much! Sanchi says no need to thank ..come to Panchgani someday..! She says we will come one day for sure! She wishes Sanchi happy Diwali..! DV says ok fine. n before cuting the call he says have a great surprise gift for u..! Sanchi fumes..! She says u do what u want. n say what u want. .no sharam . .no dar! DV says pyaar kiya to darna kya? DV asks..Janeman kaisa laga apni sasuma se baat karke? Sanchi fumes..! She turns and DV is not there..!

Part 3

Addu and DV joke as to who is blushing more? Sunil or Prachi? All lauf! Ulka comes and starts to eat and all chide her for gorging so much! Sanchi asks her to eat as much as she wants! Ulka asks about the game and DV says.. we will write a message for someone but not the persons name so we have to guess! DV tells Sanchi to write what she wants from her heart! DV says.. write I LOVE U ..! Sanchi is shocked..! Nani says to write what he wants.. not declare it ! All write except Sanchi..! Everyone puts the notes in a bowl and Aaji pulls a note.. n reads its about food .. n all guess its Ulka!

Next note has a few lines.. Aaye tum ..aaya mujhe yaad. .gali me aaj chand nikla .. n all guess its Prachi..! Then Bhai nahi ho.. Bhai jaise ho ..Dost ho par kisi apne jaise ho..! All guess its Addu-DV..! DV says next is mine and Sanchi is scared n says..remaining game we will play later..! She says am hungry! DV-Dils oppose! Sanchi says Sunil-Prachi have to leave so..! Aaji says.. what about the surprise? Sanchi snatches the note from her and says all get up..! She turns to leave n DV closes in and says why din u let Aaji read? Sanchi says it wasnt anything important..! DV says.. elders said.. ishq chupaye nahi chupta.. n DV asks if she thinks it will remain hidden! She says no one will take u seriously! DV says.. lemme declare n Sanchi says no! She tries to leave n DV blocks her! He says.. u dun wanna know? So scared u are! Sanchi says no..! DV says ur face is so red.. n u look so pretty ..i cant stop myself. i will do something! Sanchi walks past him!

Sanchi picks up the chit and sees its blank ..! DV comes n turns her around n asks what she thot.. what he wrote? What i have in my heart.. 100 chits will fall less.. there are no words to express my feelings that i have for u.. ! I just wrote my name on it.. coz ur name is written on my heart.. not on these piece of papers which can be trampled! Just like this chit is empty .. without u .. my life is empty too! Sanchi blushes..! DV leaves from there! Sanchi watches!

Precap — Sanchi calls Dils to come.. ! She is trying to tie the dori of her choli ..! DV comes.. ! Sanchi thinks its Addu..! DV ties her choli dori and Sanchi is shocked to see him..! She turns and asks ..he .. here? how? DV smiles!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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