Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with all reaching Kailash. Kartikeya Ganesh and Nandi etc are all happy to see Mahadev and Parvati . Lord Vishnu and Bramha dev also come. Devi Parvati says she is glad to come back home. Mahadev is sad. Devi asks why he is sad? Mahadev says it’s the future but you wont want to know about it. Parvati says I have come home after a long time. I want to only enjoy the presents with my family and near ones. I hope you understand my feelings. Mahadev , Brmha and Vishnu ji look at each other sadly

Devi Parvati goes to the Kitchen area and sees a lot of food being prepared. Ganesh thinks he wont tell her about the grand feast.Parvati says oh my for a second I thought there was a grand feast but I know all of you like me want to just spend time with family. Ganesh keeps quite.

The three lords are discussing an issue. Narayan asks Mahadev has he made the decision?Mahadev says there is no alternative to it. Narayan says no one will be able to understand why you did this. Mahadev says yes but it has to be done. Brmhaji says a poisonous mentality is taking root in a scared place like Kashi

Scene shifts to Kashi court. The king Ripunjay sits on the throne and helps his people with money to solve their various issues. They become happy and compare him to the Gods. But Ripunjay gets irritated at this
Next scene shows him with Daksh Prajapati. Ripunjay asks Daksha that he is helping people and people give the credit to Gods.Why a man caanot be big hearted? Why he has to be compared to Gods all the time. Daksh says he had made the mistake of thinking of himself as most important in the universe and is still paying the price for it

Scene shifts to Kailash again , Kartikeys tells Mahadev that invitations have been sent and we never dreamt that Mother will be unhappy about the feast. Mahadev reminds him of the moment when devi had swallowed him. Mahadev says for you she is only mother not divine mother , not Adi Shakti. Kartikeya says in that moment he had felt all is lost, Mahadev tells him that when she realized her mistake think what she must have felt and so when she is reunited with her family and she does not want to share it with anyone else. Mahadev asks him who all have they invited. Kartikeya says all the Gods from Devlok and all from Patal lok.

Scene shifts to Indra lok. Indra says that even Demons have also been invited for the feat at Kailash, They may try to create problems or may think they are equal to us. We have to maintain our superiority over them
At Patal lok the demons are discussing the same. That Demigods may try to show them down , if that happens they will attack them. But shukracharya stops their convo and says they will do no such thing at a sacred place like kailash. Demon king says but he need surety that Demigods will do no show off or superior behaviousr.Shukracharya says in that case you will have to take Diti the mother of Demons along with them. King says she will never agree. Shukrachrya says he will talk to her
Scene shifts to Diti’s chanbers. She says to shulracharya that one who has accepted her fate should not be shown light. Shukra says Daitya Motther should not say so . She says injustice has been done to her. Shukra says lets not talk of the past lets discuss the future and tells her about the feast at Kailash. He says Demons want assurance that they wont be disrespected but that is only possible if you are there. Diti is silent and uneasy. Shukra asks her till when will she run from the past. Why is she hesitant ? Because Devtas will be there or Rishi Kashyap?

At Kashi Ripunjay says Daksha you are a Son of Bramha sshow me the way to attain my goal. Daksha asks him what his goal is? Ripunjay says his goal is to creat a society where only humanity is there , where human are self dependent and there is no place for the Gods. He says he doesn’t understand why people don’t so ? Daksha says its easy to depend on others as then we can give credit or blame some one else but still humanity can never be bigger then Godliness because humans die Gods don’t. Also because Gods hhave big responsibilities. If they do not do there duty their wont be air or sunlight or rain. Humans cannot take care of such responsibilities, Daksha says the state that you are dreaming of is not possible. Ripunjay says a problem has emerged so their has to be a solution

At Kailash Kartikeya is still worried about displeasure of Devi with the feast, He says should he cancel it? Mahadev says no need, Devi will understand may be she will take time but will understand

Precap: War of words between Demons and Devas and Mahadev asking Parvati to choose something

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizaada

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