Do Dil Ek Jaan 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 5th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara’s mum telling Maai about Antara’s karwachauth. She asks Maai to send Raghu on time as Antara would be waiting for him. Maai says she will try. Satya hears all this. Ruksana tells Antara that Raghu will come and break your fast. Ruksana asks Antara to keep Raghu by scolding him like a wife does. Antara says Raghu is not talking to me. MachMach comes with samosas. Ruksana asks did you talk to Raghu. He says no. He says have this samosa. Antara says I won’t eat or drink till Raghu comes. Ruksana says the karwachauth is tomorrow, not today. Ruksana says he will be infront of you tomorrow. Satya says shall we bet, he won’t come.

He eats the samosas. Antara asks why will he not come. Satya says because he is a fool, he does not know love. He says its sad. Antara says Raghu is obedient to Maai. She says I know Raghu very well, so I have chosen him. She says he will come for sure, if he does not then I will not eat and drink even if I die. Satya looks on. Antara leaves. Satya says why are you betting for your life, if anything happens to you then…. Antara stops and says I m not betting with you, who are you to come in between me and Raghu, I m telling you, this is my love and my trust.

She leaves. Satya says I trust myself. He calls his goons and instructs them to stop Raghu from coming home in any way. Satya says what do Antara see in Raghu. He says love is really blind. He comes to Raghu’s place and looks for something. He gets Aman’s letter. He sees Antara and throws the letter. Antara sees him in Raghu’s balcony. Satya says you did not ber, but I accept your challenge. She says I will die but not drink water. He says I won’t let you die. He says you see, I will break your fast. Antara says what did you say, he says what you heard.

He says all the best Antara. She goes inside her house and closes the door. Satya gets his goon’s call and talks to them. The next morning, Rasika comes with the sargi for Antara. Rasika asks Antara to eat well. She says I will leave. Antara’s mum asks did you not keep the fast. Rasika says no. She asks did you talk to Raghu. Rasika says yes, he spoke to us. She says the network was bad, so did not understood anything. She leaves. Antara’s mum asks Antara what happened, Raghu will come. Antara cries and thinks about Satya’s words.

Antara goes in her balcony and looks out at Raghu’s balcony. She says why can’t Raghu reply to my message. Raghu is somewhere in a mandir sleeping. She wakes up and thinks of his engagement with Antara. Antara thinks what Raghu told her. He thinks about Antara and their love moments. Antara says Raghu whatever happened was our love, not a sin. Raghu is crying sitting in the mandir. Antara is waiting for him. Raghu goes inside the mandir and rings the bell. He cries feeling his guilt. Antara’s mum takes Antara’s phone and calls Raghu. Raghu talks to her. She asks him where are you. Raghu says I m ….. She says can I scold you as a mum. She says you don’t value time like my husband.

She says Antara is waiting for you and you are not calling her. Raghu says I m outside. She says you are not so far that you can’t come. Raghu says I made a mistake. She says my husband says rectify mistake by moving ahead. She asks what should I tell her. Raghu gets strength seeing the Lord and says I will come, tell her that her Raghu will come, I will face my mistakes and rectify them. She is happy and ends the call. Raghu walks outside the mandir. He sees bangles store and goes to buy it.

Raghu says sorry Miss Kaul, if I have ruined your life, I will make it better. He buys some bangles for Antara. Its night and Antara is waiting for Raghu. Satya comes to her and looks at her. He says what are you thinking, you are ready and I m infront of you, break you fast. She says its better if I die. He says don’t end your beautiful like for him, he won’t come. Antara says keep your words to yourself. Satya says I m seeing your anger for the first time, its nice, I like it. Ruksana takes Antara with her and asks her to break the fast taking Raghu’s name. Antara says Raghu will come, I will wait for him. Ruksana says maybe he got stuck somewhere.

Satya says see how you look, you are hungry since morning, break your fast, he won’t come. Antara says he will come. Antara’s mum says he will come for sure, I spoke to him and he said he will come. Antara and Ruksana are happy. Antara says if he said, then he will come, I trust my Raghu. Satya smiles as his plans are different. He says you can’t trust the traffic, anything can happen anytime. Antara is tensed.

Raghu is beaten up by Satya’s goons. Antara faints and Satya says I told you I will break your fast. He breaks her fast by making her drink water.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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