Jee Le Zara 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 31st January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv waking Saanchi romantically in the morning. Saanchi asks, why you are doing this and asks him to leave. Dhruv says, I can’t be away from me. She calls his name but it is just her imagination. Saanchi thinks what is happening to me? She comes in the balcony and waits for Dhruv. Dhruv comes out of the house and leaves without looking at her. Saanchi thinks, what happened to him as he is not looking at her even once. Dilshaad tells Saanchi about the beauty products launched. Saanchi gets sad. Dilshaad asks, what happened? Saanchi says, I used to see him at the balcony but today he didn’t look at me even once. Dilshaad says okay. Saanchi says, I know he might be upset with me about yesterday night. I don’t know where he went. Dilshaad says, your wish came true. Door bell rings. Dilshaad asks her to open the door.

Saanchi gets a bouquet and is happy. Dilshaad comes out and asks her to read the love note. Saanchi reads it and says it is for you. Dilshaad gets happy and says I have secret admirer. Saanchi says, it is sent by the magazine as you ordered 50 copies. Dhruv talks with the decorators and says everything should be perfect as it is a love marriage. Anway calls him and asks, what are you doing? Dhruv says shopping. Anway tells him that Ankita’s condition is not good and asks him to come home. Dhruv asks, what happened to her. Anway says, her heart is broken. You shall be with him. Dhruv says, I will come home as soon as possible and will talk to Ankita. Suparna tells Anway that her parents name is getting bad publicity. She says, people are laughing on Ankita. Anway says, he have a flight to catch for Delhi and he will talk to Dhruv after coming back.

Saanchi waits for Dhruv to come home. Saanchi thinks that Dhruv absence should not effect her and tells herself not to lose the self control. Addu tells Aaji and Nani that Dhruv will come back. He gets Dhruv’s call and Addu says, we are coming there. Saanchi gets a call and she thinks it is Dhruv’s call. She wonders what will happen to her as she is imagining him everywhere and missing him. Dilshaad comes and says I am going out with Dhruv. Saanchi asks, where are you going? Then says, don’t tell me as I am not bothered. Dilshaad says, everyone are going with him, Aaji, Nani and Addu. She asks her to come with them if she wants. Saanchi refuses to come with them. Dilshaad says, he needs to move on. He will forget you in some days. She leaves. Saanchi looks at Dhruv who is coming from outside. She smiles looking at him.

Dhruv, Nani, Aaji, Addu and Dilshaad leaves in a car happily. Saanchi thinks he will leave one day for his own family. She waits for them and thinks they didn’t return yet. She hears the baaja and goes out. She sees Aaji, Nani and Dilshaad dancing. And her car decorated with flowers. She comes out and looks at them. Dhruv asks her to congrate him. He says, I am going to get marry soon finally and you have to come. He says I troubled you very much and I apologizes for that. I am sorry. He says, I want to open a new chapter. I got a girl for myself who loves me very much. I don’t want to lose time. You have to come for my marriage because you are very important. He gives her something. He invites her for the wedding and gives the invitation card. Saanchi looks at the card. It is written Dhruv Goel weds Saanchi Prabhu. Saanchi is surprised. Dhruv looks at her adorably.

Dhruv says her sorry for printing her name on the card without her permission. He says truth is that I can’t let anyone name be written on the card. Addu asks Saanchi to say yes to Dhruv.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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