Ek Nayi Pehchan 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 31st January 2014 Written Update

Sharda enters the class hesitantly. She looks around at her classmates. She approaches a lady and says Namaste to her. The lady replies with a hello, how are you! Sharda recalls what Sakshi had taught her that day. Sharda replies with an ok. That lady mistakes her words with who are you. Sharda is confused as Sakshi had told her something else. The lady repeats her questions and Sharda tells her that I have come here to study. She asks her to take a seat. As Sharda walks past, a few ladies smile pleasantly at her while the rest of them are busy talking to one another. Sharda sits on a bench. The girl sitting adjacent to her starts talking to her. you must be married in the flashback ( 😛 ). Sharda agrees. That girl points out that girls learn English to get married. Have you come

here to get married again? All the ladies smile while Sharda is taken aback. It isn’t so. The girl introduces herself as Roshni and Sharda also introduces herself. Roshni says you look like you come from a good family. Do you have a young son whose age is to get married? Sharda breaks her heart by saying that her son got married recently. Roshni gets annoyed. You shouldn’t have wasted my time like this. She resumes doing her touch up.

As soon as Sakshi is back, Dadi asks her to sing bhajan for her. sakshi has brought a cd and plays it for her. sakshi folds her hand to clap as the bhajan plays and Dadi follows suit. Sakshi is happy that Dadi is enjoying it. Dadi appreciates it. Though it isn’t as sweet as Sharda’s voice but it would do. Sakshi prays that ma’s class finishes smoothly.

A male teacher comes and introduces himself – Shirish Kamath. All the ladies get up to wish him. He is talking in Hindi to make them feel comfortable. He asks everyone to introduce themselves. One of the elderly lady is Savita ji. She wants to learn English so that she can go to America where her sons are working. The lady whom Sharda tried to talk to initially gives her intro – Kanchan Bhalla. He looks annoyed with her way of talking. She keeps on talking in broken English. A muslim woman named Rukhsar is next. She has come to finish her studies. Next comes Sharda’s turn. Sharda introduces herself as Mrs. Suresh Modi. He asks for her name. Sharda obliges and goes quiet. He asks her to tell her more about yourself. This is just a basic question. You will be asked more questions in future. It would be better if get habitual to answering the questions well. For now, you can sit down. Sharda does as told. Shirish says you have started a journey today which people start in their childhood only. Those who take this journey later in life don’t have the time to stop in between in their way. You too don’t have it that is why none of you will get an off in this class. I know there will be some difficulties but you all have to make them easy with your hard work and dedication. If you have understood what I am trying to say then say yes. They all say it out loud. He asks them to copy what he is going to write on the blackboard. Sharda is scared and doesn’t open her notebook which he notices. He asks her to copy him. She obliges and starts writing A, B, C in her notebook. They write A-Z and 1-10. The class comes to an end. Everyone gets up to leave. Kanchan promises on behalf of the class that they will study diligently.

Everyone walks out of the class. Roshni excitedly asks Kanchan that she must know many handsome and rich guys. Please fix something for me. Kanchan asks her to become a little more wifi (she meant high fi) which Roshni corrects. She leaves and so does everyone else. Sharda stands at a distance watching them go. Savita ji and Rukhsar bid her bye before going and so does she.

Sharda comes home and calls out for Sakshi, Kaveri. She wonders if Kaveri gave tea to Dadi. Just then Dadi comes there. She asks for ginger tea. Sharda asks her about the bhajan thing. dadi says Sakshi put on a cd. Sharda assures her she will sing it for her tomorrow. dadi gets happy.

Karan is looking for a file. He is not able to find it in any of the drawers. Dad will kill me if I go to office without that file. It was really important. He is sure Sakshi would have kept it somewhere. He calls out for her angrily. What did we decide upon yester night? She is surprised when he answers his own question. We had decided we wont interfere in one another’s life. Still you touched my file and kept it somewhere. Tell me where is it? She declines doing anything to the file. You have misplaced it on your own and keep blaming others for it. She turns to go and find it. I dint touch it and neither would I touch it now. I will just point at it from far. She is about to check in the drawer when he tells her he just checked there. She cannot understand why he is making her look for it when he has already checked everywhere. He is adamant that she only has kept is somewhere. She controls her anger. I dint touch it. He again asks for his file. Would some announcement happen from space telling us about the location of the file? Right then, Sharda comes to tell him that she took the file from his room in the morning while he was sleeping. You dad wanted it. Karan goes quiet and Sakshi looks away. sharda asks Karan why he has made a face like that. Sakshi signals him and he smiles. He bends down to seek her blessing. He is worried thinking if mom heard them. sakshi too thinks the same when Sharda asks them about the worried look on their faces. Hope you both dint fight today as well. Karan declines. he puts his hand around Sakshi’s shoulder. There can be no problem when Sakshi is there. Sakshi is taken aback but then smiles. He continues, now that Sakshi has come in my life I have realised what true happiness is. In his mind he thinks about the real happiness which he used to feel before he got married. He says, a person is incomplete before wedding and then thinks in his mind that he is all finished when he gets married. Right Sakshi? She agrees. Karan and Sakshi continue praising each other in front of Sharda. She turns to go but then asks Sakshi to come with her. sakshi leaves after making a side face at Karan.

Sakshi asks Sharda about her first day at coaching centre. Shara is hesitant. Sakshi asks her if something went wrong there. Sharda denies. nothing as such happened but the sir there looks very strict and short tempered. He asked me to introduce myself and I couldn’t say anything other than my name. You teach me sweetly. If sir too will teach me like that then it will be very good. Sakshi tells her about the pottery classes she used to attend in her school. The utensils could be made in the shade as well but they remained raw then. Wet dust has to bear sun to be strong for which one has to step out of the house. Sharda looks at her sweetly. You are my guru for real. You teach me everything with so much love and ease. Sakshi has full faith on her. you will do very good in your class and your sir will very soon start praising you. Sharda gets happy. diya comes there and hugs her Nani. She asks for lunch. I have got lot of homework to do or the teacher will scold me. sakshi points out that a teacher has to be a little stern. Sharda understands it well. Pratik too comes. Sakshi goes to set lunch for them while Sharda talks to Pratik. He tells her how Diya remembers her grandmother’s house first thing when she steps out of the school. She doesn’t feel happy at home as someone has to be home to make that happen. You know how busy Latika is. Latika comes there just then. Of course I am busy but I take out time for my daughter over everything else. I know my duties as I am her mother. I too had gone to her school but she had already left with you. Don’t you think you should inform me about it? Sakshi calls them for lunch. Sharda asks Sakshi to call Karan as well. Sakshi wonders why only wives have to call husbands over. They reach everywhere without being called but a wife has to invite them for food. First fight and then go to call him as well!

Sakshi and Karan collide and fall on bed as both were coming from different directions well in speed. They share as eye lock. She tells them that ma has called him for lunch. He is looking straight and she notices a lipstick mark on his neck. He begins to walk out of the room when she tries to stop him. she puts her hand around his neck to wipe the mark and they both get lost in each other’s eyes. Everyone watches them from the dining table and smiles especially Diya. Sharda too is happy. karan asks Sakshi what she is doing. Everyone is looking at us only. Epi ends at Sakshi’s face.

Precap: On the next day of class, Shirish tells his students that a journey begins with the first step that you take. Your first step in this journey is your first task. You all have to write an essay on yourself. What defines you and what is your identity. He asks a hesitant Sharda about the same.

Update Credit to: pooja

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