Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st January 2014 Written Update

Vikram and Meena conversation continued where Vikram thinks Meena is pregnant while Meena misunderstands baby swapping truth is out. She asks him who told her and he tells Daisa told him. Meena is scared further and blurts out she would not go to the police station. Vikram laughs at her and says why police station, Daisa has gone to mandir and he also offered Rs. 1001 offering to god and needs to pay back the amount to Daisa. Daisa comes to Rathis house calling for Vikram. Meena explains everything to Vikram where Daisa might have misunderstood Meena is pregnant. Vikram realizes but tells he cannot escape from giving money. Meena does not want to give money but also cannot reveal anything else to Daisa.

Vikram and Meena come out and think Daisa has gone back but she is still sitting there asking for money. Vikram reluctantly gives money to Daisa. Emily enters the house just then. She misunderstands Meena has revealed Sandhya’s pregnancy to Daisa. She also wishes to offer prayers for Sandhya as SurYa have helped her a lot. She gives Rs. 2001 to Daisa as offerings mentioning for Jethji and Jethaniji’s (does not tell SurYa name) well being. Daisa asks her to take Mohit’s permission. Emily says she is giving it from beauty parlor earnings and no need to ask Mohit. Meena understands Emily is giving more money out of jealousy.

In academy, Bhabho gives laddoos to Sandhya and also goes to distribute it to other cadets. Suraj is upset seeing the uniforms again and Sandhya reassures him again. Bhabho and Bhabhasa return and they pack all the things.

In front of academy, all the cadets are present and Sandhya thanks Roma for her friendliness and speaks to Rahul as well. Bhabho is making her hurry. Sandhya sees Zakir and talks to him. She tells him that Sahyadri team need not be disqualified or underperforming now as she is leaving academy and wishes the team all the best. Zakir also wishes her for her future life.

Rathis leave from there and go for the car. The car has not come yet and Suraj calls the driver. The car then comes and they all get into the car and start. Just them, Roma calls out Sandhya. Suraj stops the car. Roma comes running there and informs Sandhya that she is coming from Academy Hospital and Sandhya is not pregnant. All are shocked, Bhabho more. Roma shows the report to Sandhya who sees it and confirms it. Roma advises them to meet the doctor before leaving. Bhabho is astonished and does not agree but Suraj agrees with Roma. They all get down the car and go to the hospital.

The doctor checks the reports and tells Sandhya is not pregnant. Bhabho is annoyed and tells the doctor that Sandhya has all the symptoms of early pregnancy and she even did a self-test kit and asks Sandhya to tell the doctor everything. Sandhya tells the doctor that she did test pregnancy test kit. Doctor asks the name of the company which she used and Sandhya says Delight company. Doctor shows a newspaper announcement which states that company’s products are reported as fraud or showing false results.

Precap: Looks like Sandhya has informed Agrima Singh that she is not pregnant. Agrima Singh still insists that Sandhya go back to Pushkar. She tells her because of her underperformance, her whole team is getting affected and she has only two options, either to improve herself or to quit and not trouble other cadets. Sandhya is shocked and Suraj overhears this.

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