Jee Le Zara 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 30th January 2014 Written Update

DV romances with Sanchi’s photograph while Mera Mann plays in the background. Sanchi arrives in her house and DV sees her and thinks that probably Sanchi is missing him and so he should not disappoint her. He throws off all his clothes and comes out from the bathroom in a towel. She asks him to wear clothes as she has to search for her file. DV comes close to her and moves to kiss her. She closes her eyes and DV just shakes his head dropping water droplets on her face. She pushes him and he falls on the bed and he jokes that she is so impatient. She asks him to wear clothes, so DV asks if she starts feeling something seeing him uncensored like this.Sanchi says no, and asks him to wear clothes as its her room and here she won’t tolerate such mischiefs. DV says mischiefs have just begun. Sanchi begins to move when her dupatta got stuck with a table and she starts asking DV to leave it, while DV keeps teasing her. She turns back and the duo share an eye-lock which gets broken when Dilz calls Sanchi. She leaves in a hurry and DV says he can go but in three days she will be back here.

Sanchi is at Dilz house, when DV starts playing Tenu Leke Main Ja wanga at top volume from terrace. She asks him to lower the volume, but he increases it and starts dancing sitting on the railing. She goes inside, but the song continues. She goes outside again, but there is noone there. Sanchi wonders if she is just thinking about DV while DV is shown smartly playing the music from a corner downstairs.

At night DV again sends her a love note saying he will pass this love test surely. She sees his shirt in the room and when she shakes it, another note falls from it which says he does not need light when she is there to lighten his world. Just then light goes off. Sanchi comes out to find what happened suddenly and she sees the pavement lighted in a heart shape with small candles. She is surprised and DV comes there and proposes to hr, but Sanchi says she cannot marry him even in 3 births as mentally she thinks that DV is making things difficult for her and she fears burning of homes instead of hearts. DV says he will surely make her his in 3 days and says he does not know what happened between her and his dad, but he knows that she can never sell his love and cheat her. And that is enough for her and that he will make contract with her for not 3 but 7 births and 3 kids. Sanchi starts leaving, and DV says she might turn away but he will still ensure our marriage in 3 days. Sanchi says its not going to happen and that he is wasting his time and should move on in his life. DV says he is doing that only by making his family with her. She turns again and DV says she might say no 10000 times, but he will still not bend as her eyes will say yes 10000 times and that she does not know how to lie.

Precap: Sanchi wondering why DV is avoiding her.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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