Mahabharat 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 30th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with the Pandava carriage wheal stuck in the ground. Duryodhan and his brothers and Karna are passing from there Pandavas are in Brahmin outfit. Duryodhan tells them to move their chariot. They says its stuck.Duryodhan says you all seem strong cant you move it? Or do I have to come and do the honours. He starts to disembark from his chariot when Karna stops him and says that yuvraj need not do it. He will assist them . Karna walks towards them. Suddenly Duryodhan says stop and gets down . he goes near Bheem and says you seem familiar. Who are you. Karna interrupts and tells him to be seated. He says he will help them. Duryodhan goes back. Karna helps take out the wheal. Arjun and Karna shown in one frame and background music plays emphasizing two brothers.Wheal is brought out and Arjun thanks Karna saying wheal and life are similar and hope you will manage your life like this wheal.Duryodhan throws a basket of gold coinds at them saying its daan from Hastinapur. Bheem gets angry but Arjun stops him . He picks up the basket and takes it to Duryodhan and says we earn by working and give up out of love. We neither take nor give charity. Duryodhan tells the sarathi to move on.

At Palace Draupadi is exited and nervous at the same time. She calls the maid to get the painting of Arjun. Shikhansini comes there. Draupadi tells her that in shiv mandir when she saw that Brahmin she got a strange feeling. Is the Lord giving her a message? Shikhandini says that only a prince can win the swamvar and if Lord wanted to give you signal he would have given of some prince. She also says that a princess is ties by her vow. And your vow is whoever will win the contest you will marry him. You are tied to this vow. Draupadi says that may be that Brahmin was Prince Arjun.Maybe on seeing Arjuns painting she may get same feeling as she got in the temple. Maid brings the painting. Shikhandini asks did you get the same signal. Draupadi says no

Pandavas sitting around the fire and tell Kunti of what happened, Yudhisthir says no one can recoganise us in this disguise but if if Bheem had shown his anger than our disguise would have been blown. Bheeshma would have taken us to Hastinapur by force and same circumstances would have reemerged.Kunti ssays we have to leave Kampilya soon. All kings and princes are coming here and Madra king or Krishna balram all can recognize us. Bheem says that the contest can only be one by the best archer and only Arjun is that. So maybe the Panchal king wants Arjun as his son in law and is looking for him. Arjun says that Arjun died in varnavrat fire, No one is looking for this Arjun

Draupadi is restless. She remembers what Krishna had sais about Lord shiva giving true signals.and answering all questions.She looks at arjun’s painting and then makes a beard and mushtache on it. She recoganises him as the Brahmin. Draupadi becomes happy

Drishtadumna announces the contest and its rules. Shakuni says to karna you win the contest on behalf and get Draupadi married to duryodhan

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizada

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