Rang Rasiya 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rang Rasiya 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 30th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Paro sits near small mandir and says to bholenath that i fought with you, pleaded you to call me to you, but i didnt know you had different plans for me, you brought me here again to my place, you put softness in these bsd officers and they freed me, Rudra and aman looks at her from distance, paro says is there something which i should know? rudra falls and noise is made, paro looks back but they hide. Paro thanks lord once again. and says now i cant stay away from my mami.

Scene 2
In house, all are sleeping, chacha coughs, chachi ignores but DIL gets up and is about to give water to him but steel glass falls and chachi gets up and taunts that why you wake up all for him. Cahcha says to sleep, chachi says what about these mosquitoes? samrat lights mosquito coil

and ask is it alright? chachi says if you wants things to be right then do something, sumer ask what? chachi says when your taya and rudra had gone from this house it was me who made this house and built it over these years and now they came back to show their right, chacha says if its so we can sleep, he ask all to sleep.

Scene 3
Paro is walking on road with they following her. paro gets suspicious and looks back but they hide.
Thakur in haveli pretends infront of mami and thakurain that nandini is calling, he talks with her on phone and says yes this year paro was selected for marriage. He says to talk with your mother, he gives her phone receiver and takes out the lead, Thakurain sees it and looks at him with suspicious eyes, mami says on phone that how are you nando but call gets disconnected, thakur says there must be problem in line, i will make you talk to her tomorrow, mami leaves, thakurain looks angrily at thakur.

Scene 4
Paro feels someone is following her, she sees their shadows in dark, she looks back but couldnt find any, she looks at mirror placed on her bridal dress and sees aman, rudra watching her. She is stunned and remember how rudra asked her to forgive him and that she is not involved in all this, how he made her eat and gave her shawl and money for ticket. She moves forward and pretends like she is knocking on gate of mami but actually knocking something else, she takes out all her bangles and leaves. Rudra says knocking sound has stopped coming but gate doesnt get opened. They comes out and searches for her, rudra says if she will walk the bangle sound will come, paro hides, aman says did she ran away? rudra says she is stupid and if had mind so must not be involved in all this, maybe she had gone to haveli first, Rudra finds her bangles and says she is not so stupid, she is clever.
In haveli, thakurain says to thakur that i saw you disconnecting phone, why you did that? thakur turns from her and says no i didnt do that, thakurain says why are turning your back then if not lying. Thakur says truth is that we dont know where nandini is, she is not in her sasural, thakurain ask what we will say to her mother tomorrow? thakur says i will handle you dont worry, he hugs her, she says i feel bad for her 1st she lost paro and now nandini.

Scene 5
In Rana house, chachi is waiting for DIL to prepare breakfast, she sees many dishes being prepared, DIL says cahcha asked me to make good food for ranawat, chachi says your love is very much for your new taya. Chacha ask i asked her to amke these dishes, chachi says yes your brother came after long time with his 6feet asset(rudra). chacha takes out food in plate, chachi says he is taking out for his brother as how can bheshan eat before raam, this is what your mother used to call you both, he says mother also used to says that bheshan wife was more beautiful, he leaves. Chachi ask DIL whether samrat gave you medicines, DIL nods, she ask her to keep taking them on time.

Scene 6
in morning, aman says we couldnt find her till now, rudra says we will find her, aman says what if thakur gets her before us, she dont know how dangerous he is. Rudra says dont know where she had gone. He says i will meet you at headquarter, he leaves.

Scene 7
Rudra comes back at home, he strikes with sumer on gate who ask did you gone to book your ticket for jaipur, could have asked me i would have managed it for you, i have other option for you too, Rudra says i will punch you s hard that even your family will contemplate to make you stay here or throw you out for embarrassment, he ask why you always want that i break your teeth, sumer is about to answer but chachi stops him, rudra leaves from ther, He comes to ranawat room which is locked form outside, he ask why it was locked? and comes in room, he is shocked to see paro sitting in room.

PRECAP- Paro says i dont know how i got courage to return back here but now i will fight with everything, against your forceful nature, your injustice, your unfairness, rudra ties her hands with rope and says you want war so fight, paro says yes i will, he looks at her confidence

Update Credit to: Atiba

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