Jee Le Zara 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 22nd January 2014 Written Update

Aadu informs Sanchi that Dilz has gone to Mumbai to meet DV. Ankita informs Suparna that Dilz is here and Suparna is shocked and asked where she is. There Aadu says that they were thinking of uniting Sanchi and DV. Sanchi scolds him as to how he can do this and ruin her efforts to make DV return to his family. She decides to call Dilz. Suparna goes to meet Dilz who is drinking water a glass of water one after another. Suparna says to Dilz that after what Sanchi did to them, they don’t want to have nothing to do with them and she should leave else she will call the security. Dilz refuses to go, so Suparna calls security who send her away. Sanchi keeps calling Dilz but she does not pick up the phone. On the other hand DV is still on with his drinking binge, his mom asks him not to do

so and be happy, but DV says that since he is not happy, then how will he look happy. His mom is sad.  Dilz comes out and sees a ladder and gets an idea. She places the ladder and enters inside once again while Suparna goes and jokes to Ankita that Dilz has gone to DV’s room. Dilz sees DV’s mom sending food for DV, so she decides to follow the servant and quietly enters his room. DV is surprised to see her there. Dilz asks why he did not reply to any of her SMSes and DV says he did not get any. They start talking and Dilz try to talk of Sanchi. DV diverts the topic and says he is happy to see her here. Dilz says she is not seeing him in this condition. DV tells her about his engagement and Dilz asks if he is taking the right decision. DV says at least she does not sell her love. Just then Sanchi calls Dilz and forbids her from telling anything to DV. 

Suparna asks to start the ring ceremony and call DV. His mom says that he is still very sad. Suparna says now everything will be ok. Yash says that like Suparna, her sister Ankita too would be the ideal DIL for this family but she says that their sons Anvay and DV both are different persons and so only time will tell if Ankita really would be the ideal girl for DV. 

In DV’s room Dilz tries to give hints to DV. She says to find the truth himself and think that when he had asked for Sanchi’s trust, she had trusted him. So he should also try to understand Sanchi. Dilz leaves but comes face to face with Suparna. Suparna tries to stop her but Dilz says she is not scared of Chudails  and also tells her that she has done what she came for. DV is thinking of Dilz’ words when Suparna comes and calls him for engagement ceremony. DV is reluctant, so Suparna says he should not think of the girl who has dumped him but about the girl who is waiting for him. She also says that it was Ankita who gave him support in the last few days. She goes on to say that if he changes his mind, then their reputation will be tarnished. DV starts going downstairs while still thinking of Dilz’ words. He is finally standing in front of Ankita and he asks for her hand by bringing out his hand forward. He the  bends down on his knees and everyone starts clapping. 

Precap: Bank people sealing Sanchi’s factory. 

Update Credit to: Bournville

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