Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd January 2014 Written Update

Suraj tries getting information from Vikram while he tries talking about others and never about Meena, then suraj reminds him of their childhood and asks him about Meena, vikram says but in indirect matter, and then says she is not able to take care of kanha and he cannot handle anything wrong happen to kanha, and when suraj asks him if he does same mistake vikram will break their relation and vikram says no its not like that as he is very important to him and suraj makes him realize that if vikram can forgive family then why not meena? and then he tells how hard it is missing their wifes and he explains his longing and pain of being away from meena and then asks vikram why is he doing it and leading a lonely life and asks him go and bring meena, and then vikram thanks him

for being a good brother and says he will go and bring meena suraj smiles.

Roma ji is asking sandhya not to be bothered about Zakir, while sandhya says he is not wrong and then she is not feeling bad about it and says she is not like this from earlier as now she is feeling ill about her health and feeling weak as she feels her muscles pulled around her stomach, roma asks her to check with doctor while rohit says its not about health but its about suraj and asks her to call suraj and even roma encourages her to do same and sandhya who seeks gudiance always, goes to make call, rohit tries flitering with roma and she gives him back in a good manner.

Vikram and suraj are still talking where vikram asks suraj to call sandhya and tells him that he is listening to suraj then suraj should be able to call her, and suraj notices sandhya;s call and ends up calling her, he asks her about having tea and she says she is having same, he asks her why she didnot cut her hair even after when singh said, sandhya says its not about hair but about her own health where she dont feel like eating and her muscles in stomach are pulling very badly and confidence and she needs to built it and then she tells him that she is not doing well with health and its really effecting her and suraj boosts her and gives her some advice about some massage and then she asks him about family and suraj is blushing and then thanks her with blush and then says its cause she is in his life while our madam is silent and then he thanks her for guiding him who has learned to speaking, understanding and loving and he thanks her for making him full by being in his life, and sandhya says she have to thank him as he made her love him while she used to love books and no one.

Babasa is seeing bhaboo pealing carrot, while chotu is learning about english and speaks about Guy calling him boy, and babasa is stunned as for him guy mean cow and they make joke of it and asks santosh regarding gajar ka halwa while bhaboo taunts him, some women comes in pays money to emily and speaks about her own stomach ache, while babhoo smiles and sends off chotu to bring sweets from surajs place and babasa makes him run to shop.

Bhaboo is grinding carrot and asks women if she wants to have anything but she refuses while suraj comes home with sweets and gives it to bhaboo, emily gives that women change and bhaboo then tells her that she will face this stomach pain and then reminds her the same symptoms while sandhya mentions to suraj and suraj is listening and bhaboo tells that women that its indication of good news as a women is carrying a baby, and suraj is thinking about sandhya’s words and then he is a bit happy and a bit nervous bhaboo then wishes the women and they share sweets, babasa asks for sweet and bhaboo says she will get something else for him and asks that female to give and share in her family she walks off with a smile, and suraj wants to inform same information to sandhya and then the woman asks suraj about sandhya and while he was about to make call bhaboo says sandhya will not come home for 11months which makes him disconnect call.

suraj remembers about 11 months and is tensed and worried, while bhabhoo is advising that women to be careful, suraj walks of to his room and is trying to reach sandhya but its busy, he is worried about the situation and hope he is wrong in his thinking and putting things together and wonders if its true, will sandhya be able to finish her training and he is very tensed, sandhya in her room is feeling pain in back and sees her foot swollen and is worried about whats happening to her and is worried about competition about tomorrow and she remembers about suraj;s remedy for swelling, and goes to get oil, suraj decides he needs to speak to sandhya and calls her but wont be able o reach her and he is worried about her and decides he will call her in the morning, and he is worries that if his intution is right sandhya should not push herself

Precap: Suraj wants to speak to sandhya as he dont want her to run if she is carrying in case, sandhya is dressing in her room and he calls her but she wont be able to take a call and he is tensed

Update Credit to: ChillMaar yaar

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