Doli Armaanon Ki 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 22nd January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
samrat says to everyone that anu is absolutely fine, and isnt majorly hurt. Samrat tells anu to learn to learn first before driving. Ishaan also tells her to be careful. samrat talks like a male chauvuinist, saying that if she scars her face like this in a rash manner, anu might have trouble getting married. Anu is surprised. Urmi asks how can he talk like this. samrat says that he always speaks the truth, however bitter it might be, and that he is saying the naked truth, as he doesnt say lies, and doesnt like people who do. Ishaan asks him to stop his philosophies as whats done is done. Samrat asks if he is wrong, and he would marry a handicapped girl. isdhaan is silenced, while others are shocked. He finally says that he would. anu is overwhelmed to hear this. samrat says that he placed the wrong question to the wrong people. samrat says that he wont be able to bear one day, after this filmy story happens. The nurse comes in for injections, for painkilling, and anu starts behaving like a child at the name of it. urmi asks her that she has to. Samrat sternly asks her to get the injection. But anuy is scared. ishaan comes and explaijns nicely, that she would get relief with this injection. she complies. she takes ishaan’s hand, to bear the pain of the syringe. She eyes ishaan lovingly.

Samrat goes out to receive a call. Urmi goes after him. urmi asks if they can go home with anu. samrat asks what would they do, as she’s right and is going home too. Samrat asks urmi to come along. In the hospital, urmi asks him that anu has met with an accident, and her parents might be tensed, and would be relieved to see them. He taunts him sarcastically what should he do then, declare a national holiday. He says that he too has left his work and he cant delay it any longer. He asks her not to worry for anu, as she is alright now. As he begins to go ahead, she keeps standing. he asks her to hurry along soon. He comes back to her. He asks her to take care of her husband and her new house, as now this is her house and she’s married, and not her own family. As samrat leaves, urmi is tensed and teary eyed. She begins to walk after him.

Scene 2:
Location: urmi’s and samrat’s residence
All reprimand anu, as she is seated on the bed. rashmi too reprimands her for doing what she feels like. Anu apologises to everyone. Ishaan smiles at everyone’s comments. Anu eyes ishaan lovingly, and cant take her eyes off him. He says that its normal for anu at her age. anu thinks that a lot is going on in her heart, only for him. Devishankar thanks ishaan, but he tells him not to. As ishaan asks for leave, anu asks why is he hastening. He says that he has to leave, and tries to get her to smile. anu thinks that he should come with his heart, and she would get everything. saroj asks about urmi, and that she didnt come with them, for leaving anu. before ishaan can speak, saroj gets urmi’s call, asking about anu’s arrival home. saroj asks the same thing from urmi too. urmi lies that samrat was saying that they have to go, but kanchan wasnt feeling well, hence they came home. saroj applauds her for this. urmi asks about anu’s health. saroj says that she’s fine and asks her to take care of herself. urmi cancels the phone. She turns around to find samrat staring at her, and remembers his hatred for lies. She is surprised to see him, and asks why didnt he go to the office. He eyes her and then says that he has to go, and was watching what an artist she is, that she could lie to her mother. urmi tries to explain, but samrat says that he knows, but she did lie. Urmi is scared, but he says that this isnt lying, but fulfilling the duties of a good wife, and hence she would accompany him nicely, and hence pleased him. He decides to give her a good news, that they are going to the honeymoon. she says that she knows. He is surprised. She goes over to the drawer, and shows the pamphlets, and eyes him lovingly. Sh goes onto rant what a beautiful place himachal is, and

He says that they are going to the honeymoon, and not for pilgrimage, hence they have to love each other and not nature like old couples. she asks where are they going then. he says that they would go to Goa. she gets excited at that too. He also adds to the excitement, while boasting that she would see the world with him. She hugs him, and he too responds.

As all attend to anu, and she is reminiscient of ishaan, they talk about buaji’s going now, as she has to attend to her married house now too. Anu winces in pain. They ask if she is in pain. anu confuses them saying that its sweet pain.

As shashi comes back, in a hurry, her husband asks where had she gone. she fumbles and then says that she had gone to the temple. he seems unconvinced and thinks where had she actually gone. she gets tensed at that. He sees through her lie. She makes a joke of it, and says that she was preparing for the puja. but he says that he is her husband, knows her for years, and understands what she says and what she doesnt, and identifies her excuses and her lies and hence she cant lie through her teeth in front of him. She gets tensed, but doesnt accept it though. he says that if she had gone to where he thinks she had, then it isnt good, as if samrat gets to know this, he wont spare anyone. He leaves, while she stands tensed.

As samrat and urmi are in their room, samrat finds urmi happy, and asks if she has forgotten annu and her accident now. urmi goes on talking about how she has never been distanced from anu, and that this is the first time. Samrat says that then she should have brought her here only. Urmi says that he shouldnt tease her, as he doesnt have a sister, and if he had one, he wouldnt have talked like this, as then he would have known the importance and love of a sister. His hands get clenched, and he gets extremely tensed. urmi doesnt realise it. urmi excitedly says that if she had a sister in law, just to replace anu, who she had earlier, but before she can complete her statement, samrat loses his cool. Samrat reprimands her, losing her temper, saying that this is the problem with women, as she was perfectly happy till now and now wants a sister in law. urmi is shocked at this anger. The screen freezes on her hurt face.

Precap: Shashi overhears urmi excitedly telling ishaan how samrat has gifted her with a honeymoon package, to go to Goa, to spend their honeymoon.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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