Jee Le Zara 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 21st January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Sanchi tells Nani about keeping the factory mortgage..! She apologizes for it.. but says no other way out so! Nani asks her from where she gets so much courage? Sanchi says am tired..n broken! Nani reassures her that God is there..and asks her to trust God and herself..! Nani says God wont let her breakdown ever! Sanchi hugs Nani!

Anky is surprised to see DV casually dressed and asks what is this? DVs designer says.. latest fashion ..! Anky says.. lemme talk to my designer and asks for DVs moby! She sees Dils message about how Sanchi is on the path of self destruction and asks him to call! Anky deletes it..! DV fumes on the designer.. n Anky asks him to relax..!

Mugdha tells Sanchi that they are not at fault.. so they should take a stand against this..happenings..!

Dils arrives at Goel Mansion .. asks security if its DVs place seeing it all decked up! Security says yes.. but says DV is busy! She says wanna meet him .. call him am his bestie! Security says.. cant be.. he is too young! Dils says.. just call him! Security says.. cant.. its an important day. .n he is busy..! He asks Dils to call DV..!

Part 2

DVs mom and Sukanya adore the engagement ring! Sukanya asks for DV and his mom goes to get DV downstairs..! Yash is greeting guests..! Ankys friends praise Anky for looking lovely! They ask about DV and she says.. must be on his way downstairs..! DV is drinking ..! He imagines.. romancing Sanchi … n sees himself.. holding Sanchi .n she asks what are u doing? He says. what all do.. love.. romance.. engagement.. wedding and honeymoon! She says.. in my dictionary ..this is all allowed after wedding..! He says.. old dictionary.. n holding on to u u dun leave!

DVs mom comes.. and asks him not to drink..! DV asks why? Whats special? She says..ur engagement..! DV says.. then Anky and i should drink together.. better to start every vow with Cheers..! DVs mom asks why are u doing this..?? DV says…coz cant make this big a mistake. in my senses.. so dun interrupt..! DVs mom says.. not today.. just for my sake..! DV puts the glass down!

Dils is waiting on the steps outside the mansion and spots some guests entering..! She tags along and sneaks inside..! One of the waiters asks Dils.. who u searching for? She says.. DV..!He says have invite? Dils says no .. but so many went inside..! Waiter says..its a special occassion so invites only! Dils says.. just call DV..! Waiter says.. he cant come.. its his function.. its his engagement..! Dils is shocked..!

Part 3

Dils rues.. DV what have u done! She says need to meet DV..! Waiter stops her! Dils sees DV n calls out to DV ..! DV tries to look down but cant spot her..! Anvaye gets a call and is shocked..! He informs Yash that Sanchi has paid all the clients..! Yash asks so why worried? Anvaye says.. not with our money ..rather kept her factory mortgage..! Yash grins and asks for drinks..! Anvaye.. is confused.! Yash says Sanchi has made our life easier.. celebrate ..! Anvaye is still confused..!

Sanchi comes and asks Aaji-Nani why sitting in the cold..! Factory workers come to Sanchi and say that they are asking for some hope..! Sanchi asks the matter? The workers ask if the farm is gonna be sold off? or Farm will be shut down? Sanchi asks who told u? The workers say ..Pradeep told them ..! Sanchi reassures them and says no need to worry.. u are all part of the family … nothing to worry about.. if we are all together..we can fight everything ..! Sanchi says.. this soil is ur mom and the land my dads dream.. so u fight for ur soil and i for my dads dream. .n no one can beat us..! Trust me..! Keep faith..! All of them are relieved ..!

Dils fakes a fainting spell to stay a while more..! Security asks her to leave..! Friends say how all are jealous of Anky ..and DV says.. they dun have to wont last long .. n no one knows..who will be all this! Anky says..he likes joking..! Anky says.. see u around.. ! Anky asks DV what he is doing? DV jerks off and walks out..! He comes out.. n is standing near the steps where Dils is sitting..! Anky stops him ..! She spots Dils .. n drags DV inside..!

Sanchi is worried about Dils and Addu asks her not to worry! Sanchi asks how does he know Dils is ok? Addu says.. Dils went to Mumbai to meet DV..! Sanchi is shocked..!

Precap — Sanchi begs Dils not to tell DV anything.. and gives promise of their friendship and DVs moms happiness n not tell DV..! DV asks Dils..what she wanted to tell him? Dils says.. ur the judge today..and i ask u to decide on ur relationship … search the truth.. n decide.. the right..!

Update Credit to: Armu4Eva

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