Dil Dosti Dance 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 21st January 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Rey asking Kriya how was the surprise. Kriya says she liked it a lot.Rey asks her not to thank him again when Kriya replies how can she thank him for the beautiful memories. Swayam comes in just then . Kriya tells Rey she is feeling bad for one thing that Swayam and Sharon are fighting with each other. My two good friends I can’t see them fighting. I want to sort their fight out before I go. Kriya asks Rey what the need to do so much for her. Rey says he wanted to do and so he did. Kriya asks him not to pamper her so much that she gets used to this. Kaka comes in with medicines asking Kriya to have them. Kaka sees Swayam and asks him what is he doing out. Rey turns and sees and calls Swayam in, Swayam comes in saying he wanted to kidnap Rey. Rey is shocked and Swayam says he was kidding.Swayam asks Kriya how is she feeling. Kriya replies Rey has done so much that its great. Swayam asks Kriya to go in and rest. Rey says they have just come out. Swayam insists on going in and makes kaka take Kriya back via the back door.Rey asks Swayam they will go in when Swayam says they must sit in open air for sometime. Rey says he was just wanting to go in when Swayam asks can’t you stay without Kriya for 2 minutes. Swayam asks Rey what happened to this throat when Rey says he got infection. Rey suggests going in when Swayam asks can’t he stay without kaka for few minutes. Rey asks what. Swayam says he wants to have ice cream and asks Rey to join in. Rey says he can’t eat and Swayam gets one. Rey pays a big sum , Swayam asks why.Rey replies with he bought them personally here and thus needs to pay more. Swayam puts ice cream on Rey’s jacket and later wipes it up. Rey is confused with what Swayam is doing. Rey tries to go in when Swayam stops him saying one or other thing. The girls enter Rey’s house. Rey says if you want come in I’m going. Swayam emotionally blackmails him saying what friendship he is maintaining. Rey says he has lost it..Swayam replies with yes lost nice word.Swayam thinks for sometime and says he has lost his button and needs to search. Rey tells he is impossible. Swayam says it has I am possible and say they both are Impossible square. Rey asks him to cool down and moves saying he will pay and be back.He is not going in.

Kaka bring Kriya in. Kriya says she will have soup and take rest. Kaka moves in. The lights get switched off when Kriya gets scared. The lights slowly get switched on and sees Sharon. Sharon dances on halkat jawani, Kriya gets excited and when the dance ends says it was awesome. Aashi dances next on fevicol se. Simmi and Rinni follow with Munni badnam. The girls then joins on ghagra . Kriya tells it was a wonderful surprise anything more would give her a heat attack. Sharon welcomes her to girls gang and Kriya gets emotional. Simmi says this party is for her to smile and not to make her cry.Kriya asks whats next in party when girls say there will be some games and lot more fun. The girls get excited and sit around. Kriya asks but how Rey is at home when girls say Swayam is taking care of it.

Swayam and Rey are sitting by the front yard and Swayam counts the number of couches in the train. Rey says Swayam had counted the bulbs in garden and around 10 trains what more. Rey gets up to go when Swayam says the girls gang is in. Rey is shocked when Swayam tells its their gang and it was Sharon’s idea to have a party. Rey asks why was he unaware. Swayam says Sharon thought since you are with Kriya all day you will blur it to her.She did not want to take chance, Rey asks ok she did not want but when are you giving her a chance. Swayam asks whom when Rey tells Sharon.Rey tells even Kriya wants them to resolve their fight.Can’t they be friends.Rey hears some sound and asks was this a part of the party from where is it coming. They move to see people entering his house. Swayam and Rey assume it to be thieves. Swayam asks are there no securities in the house.The house is so big. Rey thinks of calling his Dad when Swayam says they will need to go in before his dad enters.

The girls play truth and dare when the bottle ends up on Simmi. Simmi agrees for dare.Sharon gets an idea and and asks her to assume Kriya as guy and propose her. While doing so Simmi is about to let Nil’s name out but stops. When Simmi comes and sits beside Sharon Sharon asks was she about to take anyones name. Simmi asks what rubbish off course not. Simmi thinks Nil has spoiled her mind and she won’t leave him. The bottle next stops at Sharon who agrees on truth. Aashi asks Sharon what is up between her and Swayam.

Precap: Boys join the party..Rey asks what Kriya wants to do any wish she wants to fulfill .

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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