Qubool Hai 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 21st January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Mamujaan apologizing Rashid. He says him and Razia did everything, but Rashid had to suffer. He tells Rashid he can give whatever punishment he wants to them.

Outside, Razia praises Asad’s plan, but says she understood his plan when she was following Zoya and Dilshad and they thumbed up to each other. She goes on that no matter what Asad and Zoya do, they cannot prove Razia guilty. Razia leaves.

Mamujaan continues, the truth always comes out and that time everyone will know Rashid is innocent and mamu is the culprit. Rashid turns away his face. Mamu leaves. Rashid has recorded everything in a phone.

The person drops Humaira and Haider at a bus stop. Haider says they will pass some time here and once bus comes, they will be home in 2 hours.

It starts raining. Haider takes off his jacket. Humaira feels he will cover her in it, but Haider just covers himself. Humaira looks at him and then he covers her too.

Razia tells mamu he was getting scared for no reason. They won this fight and they will win the battle as well. Mamu is lost in thoughts. Razia asks him what is happened to him. Mamu says they are saved today, but they won’t be able to save tomorrow. The culprits always get punished. He further says he has apologizes to Rashid. Razia is shocked. She fumes at him as she’s trying so hard to save themselves. She says it’s good Rashid still can’t talk, else their game would be over today.

Haider and Humaira come to some hotel for a temporary stay. They come to their room and it’s very dark. Haider turns on the lights. Humaira is trying to warm herself. Haider watches her. Both then have an eyelock. Haider apologizes to Humaira . He says there was only one room in hotel and hopes she doesn’t mind. He goes to bring some shawl or clothes. There is only shirt. He tells Humaira she will have to work out with that today.

Asad expresses disappointment as they couldn’t gather any proofs. Zoya tells him he’ll have to be patient. They at least tried. It’s a war for truth and it’s worth fighting for. They will find proof sooner or later. Dilshad agrees. Rashid is trying to show the phone to everyone, but no one is paying attention. Asad leaves from there. Rashid drops the phone and Zoya notices it. Dilshad blames herself so Zoya gets into making her understand instead checking her phone. Dilshad goes to talk to Asad. Zoya finally checks her phone and finds a recorded clip. She wonders who recorded it and what is it. Right when she’s checking, she receives a call from her appi and she talks with her. Rashid is disappointed and helpless.

Humaira comes out in the shirt. Haider is shirtless. She looks at him. Haider notices it. He puts the shirt on and then looks at Humaira. Humaira feels uncomfortable in the shirt. She turns her face and sits near fire. Haider brings coffee to her. She makes space so he can sit near fire as well. Both drink coffee. Humaira looks at him and smiles. Humaira finds coffee too hot. Haider turns to her and their hands touch to each other.

Later, they are sleeping, Humaira on the bed and haider on the floor. Humaira is feeling too cold. Haider notices it and puts his blanket on her. He’s going away, but Humaira holds his hand. She sleeps holding his hand. Haider sits beside her and goes very close to her. Suddenly Humaira opens her eyes and smiles! Haider goes more closer, to kiss her, but then moves back. Humaira gets up. Haider tells Humaira this is wrong! and walks away.

Episode ends on Humaira’s face.

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