Jee Le Zara 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 1st January 2014 Written Update

Sanchi and Nani , Ajji are shocked at Prachi’s revealation. Sanchi refuses to believe it and even scolds Prachi for the same. She apologizes to DV for Sanchi’s ‘joke’ and goes to fetch tea. But DV stops her and says that Prachi is saying right. He indeed is Harshvardhan Goel’s son. Sanchi is shocked to know this. She asks sternly if he indeed is their enemy’s son and DV nods his head sadly. Prachi keeps on going how lucky Sanchi is and Sanchi comments that she is indeed very lucky that the person she trusted most broke her trust like this and cheated her in this way. She breaks down.

Sanchi asks why he did this, DV says that he came to know this only yesterday, but Sanchi says why he didn’t tell for the last 24 hours then. Was he thinking of

manipulating her again. DV tries to say this isn’t true, but Sanchi asks him to leave from there and her house. DV tries to talk, but just then Pradeep comes and says that he is a liar and that he met his brother over this case yesterday only in his very presence. and that he kept quiet as the family considers him an outsider. DV grabs Pradeep’s shirt, but Sanchi stops him and returns his ring asking why he gave it back to her if he was going to cheat her this way. She says that he is either a very big fraud or a coward who used them for their pleasure. DV tries to talk to her, but Sanchi refuses to listen and accuses him of everything wrong which happened with them and even says that he tried to snatch away her father’s dream for fulfilling his own father’s dreams and accuses him of playing with Nani and Ajji’s emotions too. She asks him to leave the house and says she hates him. .

DV is thinking that whatever he says now will appear only as a lie. But he vows that he will get Sanchi’s land back and then take her away after marrying her. He goes to talk to Nani and Ajji and tells them that he first wanted to talk to his father and resolve the matter within home and then bring him here to ask for Sanchi’s hand in marriage. Ajji says, then he should do this and she is sure Sanchi will agree if he manages to do this. DV says that he will go and talk to his dad now.

Pradeep informs Anvay that DV has promised to talk to his father to let go of the land. and that Anvay should see to it that DV does not manage to influence his father. Prachi goes and talks to Sanchi to give DV a second chance, but she refuses. Anvay too calls up his father, but like with DV he says that he will talk in Mumbai only.

DV is driving while remembering the moments spent with Sanchi and the song Tum Hi Ho plays in the BG.

Precap: Dilz telling Sanchi that while DV is fighting for their relationship, Sanchi has already given up on them.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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