Rang Rasiya 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rang Rasiya 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 1st January 2014 Written Update

that thakur teejavar still himself king of a mirpur, puja is going on where one girl will be chosen for marriage and will be married with a man from across the border.

Scene 1
the puja is in full swing, snake comes out and everybody is excited for snake to drink milk from girls’ bowl so that she will be chosen for marriage, all girls chants their name, paro’s cousin chants for paro, and finally snake drinks milk from paro’s bowl, she is stunned. The rangrasiya song plays as paro takes blessing from thakurain and her mami and other side we rudra riding bike(aashish’s entry/face shown) the screen splits in two on both paro and rudra’s face. paro is happy and thakurian says i knew your mother’s wish would be fulfilled. Other side rudra comes at BSD camp and

sees his 5 officers’ dead body. In palace, thakur teejavar announce that parvati is chosen for marriage, the man will come from across the border. He says not to think that you will go to other side of border as who are they to draw these border lines, they didnt ask us before marking these lines so we will do marriages with our own style.

Scene 2
paro is sitting and her cousin teases her whether she have seen him in her dream? Thukarian comes and says maybe not in dreams but he must have landed in this desert for her, otherside rudra jumps from jeep and firing is all around, thakurian says i know her likeness he must be soft spoken, calm and innocent. Otherside rudra is firing and killing people, he fires all man. Thakurian says like poetry writer who is straight forward and lenient. Other side rudra is trapped with one gun man and he is out of bullets so he hides behind jeep and pushes jeep towards the man and kills him by pushing to wall. Here paro is all shy and Thakurian says be prepared, he is coming to marry you. Other side rudra washes his face.

Scene 3
major in office ask rudra how you can take action without informing here? You dont follow any orders but just kill all men, and if you arrest someone even then he is not capable of anything, he ask rudra to do his duty with heart. He informs rudra that you have a new mission, rudra ask location, major says mirpur, rudra looks on.

Scene 4
paro brings veggie cutting machine for her mami which is run by footwork so that her mami’s feet pain will be also lessen, paro says when i will go who will do your feet massage so i brought this. Mami and paro get emotional and paro says just hold time mami. She rest in her lap. Her cousin comes and jokes tell me if you dont wanna go then i will go as saali is half housewife. She ask paro to go with her but paro doesnt wanna leave mami so her cousin comes to her and says to spend sometime with her also as she dont when again they will spend time with each other after paro’s marriage. Paro hugs her and they all get emotional.

Scene 5
a truck is going in which rajistani women are singing. Paro and cousin are also in it. Cousin says we will buy cloths, bangles etc. Paro says and… Cousin imli too. Paro happily stands up in truck and feels the fresh air, her cousin says this shy is doing such thing? Paro says i am feeling the fragrance of mirpur’s dust.

Scene 6
in head quarter, major shows rudra mirpur in map, rudra remember his childhood where his class fellows made fun of his mother running away and how his father commented that beautiful ladies are not of anyone/doesnt belong to anyone.

PRECAP- voiceover says that he has come back in search of her mother, then rudra is shown fighting, voiceover says the story of eternal love then we see glimpse of paro standing behind rudra and he guarding her, then rudra takes paro out of fire in his arms.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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