Pavitra Rishta 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 1st January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Arjun and Ovi enquiring about Purvi. Waiter says, she checked out and left. Arjun says, it is good that she left. Today, I have seen hatred in her eyes. Arjun feels sad. Naren asks Raunaq, what happened? Why you are walking, you will get tired. Tomorrow is your engagement and says I am happy for my brother. Naren calls Arjun to invite him for Raunaq’s engagement. Arjun says, I came for the meeting to Panchgani. Naren tells him about Raunaq’s engagement and says one girl came to see me and Raunaq love her at first sight. Raunaq is angry though. Naren asks him to come to bless Raunaq. Arjun says, I can’t come citing family stress and work. Naren says, family first and asks him to come if he finds time. Arjun says, I shall go as I am close to them. Ovi says,

our priorities are different, we have to meet Doctor first. Sunanda asks Rushaali about the preparations. She asks her to smile. Sunanda says, we have to give something to the new bride. Rushaali shows some jewellery.

Naren comes and asks for the cards as he needs to invite Mansi, Prashant, Sonu and Pranav. Sunanda asks, who are they? Naren says, they are Ahana’s family. Sunanda says, they are not needed in this function. Naren speaks about them and tells about his chawl experience. Sunanda is shocked and asks, did you live in chawl? Naren says yes. Rushaali asks him to distribute invitation cards to the guests. Rushaali shows three necklace set to Sunanda for Kinnari and shows one precious costly necklace for Ankita. Sunanda says, it is very costly and asks her to give it to Kinnari. She asks Rushaali to give pearl set to Ankita. She says, she is a poor girl. Naren and Ankita hear everything and feel bad. Rushaali gives pearl set to Ankita. Sunanda tells Ankita that this function is important for us so ask your family to wear proper dress. Naren thanks them and leaves.

Naren takes her to the jewellery shop and says it is surprise for you. Naren asks the salesman to show best jewellery. Ankita says I don’t want this. Naren is seeing the jewellery. Ankita says, we will buy it for Kinnari. Naren selects the ring. Ankita thinks it is very costly. Naren asks the salesman to show bangles. He makes her wear the bangles….Manzilein ruswa hain khoya hain raasta…..plays….Ankita is slowly falling for him. Naren gets a necklace for her. He asks the salesman to get the bill. Salesman asks for the personal details as the bill exceeds 5 lakhs rupees. Naren gives his introduction and tells about his company.

Naren and Ankita come to Soham’s house. Naren says, I get one card for your neighbour. Soham hides seeing them. Naren caught him and asks, did you steal sugar again? Soham says no. Naren invites him for Raunaq’s engagement. Soham says, I will come surely. Sonu and Pranav hug and kiss him. Naren gives the card to Prashant. Ankita smiles.

Arjun and Ovi come back home. He greets the servant. Ovi asks, shall I order tea for you. Arjun says yes. She asks the servant to make tea. Sunanda tells Rushaali that I am particular about the gifts to be given to the relatives. Rushaali says, we have get everything. She asks, what will Ankita’s family give to Kinnari. Rushaali says, they can’t give anything and will wear old clothes sent by them. Sunanda says, did you see the result of getting your son married to a poor girl. Naren hears this and is shocked.

Servant gets clothes for Raunaq and says it is send by Sunanda. Raunaq asks him to keep it in the room and thinks it is not marriage but his bad luck. Naren tells Raunaq that I heard your wife getting so many gifts for you. Raunaq gets a chance and says, your wife is poor unlike my wife. Naren says, she is rich at heart.

Police comes to Arjun’s home and says, we have a arrest warrant against him. Ovi calls him. Police tells Arjun that we have warrant against you and tells about Chadda’s complaint. He says, he said you are a supplier of drugs. Ovi says, Chadda is lying. Police asks his constables to search the house. They get drugs in his bag. Arjun says, it is not mine. I didn’t do this. Inspector asks the constables to arrest him. Arjun tries to prove his innocence but in vain. Purvi is coming to Arjun’s home for the last time. Arjun is being arrested by the office and taken in their car. Purvi looks at him and gets tensed. Ovi is worried too. Purvi asks the watchman, why Arjun is arrested by the police. Watchman tells about Chadda’s complaint. Purvi is tensed.

Sunanda tells Ankita, at one side is Kinnari who got ready to marry Naren to reform her reputation. And at the other side is you, who married Naren for your gain. Both of you are similar. Chadda tells Purvi that he will close their companies.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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