Jee Le Zara 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 17th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with mom asking Saanchi to take care of herself and to rest. Saanchi asks her sorry for disappointing her. Mom says there is no use talking about the thing which cannot happen, she asks Saanchi to go and rest and she will talk to her tomorrow. Saanchi comes to her room and remembers mom’s word. She starts crying. DV asks Saanchi what is she thinking about. Saanchi says she is thinking about mom. DV asks her to think about him. Saanchi says mom became sad hearing that she cannot become grandma. It looks like she let her down. DV says mom is upset with other thing, not because of her. He asks her to relax as mom is very sensible. He asks her to come for breakfast.

Mom is sad remembering doctor’s words that Saanchi cannot become mom. DV and Saanchi come for breakfast. DV says she will book for a dinner at restaurant. Mom says she is busy today and asks them to go. Saanchi says we will wait until she gets free. Mom asks her to go and do not disturb her. She goes from there. DV asks her to smile as he is going to office, he says we both will go to restaurant. Saanchi says we will go. Suparna listens to their conversation and thinks Saanchi will not go anywhere from today.

Mom calls her husband and asks him when is he coming. He says he has one more deal to handle and asks what happened. She says nothing, she just called him. Suparna comes and asks her to inform dad about Saanchi. Mom says there is nothing to inform about it. Suparna says she can understand that she alone cannot inform dad about it. She says mom she knows that she needs a baby in this house, but Anvay is not yet ready. She says she cannot see her sad like this and even she is sad. She says she had made plans for the kids, but her plans got in vain. She says Saanchi is very elder to her and this problem would not have come if Saanch is not too aged. Mom gets sad and goes from there. Suparna gives evil smile that her plan is working.

DV sees morphed pics of him and kid on his laptop and gets sad. Anvay asks him what is he thinking. He says he is looking at the presentation. Anvay says since Saanchi came, he has forgotten to tell lie. He says he is lucky to have Saanchi in his life. He says since has made a lot of advancement and they can have kid. He says him to be positive and says they will take Saanchi to the world’s best doctor. DV thanks Anvay for encouraging him. Anvay asks him to come for lunch with him and says both brother will enjoy lunch today. DV gets happy and they both leave for dinner.

Dilshad calls Saanchi and asks if she got the report. Saanchi says report came, and it says she cannot become mother. Dilshad get sad and says she wished if she would have been with her in this tough time. She asks Saanchi if she informed aaji naani. Saanchi says she does not want to inform her and make her sad. Dilshad asks her how will she handle this situation and says her mom-in-law is not like other typical saas and will handle her. Saanchi says she will handle her and requests Dilshad not to inform aaji naani. Dilshad says ok and asks her to take care of her.

Mom is talking to Saanchi. Door bell rings. Prachi comees with Sunil. They greet mom and asks sorry for coming without informing them. He thanks Saanchi for helping her in his business and gives her and mom laddu prasad. Prachi says she was depressed as she could not get kids and thanks Saanchi for giving her doc’s address as she is expecting baby now with doc’s treatment. Mom is shocked to hear that and drops prasad. She asks servant to clean it and goes from there. Saanchi asks Prachi to take care of her health. Suparna comes and thinks of creating drama. She tells Prachi to contorl Saanchi as she cannot become mother again. Prachi and Sunil are shocked to hear that. Prachi cries hugging Saanchi. DV and Addu come and Addu cries hugging Saanchi. Suparna thinks she is in peace now seeing them crying.

Precap: Mom says Saanchi that DV’s dream have shattered because of her and asks her to leave DV if she loves him.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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