Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Officer Singh saying she is proud of everyone. She praises them and says its an example for everyone. I m sure that you all make a record which no one can break. I m proud of every cadet, well done. She says Rahul proved one thing, that the relation with the county is most superior, well done. She says when I see Zakir, I feel you are very hardworking, you thought about only your victory, you don’t believe in anyone, but you proved you are deserving, I m happy, you showed team spirit. I m proud that you won over your weakness, well done. Zakir says thanks sir. Officer Singh says you have given good training to your student Sandhya, well done. She says her scores were less in test, but she has shot great in real life. She says you have passed Zakir.


says I always thought that a true IPS officer should not get into relations, but if you see any improvement in Sandhya, its because of her husband Sooraj. Rastogi says Officer Singh and Rahul also helped her. He says Officer Singh has ordered Sandhya to shoot, to train her, and she took Rahul’s help. Officer Singh asks Rahul to make Sandhya realize that her aiming is weak, and she will ask her to shoot, she will miss the shot and you will shoot on my hand, when she realizes that I got hurt, she will understand the importance. Rahul says but if I miss the shot, I can’t take the risk. She says I m ordering you. She says I know our try will make her better.

Sandhya says you did all this for me, I m very lucky to get you. Officer Singh says your improving performance made me do this, you are not an ordinary cadet. She says what you did today, I m proud of you and your husband, family and whole academy will be proud of you, you have proved me wrong, you will be a good IPS officer and protect the country. Sandhya says yes sir. Officer Singh says our jungle task ended well today, now its time when you all will become IPS officers and take the pledge. But the race for best cadet is still on, take all the dead bodies from you, I m worried still. Everyone ask what.

Officer Singh says who will open my hands. Everyone run to open her hands. All of them leave. Sooraj talks to Babasa. Bhabho is packing a bag. Sooraj asks why are you packing. Bhabho says who told you to cancel the hyd plan. She says we all would have gone to see Sandhya. We know you all have given importance to family, but today we are not giving you happiness. I know you are dreaming about this day. Sooraj says its our family’s dream. Babasa asks Sooraj to go. Bhabho says I have packed your bag.

Bhabho and Babasa ask Sooraj to make Sandhya happy. Sooraj smiles. Everyone get ready for the function. Zakir is upset that his dad is not coming. Sandhya says my family won’t come, but Sooraj is coming, I spoke to him. Rahul thinks of Roma and says my parents are coming, I told them everything about Roma. Bhabho calls Kavita but she does not take her call. Babasa comes and says let me also talk to Sooraj. She says I m not calling him. He asks then who, Kavita?

Babasa says Sandhya is performing well, she does not need any help, she will win on her own. Bhabho says but there are many good cadets who can win, so I wanted to talk to Kavita. She promised me that she will make Sandhya win. Kavita does not take her call and tells her PA that they have taken the help from Bhabho and now they don’t need her and no need to talk. Kavita smiles ignoring Bhabho’s call. She says we got many votes, now no need of her. She can’t harm us now. If she does, then people will think she is wrong. Bhabho keeps calling.

Kavita calls Officer Singh and says Sandhya should not get the best cadet trophy. Officer Singh announces the winner of the trophy.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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