Qubool Hai 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 17th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: asad’s residence
While humaira is excited about nazma and zoya’s impending delivery, she is tensed to find haider stressed. she asks him. He says that his dubai office called to finalise a deal, and humaira gets excited. He says that they would have to shift to dubai then. she gets tensed. he asks her to stay back for some more days till the babies arrive. But she says that they would have to go urgently and that she would be there for him always. She is tensed to hear that they have to go tomorrow, but then smilingly agrees, and hugs haider.

After two years, Dilshad sees rashid’s pic, and tearfully remembers her memories with him. she says that tanveer did get punished but the incompleteness isnt getting fulfilled, but life has to go on, and she has

lots of reasons like asad and zoya, and naughty grandchildren. She remembers the past, as this house has witnessed standing the test of time. She says that even after him, his dream of all of them staying together has finally fulfilled, and his sacrifice didnt go in vain.

In zoya’s room, she is tensed about the list of stuff that hasnt been delivered yet, for the party that she has organised. asad comnes and tries to caress her, but she shoves him away, citing lots of work. But he doesnt listen to her, and intentionally gets intimate with her, teasing her too, that he was just trying to pull something out of the hair, justifying it to be right, as his love is justified. she says that the time isnt right, even though the work is. they find haider and humaira online, as they ping asad and zoya. they excitedly talk about the birthdays of the children, sanam and seher. Asad and zoya congratulate humaira on her pregnancy when haider tells them that humaira isnt allowed to travel. They hope to be together soon. After that, shirin and nikhat are online too, wherein they tell her that its very cold in Uk, and ayan is busy consulting doctors, for shirin’s worsening health. she wishes asad and zoya all the best, and wishes for the daughters too. After exchanging greetings, asad and zoya log off. asad asks zoya to take it easy, while she is tensed for the arrangements.

Nazma comes with Haya, her daughter, and dilshad comes in taking care of the daughter, while nazma goes onto take care of the party arrangements. Dilshad leaves with the child, while nazma picks up the things that she accidentally dropped. she is shown to be followed around by someone, not wantintg to be seen, and following her stealthily. Nazma goes into her room and she gets to relaxing, and freshening up in the bathroom. The following person locks the room from inside, after entering in. Nazma feels someone’s presence but turns around to find noone. As she gets back to working, a stone breaks off the mirror in the bathroom, in the piesces of which she finds tanveer, staring at her from behind in venomous rage. While nazma is shocked, Tanveer stabs nazma with a knife in the stomach, while she is shocked. tanveer says that she must be feeling pain, but she too had faced the same some time back. tanveer expresses her frustration that in the past, she was dressed as a bride, and today too, that dsay also there was celebration and today too, that day also everyone was happy, and today too, and this house saw the worst and today also it would, The only difference being, that day it was on her, and today it would be on nazma. nazma falls on the ground, clutching her stomach, as she doses off into unconsciousness, after tanveer stabs her yet again. Her entire life with its good memories flashes before her, while tanveer is satisfied.

Downstairs, zoya is very angry that the arrangements have been done so far, and dilshad asks her to do so, while she takes care of her twins. Asad comes down and faces the brunt of her ire. Finding him tensed and silent, she asks whats the matter. Asad is tensed and looks at the door. Zoya and dilshad are tense3d to find mamu walking in, while zoya remembers that she had vowed never to see him again. zoya is shocked, while he says that he has called mamu here, as she was happy these two years, but it was incomplete, as they always searched for her father, and asks her to forgive him, as he has suffered enough already. zoya looks at mamu, with teary eyes. As mamu extends his hands, she rushes to his arms, and they have a teary and emotional reunion. Mamu meets his grandchildren happily, while tanveer eyes them from a distance, from beind a pillar.

Later, dilshad is searching around for the kids. Zoya says that they would be somewhere around. Zoya tells dilshad that she feels scared at having had so much happiness in her life together. Dilshad says that whatever would happen now, they would have to accept it, thinking that itd god’s wish, be it good or bad. mamu enters his room, and finds the musicbox in the almirah and gets emotional. he thanks the lord for having spared him. tanveer comes from behind asking that he doesnt have much time to live. He is shocked to find her here, and says that she has run from jail. She says that she has to fulfill the promise that she made, of ruining his family completely. Mamu asks tanveer what nonsense is she talking about. she hits him on the head, and while she has a concussion, she ties a noose around his neck, choking him. meanwhile, asad, oblivious of tanveer’s presence and her intentions, walks in the hallway. Mamu too has flashes of good memories of his life, as he breathes his last, falling bait to tanveer’s plan too, like nazma. tanveer is satisfied with a venomous revenge. hearing asad’s voice, tanveer hides, while he comes inside shocked to find mamy lying on the floor. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: While asad shocked tends to mamu, tanveer sizes her chance and stabs asad in the back. He is shocked and filled with a sharp pain. as she turns around, he is distraught to find tanveer standing before him. She takes out the knife yet again. Tanveer tells asad that she wont let him die so easily, as he still has to witness his zoya dying, a torturous death. Meanwhile, dilshad is shown to be rushing with Haya, nazma’s daughter and one of zoya’s twins, on the road, dishevelled and distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  4. sandra bridgelal

    i do not like the turn of events…..please..murdering all these characters is a total turnoff

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