Jee Le Zara 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 11th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi thinking about her love confession to Dhruv and smiles. Dhruv messages her to come to the balcony. She replies him saying she is sleeping now. Dhruv calls him and she picks the call. Dhruv says you started lying after confessing love. He asks, whether she is smiling thinking about him. Saanchi says she was laughing. Dhruv says girls used to smile thinking about her boyfriend before sleeping and her boyfriend plans to see her face. Yadav ji sees the stairs and takes it with him, Dhruv jumps in the balcony. Dhruv comes to the balcony to say good bye to Saanchi.

Saanchi comes to the balcony, Dhruv holds her romantically and says he came to say goodbye to her. Saanchi says, what if anyone sees us. She asks him to go. Dhruv says he used to see her in his dreams, says good bye. He gives her a flower. He asks her, what she was thinking? He asks her to close her eyes and gives Diary milk silk chocolates. Saanchi laughs. Dhruv says this is starting and I will filled your life with colors. Saanchi asks him to go. Dilshaad waits for him with the stairs. Dhruv sings the song Kabhi na jawo chod ke…. Saanchi says your heart is like Ulka kaku’s tummy. Dhruv leaves. Saanchi smiles.

Nani tells Aaji that this Diwali she didn’t have sweets and says she has to wait for 1 year. Aaji asks her to eat in Saanchi’s wedding. Saanchi comes and hesitantly says I am the reason for your tension. Aaji asks her to open up. Saanchi says she was thinking….. Aaji asks, whether you want to talk about the case and land. Saanchi says no and says she has found what they were finding. Aaji asks what? Saanchi says that lighter. Nani says but it was already found naa. Saanchi couldn’t say about Dhruv. She wonders how to tell aaji and nani that she found the guy for her. She feels shy.

Nani asks, whether she is fine. Saanchi says she is feeling shy. Aaji asks, why? Saanchi says she is talking about the parathas being hot. She thinks to tell them and says she was thinking that they were worried about her marriage. Nani says we have thought about it. We have found Dhruv and our worries have gone. Dhruv will help us and make your profile on the matrimony site. Saanchi sweats. Nani asks, why you are sweating? Saanchi says no and says she is going to office. She comes to Dhruv and says whatever nani and aaji told her. Dhruv says, why you didn’t tell them. Saanchi says she couldn’t. Dhruv says he will handle about the profile thing and asks her to talk to Aaji and Nani. Saanchi says she will talk to them. Dhruv gets romantic to her and says what will happen when we get together after overcoming the problems. Saanchi says you always think about romance. Dhruv says it is always problematic for her and asks her to give time table for romance. Saanchi smiles while he gets close to her. Dhruv phone rings, Saanchi asks him to pick the call. Dhruv picks the call and Nani asks him to come to their house as she has some important work with him. Dhruv says he will come. Dhruv and Saanchi smiles looking at each other.

Nani tells Aaji that Dhruv is coming. Dhruv comes and asks what’s up. Saanchi comes with him and says she went to Dilshaad house. Nani asks him to make the profile. Saanchi asks, whether you will make my profile. Dhruv says he don’t want to make her profile because he feels Saanchi will not have arranged marriage and will have love marriage. Nani gets happy. Aaji says she doesn’t believe in love marriage. Nani tells them that her’s was a love marriage and tells her love story. Dhruv says her love story is beautiful and sings a song jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya. Dhruv asks Saanchi about her opinion about the song.

Saanchi holds Dhruv hands but he goes away and silently enjoys her company. Saanchi offers chocolate to him and says girls gives chocolates to their boyfriends naa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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