Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 11th November 2013 Written Update

Aditi and Rishi Kashyap have an emotional talk, the latter feels that its destiny which is making them meet again and it means something. She says that past can’t be forgotten and he was not their- she each has to hear the news of the death of her sons by her sister’s sons, which pains her to the core. She is stern and wishes to stay in silence to mourn her- their sons’ death.
Mahadev observes this.

Ripu meets Daksh and puts forth the yagy thingie. Daksh feels happy as he has taken a good decision. Ripu says that he cares only of his subject so he has faith in its faith and devotion. They will woo sun, air, rain gods to bring back the abundance to Kashi. Daksh believes him. He seeks Daksh”s permission to start the yagy that day.

Vishnuji, Brhmdev arrive at the Kailash and discuss with Mahadev of the potential danger..Ripunjay. They say that Daksh has no clue what trouble he is nurturing.. that they need to intervene now. Mahadev tells, looking at the devtas n asuras its the right time to provide them with an example. And of Ganesh, he too has no clue what choices he is gonna have forth him.. shiva says that he’d chose the right one.

Ganesh says that they have finished their task and now its his turn.. fears if he disappoint others. Kartiekya assures him that all is gonna be well..but Ganesh feels weird.

Then saptrish arrive, devtas and then asuras.. they all greet each other.. Indr is insecure that if asuras are given the first seat they would have to sit facing asura’s back. So he skillfully gets Ganesh to sit in the front as he is the pratham poojy devta. even after Brihaspati’s warning.

Ripu starts his yagya along with Daksh…he says the same thing to his subject taht they are the only reason he is doing this yagya.

Aditi feels hurt, and so do asuras.. all the devtas sit in the first row. Then mata Parvati and other gods come… Indr asks him where is Mahadev.. Parvati devi replies, he can see him if he takes his attention around him and not in himself.
They all observe Shiva standing at the back…they fold their hands in respect.. Indr goes to Shiva and tries to butter him..saying Devon Ke Dev Mahadev..has come and invites him.

She says that one’s character and behavior choice makes him a dev or an asura… The one who has the dev virtues for them every place is divine.

Shiva settles down their at the back along with the asuras.. asuras n Diti feel blessed.


Shiva citing all that has happened gives a vito power to asuras that even they can attain swarga if at all they pray his ling form at Somnath.. he says
Indr worries then what will be the difference btw swarg n nark. Diti asks Indr if he is doubting Mahadev’s decision..
Shiva tells Diti to get her sons ready for swarg..he’ll finish the process at Somnah Jyotir ling

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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