Pavitra Rishta 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 11th November 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Arjun and Purvi in the Conference Room.
Arjun calls for Ankita, but shes not there. Her co-worker Usha answers the phone and tells Arjun that she was going to inform him that Ankita had to go home as there was an emergency at her home.
Arjun asks what emergency? Usha tells him Ankita’s younger sister got injured. If Arjun wants any job done, he can tell her.
Arjun tells her he will manage. Purvi asks him what happened. Arjun tells her she cannot meet Ankita. Purvi asks why? He tells her because Ankita went home as her sister has a head injury.
Purvi says she wanted to meet Ankita today itself as she wanted to tell Ayi.
She asks Arjun to give her Ankita’s home address, she would go meet her.
Arjun tells her he will take her himself. Purvi looks strangely at him, he says her house is far from here.
Purvi says she will manage as shes not new to Mumbai.
Arjun tells her shes not new here but shes coming to Mumbai after 20 years! A lot has changed here. He will take her there and he insists because that place is not really safe!
Purvi looks grumpy but silently agrees and they leave together.

Amkita’s home
She runs in, panicking to see Pranav and Sonu sitting on the couch. She runs to Sonu and asks if shes okay, she got a head injury!
Sonu tells her shes alright, nothing happened to her.
Mansi comes from the kitchen and asks Ankita how come shes back from office so early? Did she have half day today?
Ankita asks her what happened to Sonu, tell me! Mansi tells her what would happen to Sonu? Shes become very naughty and doesn’t listen to me at all!
Ankita says, But Baba called me and told me…
Soham walks in and says, I lied!
Ankita stands up angrily and asks him why he lied? Soham says, because I wanted you to leave her work and come home! What is called, Oorgent…to call u home oorgently, theres no better excuse than the sickness of a kid. I called you home to tell you not to step foot in that office anymore.
Ankita angrily asks him, Why wont I work there? What shd I do? Sit at home? Who will run the household? You?
Soham says, No not me! You will run the household, but I meant u wont work at that office but find a new job! Understood?
Ankita asks, Why will I work at some other company, why wont I work in this company? What is the problem? It’s a good company, good salary, good people! Why shd I leave this company?
Soham tells her, I don’t want to hear all that! Im telling u finally, you wont work there! Understood?
Ankita says, Okay, then u also listen to me carefully, as long as I work I will work in this company! Do u understand?
Soham threatens her that if she steps foot in that office, she doesn’t know her father! He can do anything if he wants to…he will tell her Boss, Arjun Kirloskar such bad things about her that he wont let u enter the office, let alone work there!
Ankita says, Really? Do u think he will listen to you? Soham tells her why wont he believe me? Im ur father and the whole world will believe the father! If u don’t want me to say bad things abt u to ur Boss then u have to make sure u wont step into that office ever again!
Soham grabs her handbag and takes some money out of it, then warns her that if she even thinks abt that office then she will see the worst of him!
Soham takes the money and leaves. Ankita looks disturbed, so does Mansi.

Arjun and Purvi in his car going to Ankita’s house
They steal glances at each other silently.
Arjun thinks aloud, there was a time when we wouldn’t get tired of talking to each other! But now theres only silence between us!
Ankita’s house, her mobile rings, she picks it up. Its Arjun calling, he asks her if everything is alright at home? How is her sister, the one who got injured?
Ankita says that her sister is fine, she got a small injury on her head, now shes alright. She was just going back to office.
Arjun asks if her father was at home, he was coming to her house to meet her and her father.
Ankita gets shocked and nervous but she says, Okay, Sir, you come here.
Ankita panics and tells Mansi, Manu, my Boss Arjun Sir is coming home! He wants to meet me and Baba…Im having a lot of tension, Baba must have told him something! Otherwise why would he want to come and meet me! Im sure my job is gone, I will lose my job!
Prashant comes in asking, whats the matter, Tayi? Why did u call me home urgently?
Anita tells him the whole matter, of Soham’s threats and her Boss coming home.
Ankita cries and tells Prashant that shes sure Baba told Arjun Sir something that’s why hes coming home to meet Baba. She tells Prashu she doesn’t want to leave this job, she wants to work there, she asks him to find a way to solve the problem.

Arjun’s car pulls up in front of Ankita’s home
Arjun and Purvi get out of the car and go to Ankita’s door. Arjun knocks and then waits, hes going to knock a 2nd time when Ankita opens the door.
Purvi stares at Ankita, stunned to see her looking so identical to Archana! She sees a reflection of aged Archana in young Ankita.
Arjun greets Ankita and introduces her to Purvi Deshmukh, MD of Trilogy Company. He tells Purvi this is Ankita, one of the most efficient employees in our company!
Ankita smiles and thanks Arjun Sir, then greets Purvi Ma’am. Ankita says she knows Purvi as she had given her profile to Arjun Sir the other day.
Ankita requests them to come in, they go in. Purvi is still staring at Ankita, she cannot take her eyes off her.
Anki asks her to take a seat. Arjun reminds her gently and she sits down. Mansi comes in, Arjun asks her how shes doing, Mansi says shes fine with a smile.
Ankita says shes going to make tea for them, but Purvi stops her asking her to sit beside them.
Anki and Mansi look a bit surprised. Purvi says she meant they already had tea so she wants Ankita to sit with them as they came to meet her.
Mansi says, Yes Tayi, u sit and I will manage the rest. Ankita brings a chair and sits near ArVi.
Purvi asks her, who else is there in ur family?
Ankita says, Ma’am, actually my family is very big!
Just then a ball comes and hits Ankita’s leg, Pranav comes running and Anki introduces him as her younger brother. Pranav does Namaste. Mansi brings in tea for Arvi, Anki introduces her too as younger sister.
Ankita says she has another brother named Prashant who has gone out to get Sonu bandaged.
Purvi asks Sonu? Anki tells her Sonu is her youngest sister. Sir, the one I told u abt, has the injury on her head. Arjun nods.
Purvi is silently thinking abt Archana telling her that if Soham is alive, and if that girl Ankita is Soham’s daughter, then she wants her to get all her rights that all the Deshmukh grandkids enjoy.
Purvi thinks aloud, if these kids are really Soham Dada’s kids, then…
She asks Ankita where is her Baba? Ankita falters nervously, Baba…Im really sorry, I know u came here because of him but I…
Arjun says, I don’t understand what ur saying, we came here because of ur father?
Suddenly Prashant is heard yelling BABA! A drunk guy falls on the floor after entering the house. Everyone stands up to stare at the guy! Prashant picks him up off the floor, they all see his face. Its not Soham but a different guy!
Purvi looks upset that its not Soham. The drunk fake dad sits on a chair and asks ArVi who were they?
Ankita goes along with the playacting, she says, Baba, this is Arjun Kirloskar, my Boss! I work in his company! And this is Purvi Ma’am. And Ma’am, Sir, this is my Baba!
The pretend Dad says, Such important people, in my house? Today is really lucky day. Ankita beti, if u told me earlier, I would have brought some sweets and namkeen.
The drunk guy gets up and staggers trying to go out but Prashant makes him sit down again.
Drunk fake dad asks Mansi if she served them tea or not, Purvi says theres no need of that.
Fake father says, Today u came to my house for the first time, I cannot let u leave without having tea.
Ankita tells Arjun, Sir Im really sorry! Remember I told u that our father drinks a lot so Im really sorry for that!
Arjun says, please don’t bother. Prashant carries Sonu in his arms and comes in, she has a fake bandage on her head.
Ankita introduces Prashant and Sonu to Arvi. Purvi asks how Sonu was doing, Prashant tells her shes doing find, doctor has said her wound will heal in a few days.
Ankita is trying to hide her smile at their drama.
Sonu’s face is turned away, she winks at Mansi who smiles at her warningly. Prashu hands over Sonu to Mansi who carries her inside.
Arjun tells Ankita if she needs anything she can call him. The fake dad thanks Arjun, that his offer to help is enough for them! Otherwise rich people don’t have that much care or concern or manners.
Ankita smiles awkwardly. Arjun says theyre leaving, ArVi get up and leave. Ankita apologizes again but Arjun says its okay.
As ArVi are leaving, Soham enters the chawl, drunkenly smiling, saying that he got his alcohol after all! He sees Arjun’s car in front of his house and says, what a big car!
ArVi come out of the house! Soham sees them and falls to the ground in shock. Purvi is lost in her thoughts. Soham staggers to a pillar and hides behind it.
Arjun asks Purvi whats the matter? She shakes her head silently and gets into the car. Soham watches them from his hiding place.
Purvi tells Arjun in the car, I don’t know why I was confident that I would find Soham Dada here! Arjun tells driver to go. Soham watches them leave.
Inside Ankita’s house, shes thanking the fake dad, Thank you, Kaka! If u weren’t here today then I would have lost my job!
The neighbor who acted as their dad says, How will u lose ur job? I know how important this job is for you! Ive been watching u all for many years, how hard u kids work to run this household. On top of that if ur Boss finds out that a drunkard and disgusting man like Raghav is your father, then u will lose ur job for sure! That’s why I said, let me help them, as a neighbor I shd help out, right? And if in future u need my help again, then tell me without hesitation!
Prashant agrees, Ankita thanks him again and the neighbor leaves. Anki sends the kids inside to study.
Prashant comes to Ankita and tells her everything went according to plan and her job was saved also!
Ankita smiles and tells him to check on the kids homework. She goes to the kitchen where Mansi is cooking, she tells Mansi she didn’t understand why Arjun Sir came here again? And Purvi Ma’am came too…
Anki says, Do u know, Purvi Ma’am is Arjun Sir’s ex-wife. You know, Im feeling strange, I feel as if something is wrong somewhere! They were going on asking abt Baba! Didn’t u find it weird?
Mansi says, Tayi, why are u worrying so much? Arjun Sir said naa that he came to visit his Vasai factory, our house is on the way so they came to meet you! He wanted to see Sonu, and as far as Purvi Ma’am is concerned she was just asking abt our family as part of the conversation. Theres nothing more to that!
Ankita still feels doubtful, Its possible ur right, but did u see how Purvi ma’am was going on staring at me? I felt very strange!
Mansi says, Tayi, ur thinking too much! No need for that! Tayi, remember u told me, Arjun Sir’s saas(MIL) looks exactly like you! So if Purvi Ma’am is his ex-wife then her mother looks identical to you! So its obvious when she saw u she was in shock! Just like Arjun Sir had…
Ankita says, its possible, but I don’t know why Im finding it strange! Their coming here, staring at me, its possible Baba said something to them abt me? I just want to retain my job, I don’t want anything else! Nothng will happen to my job naa?
Mansi reassures her nothing will happen to her job and tells her not to take tension.
Ankita agrees and says lets cook food now.

Soham is pacing to and fro on the street.
Hes worried, hes thinking why is Arjun coming to his home repeatedly?
Then he realizes, Arey yes, Raghav Mhatre, u didn’t get such a simple thing? My daughter Ankita looks exactly like Archana Deshmukh! Why only Arjun, anyone else would go after her, that bloke is trying to find out the connection between Ankita and Archana! Are they thinking of me after seeing Ankita? Yes, definitely, they must be thinking Ankita must be related to Archana! That can only happen if shes related to me! Okay, so that’s why he came to my house the other day too! He was asking abt me! I wont let them find out anything! If Arjun comes to know abt me, then whole Deshmukh family will know that Im alive and I wont let this happen! Now those people will look for me, they will make me Soham Deshmukh from Raghav Mhatre, then they will put me in jail! For 20 yrs, I have been escaping punishment for crime, now that punishment will be doled out to me! Arjun has my home address, he can come here any moment! I will have to do something, I will have to vacate that house as soon as possible! But how will I do that? Where will I go after vacating that house? 5 kids are sitting on my head! No home, no money, what will I do?
Soham finishes his tea and flings his tea glass, breaking it! The tea stall owner yells at him for breaking his 10 rupees worth tea glass. Soham yells back, youre worried abt ur glass, here my life is in danger!
The tea vendor yells after him, then go and die somewhere! Return and give me the money, Im going to add this broken glass to ur account!
Soham walks away angrily.

Arjun Purvi returning in his car
Arjun tells Purvi, the truth is the truth! However much we ponder, we cannot change the truth! Ankita’s father is not Soham so our worrying wont solve anything! So why are u thinking?
Purvi says, Im worried abt Ayi, Arjun! She is hoping there much more than me, we felt that we could reach Soham Dada through Ankita!
Arjun says, whatever it is, ur worrying wont change the truth!
Purvi’s mobile rings but she doesn’t take the call. Arjun asks her whats the matter, who was calling?
Purvi says its nothing but after Arjun asks again, she says, Pari!
Arjun eagerly asks her to take the call. Purvi tells him she will talk to Pari later.
Arjun says, I just want to hear her voice, please just once talk to her…
Purvi says, Arjun u know she hates you! If she says something rude…
Arjun tells her it doesn’t matter to him what she says, he just wants to listen to her voice, so please put her on the speakerphone!
Purvi relents and puts Pari on speakerphone. Pari asks her Ayi how are you?
Purvi says, Im fine, how are you?
Pari says, Im not fine at all, ur not here! Im missing you a lot so I just called you!
Purvi tells her, Actually I was also missing u! I thought I would call u but just then u called!
Pari smiles, this is called Telepathy! When two people love each other, this happens. Ayi, how is ur Mumbai? Is it still the same as u left it or everything has changed?
Purvi says, everything has changed! Nothing is as before!
Arjun looks at Purvi who continues, and that’s why Im happy as well as comfortable!
Pari tells her, Ayi you take care of yourself and eat on time and dont forget your BP tablets, and please dont be careless!
Purvi agrees to all her instructions, Pari asks her if she met That Man!
Purvi gets tensed and looks at Arjun.

Naren is asking Ankita at the office if she remembers. Ankita says yes. Naren asks what does she remember? Ankita falters. Naren says if u don’t remember then why did u say Yes?
Naren comes near her and says, Lauki, Lauki (bottle gourd) do u remember we talked abt Lauki on the phone? Remember?
Ankita looks surprised and amused

Update Credit to: pallavi25

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