je suis toujours là pour toi – Part 4 – A little ray of hope for Rikara

That night:

Rikara’s room:

Om: Gauri, now sleep please.

Gauri: I can’t. I am not feeling sleepy.

Om: but my princess is. At least close your eyes.

Gauri pouted sadly and hugged Om tightly, Om, with one hand, caressed gauri’s hair and then with another hand, caressed her baby bump. Gauri kept her head on on Om’s chest, all of a sudden, felt a little sleepy.

Om: now who is sleepy?

Gauri sleepily: chup karo.

Om smiles lightly and just then felt something a little tickling. He looked down at Gauri with her head up and kissing his neck.

Om: really Gauri?

Gauri: I just felt like it.

He knew that it was gauri’s pregnancy hormones bubbling up. He kept his jaw on her head and continued caressing gauri’s tresses, Gauri stopped kissing his neck and felt very sleepy. Soon both rikara were peacefully sleeping with gauri’s head on Om’s chest and his one hand holding her small hand never wanting to let it go and the other was on her baby bump where his child or princess was sleeping for the next eight months.

 Soon both rikara were peacefully sleeping with gauri's head on Om's chest and his one hand holding her small hand never wanting to let it go and the other was on her baby bump where his child or princess was sleeping for the next eight months

Om closely opened his eyes and smiled lightly seeing Gauri finally asleep. After seeing her sleep, he closed his eyes again.

 After seeing her sleep, he closed his eyes again

The next day:

The Sun rays hits Om’s face waking him up. He turned to his left seeing no Gauri.

Om: Gauri?

He went out of his bed and went in the main room of their flat only to find food on the table and Gauri with her hair down and a pale pink salwar. She was on the sofa with her sewing machine obviously.

Om smacked his forehead knowing that this girl would never change.

Om: Gauri, what are you doing?

Gauri: sewing.

Om: why?

Realising she was talking to Om, she quickly stopped sewing and hid the machine,

Om: no need to hide it Gauri. It’s just I am worried for you and humara baccha. I don’t want you work a lot and stress because I am worried.

Gauri stood up and cupped her Omki’s face: don’t worry, nothing will happen. Just worry for tonight.

Om: matlab?

Gauri didn’t say anything but she winked and heard the doorbell. She quickly opened it to find sona.

Gauri: hey Sona.

Sona: hey Gauri. How are you?

Gauri: I’m good thanks. You?

Sona: good too thanks. I was just wondering if in the afternoon you are busy.

Gauri: no today we are not busy, kyu?

Sona: I was wondering if you and Om would like to come next door for lunch.

Gauri: we would love to. Right omkaraji?

Om: yeah sure why not?

Sona: great! Meet you at 1.

Sona goes smiling and Gauri closed the door.

Gauri: she is so sweet na.

Om: yes she is really nice. Anyway back to our conversation, what do you mean that I have to worry tonight?

Gauri: my lips are sealed.

She winked again and goes from there. Om looked confused. What the hell was his Chiraya up to?

That afternoon:


Devakshi’s house:

Dev: so today we are meeting your new friend.

Sona: yes.

Doorbell rings.

Dev: and now she is here.  New aunty shubh yay!

Sona smiles and goes to open the door, she sees rikara smiling.

Sona: finally! You are here!

She hugs Gauri tight and then letted rikara In.

Sona: finally you are here, was waiting for sooooo long.

Gauri: someone was impatient.

They laugh and dev-Om weren’t instead they looked at each other knowing that they will never understand girls.

Gauri: yeh kaun hai?

Sona: yeh? Yeh Meri beta hai shubh. And this is my husband dev. Dev, my friend Gauri and her husband Om.

Dev: hey. Suhana, come here.

Gauri: who is suhana?

Sona: my eldest.

A small girl of 6 comes smiling.

Suhana: hi uncle aunty, I am suhana.

Om: aww so cute.

Dev: so Om, which cricket team you support?

Men typical!!! ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

Om: the national one.

Dev: same! They’re on now, let’s go and see.

Om: sure.

They go together to the living room and turned the TV on. Gauri and sona smacked their foreheads.

Suhana: aunty, do you like my painting?

She shows Gauri it and Gauri smiled seeing it.

She shows Gauri it and Gauri smiled seeing it

Gauri: wow it is so beautiful. You know my husband was once an artist. Show to him.

Suhana: wow a real artist!

She goes to Om who was with dev and said: uncle, how is my painting?

Om looked away from the tv and saw her painting.

Om: beautiful. I remember when I was small, I painted something like this.

Dev: you are an artist?

Om: was. Situations changed a lot for me.

Dev: finally! I have been looking for someone to teach suhana art. She loves it a lot and wants to be a professional one day. If you don’t mind.

Om: I don’t mind at all besides this business company is making my life difficult so yeah I will teach suhana art.

Dev: thanks.

Suhana: yay! Finally thank you uncle, thank you daddy.

Precap: a beautiful night+things start to go well

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