je suis toujours là pour toi – Part 5 – Beautiful night + life starts to get better

Gauri was sitting alone in her apartment, waiting for her Jata dhari hippie to come.

Gauri: Uff this Omkara ji na! Whenever I need him the most, he is late.?

Finally Omkara returned from teaching one of his students. Gauri opened the door but with anger. As soon as he entered:

Gauri: Omkara ji. Is this the time to come home?

Omkara: Arre Gauri meri jaan! Bhadak kyun rahi ho?

Gauri: Accha? Ab main bhadakti hun.

Omkara(advancing towards her) : Shhhhh.

He sniffed the crook of her neck and gave her a love bite. Gauri was a moaning mess. He made his way to the collar bone and gave her a hickey. Finally, their lips met. It was a long passionate kiss. Both fighting for dominance. Finally they had to break the kiss for the cruel need of Oxygen.

Omkara stared into her beautiful doe eyes. Gauri too was completely lost in his brown orbs.

Gauri: I don’t know what bribe you have given to my lips. They listen more to you than they listen to me.

Saying so she gave him a quick kiss. Omkara intensified his gaze.

Just then he realized something.

Omkara: One second? You are pregnant? And you are still running all around.

He suddenly picked up Gauri in his iconic bridal style. He kept her on the bed and became busy in looking after her.

Omkara: Gauri what do you want? Shall I switch on the AC or shall I bring juice?

Gauri: Uff Omkara ji. Don’t be so impatient.

Omkara: I don’t know what will happen Gauri… Will I become a good father?

Gauri: YES! You will. We won’t let anything happen. We will take care of my young jata dhari.

(smirking) waise I thought that Mr Omkara Singh Oberoi never leaves any work undone….

Omkara: Yeah that is true but which work?

Gauri naughtily points towards the entrance.

Omkara: Hmm so someone is in their naughty mood.

He rubs his beard against Gauri’s cheek. Soon they undress and go under duvets.

Omkara kissed every inch of Gauri’s face. He lightly hovered on Gauri’s body and gave her love bites on her collar bone, cleavage Valley and other parts. He situated himself in between her thighs. He was hesitant to enter. But getting a green signal from Gauri, he slowly entered her and trusted her trying not to harm the young jata dhari growing in her womb. Gauri hugged Omkara tightly and gave him hickeys.

Omkara : I love you Gauri.

Gauri : I love you. Infinity.

Thus they spend the rest of the night cuddling with each other. Omkara held Gauri’s waist, protecting their sign of love.

Few days later:

Ever since Om started to teach Suhana art, all her friends wanted to get taught by him. This was leading to good salary and Rikara happy seeing all the children enjoying art. But whoi knew that someone who taught school kids art would get noticed by the Government Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh.

Rikara’s flat:

Gauri: don’ttalk to me anymore!

Om: what happened now?!

Gauri: you called me moti!!

Om: I called you moti? Arre pagli, I said that your baby bump has started to show.

Gauri: still referring to me being fat! I hate you!!

She runs to a room and Om smacks his face.

Om: Gauri, don’t act like a little kid.

He tried to open the door but the door was locked.

Om: really Gauri?! You locked the door?!

Gauri: go away!

Om in mind: such a child. (talking) open the door na fine sorry.

No reply.

Om: we’ll see your Salman Khan movie.

Gauri opens the door and hugs him tight.

Gauri: thank you I love you, I love you, I love you sooo much!

Just then the doorbell rang, Rikara broke the hug and Om went to open the door.

Man: hello is this Omkara Jaisingh’s house?

Om: ji haan I am Omkara Jaisingh, kyu?

Man: my daughter gets taught by you. My wife told me. My daughter, Miya, showed me your work and I own the Government Museum and Art Gallery. I thought if you would like to show some of your work for my gallery.

Om was silent for a minute and then he thought of Gauri and his-I mean their child growing in her womb. He smiled and said: yeah sure.

The man smiled and shook his hand. After giving him his number, he went. Om closed the door and saw Gauri behind him looking very cute.

Om: I guess fighting with you leads to good causes.

Gauri: it does doesn’t it.

She kisses his cheek and all of a sudden she fainted in his arms.

Om: arre Gauri. Wake up! Wake up!

She didn’t respond. Om lifted her up in bridal style and kept her on their bed. He quickly called a doctor.

Half an hour later:

The doctor was inside the room checking Gauri and Om was waiting impatiently outside.

Just then the doctor came out and said: Mr Jaisingh, thanks god your wife is out of danger and the child is also safe. But I have something important to tell you.

Om: tell me.

Doctor: please do not do any physical intercourses or s*xual intercourses else this will lead to complications in Mrs Jaisingh’s pregnancy.

Om nods and leads the doctor out. Then he goes to Gauri who was conscious now.

Gauri: what did doctor say?

Om: no more seducing!

Gauri: but I need your touch.

Om: hahaha very funny. Do you want a safe pregnancy?

Gauri: yes.

Om: do you want to raise this child together?

Gauri: yes.

Om: then no more seducing me.

Gauri: fine but meri movie?

Om smiles and finds a DVD,Wanted. He keeps it in the DVD player kept in their room and goes in the bed with Gauri. She snuggles up to him and sees the movie, smiling.

Precap: making our home sweet home.

Note the entire hot scene goes to Sreetama (@the_beautiful_soul). She emailed it to me. Thank you Sreetama. Also Rikara changed their surname to Jaisingh.

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