Jamai Raja 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Satya and Mahi playing with cushions and hitting each other with it. They laugh and get close to each other. Satya tells Mahi that he doesn’t know why people go on a jogging and walking and says men should play pillow fight with wives to burn calories. He is about to get closer to her and jokes if their bed will catch fire. Mahi feels shy and keeps hand on her face. Satya asks her to move her hand and is about to kiss her, but just then door bell rings. He says I don’t know why this is happening. Mahi goes to open door. Aleena comes and says she thought to cheer her mood and brought DVD and made popcorn. Mahi looks at Satya. Aleena says I found it with much difficulty and plays the DVD. Satya is upset.

Payal asks Koel to stay in the house and tells that Aleena is very dangerous and can harm Mahi. Koel asks you are on her side. Payal says I have done bad with Mahi and is repenting. She asks her to stay in the house and tell everything. Koel promises. Aleena plays the DVD and turns to see Satya and Mahi feeding popcorn to each other. She gets jealous seeing their closeness and holds glass tightly breaking it. Satya and Mahi come to her seeing her hand wounded. Mahi asks Satya to put ointment on her hand and says she will clean the broken glass. Satya puts ointment on Aleena’s hand and asks if she is feeling pain. Aleena says she can bear the pain and says movie plan will not be cancelled. She asks Mahi to watch the film. Satya asks Aleena to have popcorn. She asks him to feed her. Satya gives popcorn to Mahi. Aleena says she can hurt herself to get him.

Next day, Gangu Tai thanks mahi for making food for them. Satya thinks his honeymoon is ruined because of family. Gangu Tai asks did you tell something. Mahi says she heard him saying something. Satya asks her to tell. He tries to touch Mahi’s feet, but touches Aleena’s feet. Aleena coughs. Kajal tells that Satya is playing under the table. Aleena thinks Satya’s feet reached right place. Gangu Tai asks Satya to get better. Mahi goes to bring kheer. Satya follows her. Aleena thinks she has to separate both of them and do something. She calls someone. The man says work will be done. In the night, Satya holds Mahi and makes her lie on bed. He says we will move the eclipse from our life. A man is seen there. Mahi sees fire and tells Satya.

Satya says I will check. They see smoke and says it is mosquito repellent smoke. He comes out and asks the man why he is spraying the medicine. Mitul says how we will sleep now. Mahi says we will sleep on the terrace today and says it will be fun. Mitul says mosquitoes will not let us sleep. Satya agrees hesitantly. Aleena smirks. Everyone go to the terrace and make arrangements to sleep. They see Mitul putting ointment on her hands so that mosquito don’t bite her and says that she has burn the coil.

Satya tells Mitul not to open mouth else mosquitoes will get inside her mouth. Mitul says I will not open my mouth. Satya says I was just pulling your foot. Mahi laughs. Satya and Mahi sit together. Satya holds her hand. Aleena looks at them and thinks she has separated them tonight, but she has to separate them for forever, then only Satya will be mine.

Aleena calls a woman. Woman says your work will be done. Aleena says Satya will be mine tonight. Door bell rings. Woman comes inside.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. indera sanichara

    Writers why do you have to introduce a jealous b*t*h in all your serial, it is so stupied it turns you off completely from watching it. No use watching this anymore because all you will see is how to separate two lovers.

  2. What the crap is going on……she came to help them but now she wants to separate them…for what u r doing this writers????

    We became soooo tired of seeing the same crap again and again in every shows of zee …(some r exceptions like zindagi ki mahek)

    But from ek mutti aasmaan I’m watching the same type of stories….why?????

    We r spending our time for Ur shows but u all make them like shit…..

    ?????????Fed up with these crap….


  4. Repiting same story line as season 1 too boring!!

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