My heart is with you ragini epi 18 by sindhura

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Guys i cant post all alone ragini but will try for tomorrow.

Sameer hits that man turns and see ragini holding that rod.
Ragini:- dont you dare to think even to hurt my brother..
Man:- drags rod from her hands and says acha what will you do.
Ragini:- did you ever taste mashallads.
Man:- what.
Ragini:- its a religious fight where people wait i will tell you actual meaning.Martial arts are codified systems and traditions of combat practices, which are practiced for a variety of reasons: as self-defense, military and law enforcement applications, mental and spiritual development; as well as entertainment and the preservation of a nation’s intangible cultural heritage.
All goons and people looks with open mouth where sameer smriks.
Ragini:- who ever didnt understand .pls raise your hands.
All raises including goon.
Sameer:- our teachers said that if you dont undestand theory then go to praticals like doing live examples.
Goons:- enough.
Ragini:- ok..
And kicks him in centre point.goon looks up and then down screams by falling down.

Rag and sam hi five to each other.
Sameer and ragini stands close to each other by their back meeting..
They fights with in seconds all were on floor.
Sujatha whisles and shouts super but sees dp and rp seeing her with mouth open she stops and looks another side like nothing happen.
Sameer calls cops..
Ragini:- maa you all go to home we will come once we file case.
They dont accept.
Laksh:- maa you all go we will stay with them and swara you to go.
Swara:- but.
Ragini:- please swara you go and take them too.
Swara nodes and takes them all.
Ragini stands near sanskar snd laksh.
She is massages her neck.
Sanskar:- are you ok.
Ragini:- yaa.
Laksh:- it seems u got hurt near neck.
Ragini:- its not that after so many days i did marshal arts and i never used it on people .
Sameer:- we only used to do it as exercise..
Ragini touched his fore head and asks is it paining bhai.
Sameer:- no but my pain is here and shows her corner lips which were bleeded a little.
Ragini:- and my pain was this pointing towards his forehead.
Sameer hugs her..
Sanskar:- we dont knew that you have this much anger.
Sameer:- when anyone tries to hurt our loved ones,we will get angry right and my sister is already angry bird thats why she learnt marshal arts to control anger excitement and all.
Ragini:- we learn together infact you too had anger and you beated him because he just commented on me.
Sameer:- he is not just commented on you he used dirty language.
Ragini:- what he said say na bhai.
Sanskar:- are you serious.
Ragini:- yaa..
Sameer:- you are impossible..

He sees cops arrival and goes towards them and laksh to follows.
Ragini:- sanskar…
Sanskar:- hmm.
Ragini:- say na what he commented please..
Sanskar:- really you want to knew.
Ragini nodes head with smile.
Sanskar:- how can i say with my mouth.
Ragini:- then message me.
Sanskar laughs and message her.
Ragini reads message as s*xy.
Ragini:- what yar its common i thought he said something more vulgar ..
Sanskar:- the word is not vulgar for you.
Ragini:- using this words songs are also coming its became common..
Sanskar:- u are unbelivable.
After fewhours..
Sameer is sitting in his bed room and ragini sitting next to him.
Sameer:- nothing happen to me ragini.
Ragini with tears:- its all happened because of me.if i didnt take you at night it might not happen like this and you will not get hurt.
Sameer:- these type of people will stay out at any time raj and plss yar dont cry.
Ragini hugs him and cries..
Ragini:- from now i will not eat ice cream that to at nights..
Sameer:- aww. And kisses her forehead..
San was watching them from window and thinks.
Sanskar:- people say right now.what ever happens it will happen for good only and see you got your family that to do lovely family and caring brother .you sadness was no more ragini.
from now your life will be filled with love and in that i will also fill your life with my love and once i get back your love my life will be completed ..
I love you more yar..
He goes from their leaving ragini and sameer..

Next day..
Ladies were getting ready to prayer just ragini comes down and stands along with them.
They smiles and starts praying.
Ap starts singing..all gathers their
Sujatha looks at ragini..
Sujatha:- few days before our whole house used to fill with your morning song i hope it will again fill.
Ap finishes song..
Sujatha:- ragini your voice is nice dont you sing prayer songs..
Sameer starts laughing ..
Ragini beats him.
Ragini:- i dont knew prayer songs..
All looks at her confused..
Swara giving arthi to her..
Swara:- dont worry i will make you learn so you can sing morning . Sameer taking arthi:- oh please swara, ragini morning starts with guitar string and her fav song, roop tera mastana.
Ragini beats him…
Dp:- ok whatever music is a music whether it is a prayer song or any other..
Ragini smiles and stands aside of him by showing tongue to sameer.
Laksh:- get ready guys we have to start to village.
Ragini:- swara you are coming right.
Swara:- haa..
Sujatha making coffee for all ragini comes snd stands next to her.
Sujatha:- i will bring na why you came.
Ragini:- i thought to learn making coffee from you.
Sujatha:- oh your coffee is best than me.
Ragini:- but i dont knew how to make coffee.
Sujatha bites her tongue and says.
Ha i kbew that you dont knew how to make coffee and i sm saying if i make you learn coffee then you will start making best coffee then who will drink my hand made coffee.
Ragini:- if i have world best coffee infront of me also i will chose only your coffee and hugs her .
Sujatha:- i will miss you all especislly you in these three days.
Ragini:- its a golden opportunity for you and badai maa to romance with your hubbies.
Sujatha opens her mouth and about to say something but ap holds her ears and says..
Badmashh day by day your naugty ness is increasing.
Ragini:- ahhh.
Sujatha:-leave na di she is joking.
Ap smiles and leaves..
While she hugs both of them.
Sameer:- what ragini without getting ready what are doing.
Ragini:- first of all my packing is done and kept in car and secondly we are going to village for 3 days so i am romancing with my two beautiful maa’s so that they wont miss me.
Sameer:- they wont miss you infact they will be happy to be alone with their husband right ma.
Sujatha:-this is proof that you both are brother and sister..
Sameer to hugs them and ssys that they will miss you all.
All says bye to them….
They all were in car…
Sanskar:- laksh did you inform them that we are coming 5 members.
Laksh:-haa everything is set .
After few hours sameer sleeps and laksh starts driving even swara sleeps.
Ragini gets bored and starts talking with them.
Ragini:- still how many hours left to reach laksh.
Laksh:- 2 more hours ragini.
Ragini:- i am getting hungry.
Laksh:- within 20 minutes their will be a nice dhaba we can eat their.
Ragini:- thanks yar only you were nice or else here people will sleep or few people will read files as if they are going to give ias exam.
Laksh sees sanskar with files he smiles and sanskar to closes file says happy.
Ragini:- no boring..
Bhai….shakes up sameer
Sameer gets up with jerk and asks
what happen.
Ragini:- dabha happened.
Sameer:- ahh what..
Ragini:- i am feeling hungry lets go and eat..
And gets down with swara.
Sameer looks here and their and says yar my sister is always back of my sleep.lak and san laughs.
They all reaches to village and welcomed by heads their..
They all guided to guest room.
Sameer calls to dadaji snd says thst they reached village and safe now.
Dadaji:- i too reached here safe and cuts call and sees a family sitting infront of him.
Dadaji:- i am really sorry bharat arora i forgot you.
Bharat:- arey dont say like that uncle..
Dadaji:- how do you knew about that property.
Bharat:- once gaurav buyed from me to gift his newly born daughter and he said that he named her ragini.on that day we played with ragini alot i still remember her face but next day we lisened that gaurav and sandhya died in an accident along with their daughter after that many years all of sudden we received a letter by saying that you got your dranddaughter back and we all should be act like we knew her from childhood as she lost her memory..what happen uncle.
Dadajii:- i dont knew complete truth bharat but shekar and his wife created ragini as dead to steal that property and made her life hell and when we got to knew this all at the time we reach their she tried to commit suicide by jump off into river and we saved her very difficulty and due to that accident she forgot her past but at one point its good that she forgot her past.
Bharat:- why uncle.
Dadaji:- they treated like hell and made her married life too hell and says they made sanskar against her so that she wont get any love..
Bharat:- why ? what might be the reason.
Dadaji:- because of this property.
Bharat:- but uncle if they would brought ragini to you by asking money then they can get more money than this property but why.
Dadaji:- because they dont want to come infront of us and they dont want us to knew that ragini was alive.
Bharat:- oh my god its all like bhul bhulaya game..
Dadaji:- that game is better than this and it will not solve untill they caught by us.
Bharat:-how is ragini now uncle.
Dadaji:- just like sandhya and mischevious like gaurav .she has charm like her dad any one can get attracted to her and sameer just like my daughter patience and caring…
Bharat:- so sameer went on my besty sandhya..
Dadajii:- come to our house bharat to meet them and come along with your family.
Bharat:- ha sure uncle. Let me introduce them.
Bharat:- madhavi and vikas..
Vikas bends and takes his blessings along with madhavi.
Gaurav:- bring tea madhavi.
Vikas:- ok i have to leave for meeting so i am leaving dadajii..
They both leaves.
Dadaji:- dont say anything about ragini to anyone untill we find her past and not even that she married.
Bharat:- sure..

Precap:- village fun. Ragsan close monents..

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      Welcome dear sister

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      No dear fb nit yet start and it will start in few more episodes

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