Kaala Teeka 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
The man rides on his horse and hits all men to Jaturki. he beats them all down. Manjiri is surprise who he is. He has a mask on his face. Police comes, the man gets back on his horse. Manjiri gets the girl down the funeral. The man sits on his horse and flees. Jaturki runs with her men. Police arrest her people there. Manjiri hugs the girl. She is crying. Manjiri says don’t cry you are free now. She says thank you so much. Manjiri says thank the man who saved us both. She sees that he has left. Manjiri says where did he go? Inspector says we have arrested a lot of people. Manjiri says jakturi? He says she fled. Manjiri says she has to be arrested. She is behind all this. Inspector says we will keep a look out for her.

Pavitra is about to cut the cake. She sees the doll on the cake and is bit scared. Naina says in heart now you will see pavitra. Suddenly a candle sets Pavitra frock on ablaze. Nandu saves her. Everyone scatters. Naina blows the candle.

Jakturi says the funeral of the man can only happen with his wife will burn with him. We had to burn with a widow. I won’t let rituals down. We will burn him with another widow tomorrow and thats Manjiri.
Naina is talking to an empty chair. She says I didn’t want to do this. Everyone was looking after Pavitra.
Kali makes pavitra sleep. She says to nandu pavitra was very scared. I am going to bring naina.
Naina says you see daily.. no on loves me. Only you understand me. Kali says who is she talking to? Kali says naina whom were you talking to? Naina says no one. I was just eating ice cream. Kali says its time to sleep. Lets go.
Manjiri comes home. She tells Kali everything. Manjiri says he saved me I don’t know who he was. And we saved that girl from being burned. She is safe now. Manjiri says is pavitra upset with me? Kali says she is upset but not with you. Her dress caught fire while cutting the cake. Manjiri is dazed. Manjiri says thank God she is safe.Kali says sometimes I think everything is good. Everyone is happy. I will tell you what we did in the party. She shows manjiri the pictures. Manjiri looks at naina when Pavitra is cutting the cake. Kali says this means Naina could save pavitra. She saw everything. Manjiri says she is young. Kali says she should be responsible for her sister. Manjiri says older kids get insecure. I will talk to her don’t worry. Is she asleep? Kali says no she is up.

Manjiri says to Naina you saw the candle near pavitra? Naina says you are blaming me? O tried to stop Pavitra. Everyone blames me like you. Mama does that too. It was pavitra’s mistake. Manjiri says I am no blaming you. Naina says oh please. Manjiri says don’t cry I didn’t mean that. Nandu says naina is that how you talk to elders? She is your manji ma. Manjiir says she is young. Nandu says no she should learn how to talk to elders. Apologize her. Manjiri says lets go. Naina shoves her stuff in anger.
Naina says you are very bad manji ma. Because of you papa scold me.

Guru ji says we had to talk to her parents. We need to save that girl. Kali gives the donation in the temple.
Naina gets ready and says my lehnga is the best. She says pavitra your dupatais prettier than mine. Pavitra says you can take it. Manjiri looks at them and says Pavitra is totally kali. Manjiri comes in and says should I help you two? Naina says no need to. I don’t need anyone’s help. Pavitra says manji ma help me. Manjiri helps her with he dupatta. Manjiri says the pooja is starting in a few minutes. Come fast. Who comes downstairs first will get a gift. Naina says to pavitra can you get me comb from washroom? Pavitra goes to washroom, naina locks her her. Naina says sister my foot.
Pavitra keeps knocking the door. She says mama.. manji ma.. Naina comes downstairs and says pavitra isn’t ready. Give me my present. Manjiri gives her the present.
The pandit asks everyone to close eyes. They all do. He pours something on the floor.
Kali is on her way. Her car has broken. She says the pooja is about to start. She leaves by auto.
Pavitra is in washroom. She says someone open the door.
Manjiri comes in kitchen and says where is the gift? Naina says whose cake is this? Manjiri says we will all eat it after the pooja.
Naina takes the gift and says naina always wins. Manjiri says okay sit pooja is about to start. Pandit gives everyone parsad. They all eat it. Everyone closes eyes for pooja. Naina gets up from there and goes upstairs. Gauri faints. After a while everyone faints. Naina faints too.
Pavitra comes out from the window.
Pandit says on call Jakturi your work is done. Send men to take manjiri from here. Pavitra says hears it all.

Precap-Pavitra calls Kali. Kali says don’t worry I am coming with police. Pavitra says don’t hang up mama I am scared. Kali says I am coming. THe thugs reach the house. They call pandit. He says a little girl locked me in the room. Pavitra tries to wake everyone up. The thugs are trying to break the gate.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Naina is 100% prove that she is gauri s daughter…CVS plz don’t Create bad thought on younger generation…don’t play Ur evil plans wit children…it looks sooo weird..plz it’s a request to the writer’s…

  2. Gauri was too good in her childhood she was always a best friend and best sister for Kali when she was kid, after growing up she changed.
    Here they are showing Naina as a spoil brat how can they show kid in such a way.. Getting mad with this serial.. Go to hell this serial I hate

  3. Angelk1

    Naina is definetly gauri daughter. But gauri wasnt that selfish as a child. Poor pavitra shes so adorable

  4. Naina is probably talking to Deva… he may be turning her into the next tantric

  5. I thought so too, she may replace devri

  6. Actually ,jab se Kali aur nandhu ki shaadhi hua that tab se me is serial KO dekh na bandh kardhiya that lekin ab yeye cv’s tho apni haddhi par kardhiya,ek tho in logone hamaari kaayu KO alaghbkardhiya,an young generation me bi problems aarahi hai,an thak naina par kahaani gayatha,aur ab pavithra par vahiiiiii soooooo called mamatha will be in Kali,just stop this show yaar and go to hall

  7. indera sanichara

    Oh my God why are they showing the world this kind of message with our young children, I am shocked writers couldn’t you show two loving sisters and end this suffering please.

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