Jamai Raja 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sid telling Roshni if she does not want to talk to him, it is okay with him, but he will not go from there until she opens window and accepts her. DD comes out and asks him to stop his drama. He says Roshni is his wife and he will not go without her. She asks him to stay there then and walks into her house. Naani says Roshni cannot stay without Sid and asks DD not to separate them.

Roshni hears rain thunders and water falling and opens window to check if Sid is still there, she sees him standing in front of her window shivering. He says he will not go anywhere and as promised, he will stand even if cyclone or volcano comes. He says he wants to make her realize howmuch he loves her and she loves him. Roshni closes window and starts crying. People talk that this man is mad to stand in heavy rain. Sid shivering says he will not go from there without taking her.

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Roshni tells DD that she knows Sid, he will not go from there without her. DD asks her to forget Sid, she will take care and give her the love which she could not give in childhood. Roshni says she cannot forget Sid’s and his family’s betrayal and says she wants to go out from here. DD says she will make arrangements and says they should not let Naani or Pratima know about her whereabouts, else Sid will manipulate with his emotional blackmail and will know her whereabouts. Roshni says she will never forgive Sid, DD says she should not.

Sid is still standing outside Roshni’s house in a storm. Roshni looks at sleeping naani and touches her feet to take her blessings. She then packs her bags and prays god to take care of her family and silently walks out with her bags with DD. Roshni gets emotional seeing Sid, but hides. Sid washes his face to keep himself awake, sees window opened, and peeps in. Roshni covers her face with veil and walks out silently with DD. Sid still is busy peeping in.

In the morning, Naani wakes up and calls but does not get reply. She starts searching DD and Roshni. Other family members wake up hearing her voice. DD comes back and Naani asks where is Roshni. DD says Roshni is where she has to be. Naani asks where, even Bablu asks same. DD says Roshni left this city and Sid forever. Sid comes and asks DD where is Roshni and says he is her husband and has right to know where she is. Naani scolds DD for sending her out and says she did not do right. DD says it was Roshni’s decision to go away from here and she just helped her. Sid starts crying and says DD that she snatched his Roshni from him. She says she is Roshni’s mother and would do whatever is best for her. He says he has to stop her and rushes to aiport.

Precap: Sid searches Roshni in airport and finds her in a que.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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