Bandhan 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ria says i feel like i have been here before. Ganesh wakes up as well. Kajal and ria get out of the boat. Ria feels weird, ganesh comes running in her direction. Kajal says i feel scared here. Ria says i am not scared i feel unsual. The men ask the elephant to stop. They say where are you going? Ria sees the red cloth with flower on it, she stops and is taken aback. She takes it and a flashback runs before her eyes. kajal says what are you doing? place it there, ria sees ganeh’s footsteps. She touches it and recalls something. A voice come in her mind ‘golo’ ‘motu’. She faints, kajal says what happened ria? Ria says i saw that dream again my head hurts. kajal says lets go back home. Ria says no not now. she sees a street. kajal says whats happening to you. Ganesh is coming in their direction but ria and kajal run other side.

kajal says take your photos we will leave this place after then, they sit in the car. Ganesh looks near the boat and screams. He recalls his time with ganesh. Baba comes to ganesh and say what happened? why you came here running? Ganesh goes back in disappointment. Baba says he is hurt. Some men come and say he broke the boat path, you people are so mad that you keep giving him food. you say that he is waiting for someone. He is like he is waiting for some karan arjun. no one is going to come. Give me his cloth and leave. He takes the cloth off ganesh’s foot. He says you love this cloth right? I am taking it and going. They leave with the cloth.

Kajal says ria i feel so scared what if some animal come here. ria says be scared of humans they are most dangerous. this forest is beautiful. someone with black gloves is following them. Ria takes her photos. They listen some voice. kajal says whats wrong? Ria did you hear anything? kajal says no, ria says i felt like someone was here. kajal says stop scaring me take your photos and leave this place. The men are in forest on their bikes with ganesh’s cloth. Ganesh runs after them but can’t catch them. He gets exhausted. Ria says i feel like someone was there in bushes. Stay here i will look there. Ria goes in the bushes. she can’t find anything. They see a goat who has been hit by a car. Ria says i will stop a car and take him to hospital. ria tries to stop cars but no one stops. kajal says lets go home. Ria says he is hurt we have to get him treated. Ria asks another car to stop. She says excuse me we need your help. Its some young guy.

Precap-Ria is taking photos in jungle, she hears ganesh’s voice and stops. she sees ganesh and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. this soap is also going in the wrong direction every time darpan and ganesh is soooooo close and yet so far a whole bag a crap and shit as usual like I said these writers do not know what the hell to write again shit shit shit and more shit

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