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The Episode starts with Chakor asking yes to Ranjana. Lakhan asks her not to say anything and takes her to haveli. Chakor tells Bhaaiya ji about what Ranjana told. He asks what, you mean I should stay there for one night. Chakor says its matter of one night, else you will lose in elections. Bhaiya ji says shut up, I can’t even stay there for one hour. Girja takes her away. Manohar says he will do anything to make him win, Saam Daam Dant Bhed. Ishwar says its not always working for you Manohar, especially when IShwar is standing infront of you. Chakor smiles seeing him.

Bhaiya ji asks you here, election officer? He talks with respect and asks did anything go wrong in my nomination paper, you would have told me, I would have come, why did you come, and welcomes him folding hands. Ishwar smiles and says election officer did not come here to meet you, Ishwar Rawat came here on someone’s invitation. Bhaiya ji asks who invited you. Ranjana says I have invited him here. She smiles and greets Ishwar. Chakor asks Ishwar how is Aditya. Ishwar says I did not come here to talk about Aditya. She acts sad by his anger.

Ranjana serves him dinner and taunts Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji asks Ishwar about the elections in strict police lookup. Ishwar says did your men not tell you that police is coming from outside Sitapur, after I had bad experience in Sitapur lockup, they are sold to someone. Bhaiya ji asks are you pointing to me. Ishwar taunts him. Bhaiya ji gets angry and Tejaswini calms him. Ranjana taunts Tejaswini. Manohar gets angry and says Ranjana…. Bhaiya ji says I m done and leaves from the dining table. Tejaswini says mine over too and goes.

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Manohar leaves after her. Ranjana talks to Ishwar and says I called you to talk about elections. Ishwar says I won’t about elections, you called me as old Lucknow friend, so I came here. He says about elections, I will have eye on you also along with Kamal Narayan, my work is to have justified elections and I promise I will get this done. Ranjana says I hope you stick to your words, I think will win this time. Ishwar sees Bhaiya ji seeing them, and says don’t worry, I will try to have clean elections, and no one can scare and fool people by any plans.

Chakor runs to Ishwar. He sees her barefoot. Ranjana says she does not leave us always. Ishwar goes to Chakor and asks what is she doing, why is she barefoot, she can get cold. Chakor says I want to ask something. He says I know you want to know why I m trusting Ranjana, if I m not trusting Kamal Narayan. Chakor says no, I m asking are you my old Mausa ji. Ishwar is stunned by her innocent question. Chakor smiles.

Ishwar says yes, I m your old Mausa ji, I did not change Chakor, but you have changed you are supporting wrong people. Chakor is shocked. Ishwar leaves. Chakor thinks she did not change, she is making wrong people do right work. Ranjana smiles and signs victory to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji gets angry. Chakor comes to Bhaiya ji and asks him to agree to fail Ranjana and get votes, its matter of just one night. He asks is she mad, what is she saying, and shouts he did not lose in life and will never lose. He sees Chakor disappearing.

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Tejaswini comes and asks on whom is she shouting, there is no one here. He says I won many elections and this election is scaring me, what is this happening and why. She asks him not to worry, as he will win even this time. He says yes, but its not easy. He says we have to use all our power in this, as the enemy is inside our house, its for our respect. Bhaiya ji and Ranjana do their election campaigns, and Ishwar does his work. Chakor supports Bhaiya ji. She tells everyone to vote for Bhaiya ji and make him win. She says Bhaiya ji has promised this. Bhaiya ji says yes I will fulfill my promise to send all kids to school, give me vote and get good future.

The kids show what Ranjana gave them, books, uniforms, stationery. Bhaiya ji says Ranjana is saying nonsense, how will she send kids to school as I m the owner, Ranjana is playing game with your trust, I promised you all. Ranjana comes and asks whats the guarantee that you will fulfill your promise. She tells the condition she kept for him to spend one night in the village. She says if he agrees, he could have won, but now it looks tough. Bhaiya ji leaves. Imli says Ranjana will win. Chakor sees her and thinks if Ranjana wins, they won’t go to school, she can’t let this happen.

Bhaiya ji hides and goes to the village in disguise. Everyone meet him in village. Ranjana asks Ishwar to come with him to village, as its wrong to campaign one day befere, I think you should file case on him.

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