Jodha Akbar 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tansen is making Jalal learn the music, he tells him about categories of music, Jalal says if you teach me this way then i will take years to learn, let me sing without going in deep, he starts singing badly, Jodha comes there and smiles, Jalal stops seeing her, Jodha says why did you stop, Jalal says i am learning it very fast, right tansen? Tansen agrees sadly, Jodha says you will learn things which tansen learned in years, the way you mixing categories of music in one another is commendable, you know you are great student, teachers have to suffer whole life to get students like you, right tansen? tansen sulks, Jalal thanks Jodha for praising then understanding that she is digging at him, Tansen leaves, Jodha says to Jalal that are you angry? i am sorry, Jalal says dont ask forgiveness, laugh at me, you know i cant sing but you are forced me to do this and when i am trying then you are making fun of me, Jodha says you were singing great, the more great thing is that you are trying, i know you will sing nicely in jashn, Jalal ask then why you were making fun of me? Jodha says you also tease me at time, you look cute when you are angry and more cute when you slightly smile, Jalal starts smiling, he says to Jodha that you have asked a very difficult gift from me but as you asked so i will give it, he hugs her, she smiles.
in red light area, Salim and haidar comes to enjoy the dance of girls, manager welcomes them, Haidar and Salim sit, haidar ask manager to present something different, she says most beautiful girls will come now, girls comes and starts dancing and singing, Salim drinks and recalls Nadira dancing seeing ghungroos, Rabba is pyar mein plays, Salim gets angry as he recalls his memories with Anarkali, he gulps drinks, he holds hand of one girl, manager says whom you will select will be yours, Salim gets up and without seeing girl and says that i like this girl only, haidar will select from other girls, he takes the girl from there to go in private, Haidar is tensed, manager ask girls to come infront haidar so that he can select, Haidar feels tensed and says i dont need them, go from here, one girl ask arent we beautiful or are we less for you, other girl says that he is shy, Haidar says nothing like that, he takes one girl with him and goes to private.

Scene 2
Birbal says to Jodha that Tansen will forget singing while trying to make Jalal learn singing, Jodha laughs, Birbal says wife’s wish is husband’s command, your wish has mde both Tansen and Jalal tensed, Jalal comes there and ask whats going on here? tell jodha that how much hard working i am doing? Birbal says that wives also do hard work, husband only wish love and trust from wife, he says i dont want to disturb you both and leaves. Jodha says to Jalal that he was right, husbands only need love and respect, Jalal says he was wrong, if that was case then i would hope love from all my wives but i hope to get love from you only, Jodha blushes, Jalal holds Jodha’s hand, they talk and enjoys each other’s company, in ankhoon mein female version plays.
Haidar brings girl to room, he starts feeling jittery, girl holds haidar’s hand and makes him sit on bed, she gets romantic with him and says i am your servant not snake to bite, i am with you for this night, i always wanted to be in your arms, i like you alot, do you like me? Haidar is sweating and says i like you, she hugs him and says let me serve you then, Haidar moves away and says i am fine, and leaves the place.
Haidar comes in jungle and is shivering, he shouts and is all sweating, he takes hunter in his hand, takes off his clothes, his body is bruised, haidar starts himself with hunter and recalls how girl was close him, he starts bleeding.

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Scene 3
Jodha is giving duties to Zakira, Daniyal comes there and says that i think Salim is angry with me, i just asked him that we should call the girl from Amer whom he likes and he got angry, Jodha thinks i know why he is angry, he wants mann bai to come here but cant say infront of all, Jodha says when Salim will comeback, i will take his class that how he got angry with you, and dont worry, that girl is coming and all family members, mann bai, bhagwan das are coming, Daniyla thinks that its good that Anarkali is coming and i am happy that mann bai is coming, Jodha leaves. Daniyal thinsk that i am happy you are coming mann bai, i didnt meet you in Amer but will spend time with you here, dont know how Salim wll react knowing that Anarkali is coming here.
girl gets closer to Salim, she hugs him, Salim hugs her back, he kisses her cheeks, she says i always wanted to see heir and see you are here today with me, i love you prince, Salim throws her away and says love? i have no place for love in my life, i am not here to love, love doesnt exist in this world, girl says ok if not love then you have pain, and i will change your pain to peace, Salim turns to look at her and is shocked as he imagines Anarkali there, Rabba plays, Salim says why dont you go from here? you bruised my heart everytime, in childhood, now in young age, i shouted on you, i got angry on you but i am more angry on myself that i gave place to you in my heart, i am running away from my heart, why did you come in my life which you destroyed first, why i am not forgetting you, why you come to me everytime, Salim comes out of imagination, girl ask we met now only, what you are talking? you have so much pain in life, dont worry i will take out pain from your heart and will fill it with love, she tries to get intimate with him but Salim pushes her away and says i dont need you, he leaves the place.
Salim and Haidar are going back, Haidar says to Salim that i felt sp much peace today, and that girl was woo, he ask Salim what about you? Salim says i want to go from here, i dont like this place, Haidar ask what happened? tell me with open heart, Salim says i hate Anarkali, she cant go away from my mind, wherever i go, her memories come there, she didnt leave me even today, why cant i forget her, Haidar says you are not able to forget as you revenge is not over yet.

PRECAP- one lady comes in palace, she says that i want to present dance in jashn, Ruks says how dare you think to enter in royal function, Jodha says why not? cant dancer hope and cant she ask for fulfillment of her wishes?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. अरूण

    But why Rukaiya gave opium, wine to Salim in childhood and now also helping him to go to brothel. She is spoiling her life.

    1. She did that to get back at jodha for stealing jalal. She wants jodha to feel the pain that she felt by making salim listen to her instead of jodha.

  2. shanaya whn u dont noe anythng den it will b bettr u dont speak rubbish cuz ruk likd salim vry much bcuz she didnt had any issue n she luvd shahjahan twice den his own child n ruk will obiously luv salim bcuz akbr luvd her vry much n he was salims fathr only

  3. welcome to every one.

  4. well i m bck aftr many days so hiiiii……to all my old frnds……!!

  5. oh! God salim decievd anarkali but still it is going to b a vry gud luv stry & jo tow kabhi bhi nahi sudheregi…….itni zyada dildaar hai ki……bolo mat n i noe dat dis new dancer will create a big prblm 4 royal family n jo is going to suffr more den any1 n all ilzam will b given to her by ruk but dat jo deserve………..!!!! Dumbo kahin ki

  6. The show is still very interesting. All characters are doing well.

  7. i think dis show shud go off air..dey should stop mocking the history nd show the truth

  8. well the show is turning to salim anarkali fro jodhaakbar..
    also dey r showing so mny wrong things.salim never evr hated jodha..nd also he was never in d grasp of ruqaiya begum.infct ruqaiya dislikd him nd didnt bother about him…

    1. How do you know that though?

  9. The serial must go on historical line wether the characters are good or bad.

  10. Nice Episode..

  11. I am fed up with salim and his whining when will he stop rehashing the past when he and nadira were children I think he needs to see a psychiatrist because something is definitely wrong with him he has tooooooooooo much repressed feelings both for his parents jodha and jalal and also for himself and nadira salim has to get help and medication before this thing escalates with a so called brother like haider anything can happen because he is just as evil as his father and I am afraid for anakali seeing that salim said to haider he do not want to see her face again

    1. I am just getting fed up with HAIDER and Rukaiya. Very soon I will stop seen this series. It seems that these two can get away with murder and nothing is done about it. Anarkali is such a nice honest girl, right from childhood. She is going to suffer for her honesty now. I do not know what the directors are thinking. Get it right, please>

  12. It seems precap lady is Anarkali.

    1. I would love that, but I don’t think so. They would have said nadira if it was her, unless nadira is somehow related to this woman in the story.

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