Jamai Raja 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Roshni attending a job interview and getting a job. On the other side, Simran serves breakfast to Raj and Krutika/Rajveer. She asks Krutika and Rajveer where are they going to honeymoon. Rajveer refers Raj as daddyji and asks if he can serve him juice. Raj says his name is Mr. Khurana and he does not like him calling daddyji. Sid comes down getting ready. Simran says she has prepared kheer/sweets for him. Sid ignores her and says Raj that he is going to meet Roshni as he cannot live without her and asks his permission. Raj permits him. Simran tries to stop Sid, but Kritika holds Simran and asks her not to bother about Sid. Rajveer says let him go, Roshni is very arrogant and will not listen to Sid.

Sid prays in front of god idol that he cannot stay without Roshni and needs her back. He says the idol is Nanima’s. Krutika comes there and says Roshni was stealing it, so she brought it here. Sid asks how dare she is to call his wife as thief. He says because of crook Rajveer, his life is ruined. Krutika asks him not to badmouth about her husband. He asks how can she badmouth about his wife then. Krutika angirly walks out. Sid looks at idol and thinks it was god’s signal for him.

Broker shows DD a rented house. She says pointing out at defects. Broker says he showed her 10 houses, but she did not like even 1, she wants big house in a small budget. DD says she is giving him full brokerage and it is his duty to show him proper house.

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Reporters throng Roshni and starts questing her. Sid comes there and rescueds her. He takes her to the corner and says all the misunderstanding is because of Rajveer. She asks him not to blame others for his mistake and says he betrayed her and her family and took their property. He tries to explain that Simran did it, but she does not listen to him. He says he came to give back god’s idol. She takes it and leaves. Reporters start badmouthing about Roshni. Sid starts fighting with them. One of them says everyone knows that his life has left him and he should not vent out his personal life incapabilities on others. Sid slaps him. Reporters warns him to wait and watch till the evening.

DD selects an apartment and tells building society members that she is ready to pay advance and rent. Members say they don’t want to get into trouble as they are renovating their building soon via Khurana Builders. DD tries to convince them, but they are adamant.

Sid comes home sadly. Simran asks why did he came back after getting insulted and asks when will he understand who are his dear ones. Sid says he thinks the same and asks why can’t she think Rajveer is a crook and betrayer. She asks how can he say that. Sid asks why did she misbehave with Roshni. Raj asks what did she do. Sid says Roshni came home yesterday to take back naani’s god idol, but Simran denied giving it and Kritika called her a thief. Rajveer asks how can he misbehave with his mother. Sid asks him to keep away from his family. Simran asks how dare he is to misbehave with his sister and brother-in-law in her house. Sid says he now knows what he means to her, so now he will go and stay with Roshni and DD. Simran says he cannot, but he leaves with his bags.

Precap: Sid gets injured with a glass strand. Roshni gets worried for him. Sid says she proved that she still loves him a lot.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Omg…I’m feeling vry bad fr sid…he is caught between every1

  2. I have stopped watching this show since Simran turned from the protagonist to the antagonist ….this change felt more like sloppy writing than a logical progression of character. I only watched yesterday for the first time since I saw that Raj was going to put Simran in her face. I hoped that with this, she will start to open her eyes making the show more “watchable” for me. It is difficult for me watching the show and getting annoyed wanting to slap a character because they were ILLOGICAL. I know there must be antagonist characters and I expect them to be part of the show, eg DD, Jeweler idiot, the man who wanted to marry Roshni. But this illogical turn pisses me off….again I say POOR WRITING!!!!!

    1. I meant Raj was putting Simran in her place.

  3. writers please open simrans eyes and let her see that her daughter and rajveers is taking her for all the past hurts she did to her kritika and in the process they are hurting raj and sid . simran is so blinded by duty not love for kritika that she is not seeing what is logical before her rakveer is a crook and murderer common sid expose him before it is toooooooooo late thank your lucky stars sid that your father raj is on your side and that is most important to hell with simran

  4. The love of money is the root of all evil.Jealousy is a green eyed monster.All this is who and what Simran,Rajveer
    and Kritika are.I predict ,by reading through the lines that Raj will divorce Simran or distant himself from her.Sid
    will be back with his wife whom he loves dearly but it will take some good soul searching from Roshni.Rajveer
    will make Simran and her daughter’s life so miserable that she will regret ever meeting him.Writers bring back
    the love and affection that was in the scenes.Too much hate and undercuts.No good.

  5. The writers seem to have handed over to the guys who manage trp by showing illogical stupid twists good simran gone bad u guys are simply killing the show .u will soon get 0 trp and will lose all viewers and noone will ever hire u to write stories

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