Bandhan 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Darpan comes in garden, she finds horses and pigeons there, she says i know you are angry with me, i am sorry, i know you dont eat till i dont come, she makes them feed, she sweetly talks with pigons, she finds a rabbit there and takes him in her hands, she ask what happened to my little angel, her face is shown, one lady comes there, she calls her as Ria, ria calls her maa, she says you have made this house zoo and they eat with your hand too, Ria says like i eat with your hands they eat with my hands, i am their mother, maa says then i am their grandmother, they laugh, Ria says found this rabbit on road, we will give him a name, maa says we should call him Gullo, ria is stunned and says i feel like this name is of someone else, she starts to get some flashbacks of childhood and gets headache, maa ask her to calm down, she takes her inside. Ria says i got same flashback, its serious, i get same flashbacks liek this, i dont remember anything from childhood, i only remember that i am running in jungle, maa ask her to forget all this, Ria says i feel like i have some relation with all this, a man comes there and says there is not relation with all these, he smiles at her and says dont force your mind, she says papa.. he says i have brought a gift for you, its Dslr camera, Ria gets happy seeing it and thanks her father, she says i love you, he says click good pics, Ria leaves. maa comes to papa and looks at him in tension.
maa and papa are drinking tea, maa says ria was asking about her childhood, is she gettinf flashbacks of that night? papa recalls how Darpan was brought in hospital by them, doctor told them that because of getting hurt on head, her memory is gone, she should not get any stress, how doctor asked her name and the couple didnt know about it, they say her name is Ria, maa ask doctor will Ria get her memory back? doctor says we cant say anything, she can get back or not. flashback ends, papa says 10 years passed, we gave her upbringing, love but i am still afraid that what if Ria goes away from us, maa says Ria cant go away from us, what if i didnt give her birth, i have given her so much love, Ria is just ours, we can let her go, if there was her family then they would have searched for her but they didnt, she is ours now, papa says yes but she should not get the truth now, if she gets her memory back then it can be problem, i think she was attacked by someone, maybe if she get her memory back then her enemies will wake up too, maybe someone is waiting for her.
in same hospital, a person shows picture of Darpan to doctor, doctor recalls how he treated her and now how couple said that she is their daughter Ria.

Scene 2
Ganesh is sitting by river side, he is missing Darpan, how she used to care of him, how she used to go school with him, how he lost her by that same river side. Ganesh is standing, one person gives him banana but he doesnt eat it, other person says that this elephant is not ordinary elephant, he dosnt take aid from anyone, he is self made, man starts to leave in his tempo but tempo stops, man tries to push tempo but cant, so Ganesh helps him and tempo starts, man thanks Genesh and buys somethings for him to eat, he says this is not aid but you have earned it so now eat, Genesh eats, other persons says to pries that this elephant has made this mandir famous, people come here to see him, priest says i am not his owner, this elephant is waiting for someone from 10 years, he thinks that his partner will come here one day, ship siren plays, Genesh starts going that side to find Darpan, priest says dont know where is his partner, if he remembers him or not, Genesh wait by river side for Darpan, he looks in every ship for her.
Ria is clicking pictures of animals, her friends comes there and ask dont you get smell from from them, Ria says are you mad, i get love essence from them, Ria shows her camera to her, friend says now give me party, Ria says i will give you party, i am participating in photography competition, i hope i get selected, the great wild life photographer Sameer sen is judging the event, i am so excited, i will get to meet him too, Ria says i love his work only and my first love is animals, friend (kajal) ask for camera so she can click pictures, she doesnt get how to use it, kajal’s mother comes there and ask them to come for breakfast, someone is spying on Ria.
Ganesh comes to priest, priest says since 10 years, i am predicting your future and everytime we get that you have to wait more, everything is changed in 10 years but not you hope, Ganesh selects one card, priest predicts future of Ganesh that now your wait is going to finish, your lost friend is going to meet you. Ganesh gets happy.

PRECAP- a letter comes for ria, her mother checks it , Ria is selected for competition. papa says you will not tell her about it as this time competition subject is dalma’s jungle, mother is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Florabelle Lutchman

    Ho do they get an elephant to act like this? He is so smart. I love him. Please let Darpan and him meet soon.

  2. writers you know what I would like to know is what this soap bhandan is really all about because I cannot comprehend what really seems to be going on like I said before this soap started out as a nice family oriented soap father Mahesh wife daughter darpan and her brother elephant then it escalated to criminal activities murderer bhao and his brother dev set up Mahesh who was a good and honest ranger of the jungle he tried to prove his innocence but to no avail his wife was killed first then him I cannot farthom that at all and what was the reason for him Mahesh putting the film in darpans locket when you know fully well that bhao would get hold of it so again his innocence cannot be proven his now tries to help out to bring bhao to justice only for her helper naraini to get killed what is going on why bhao is getting away with everything and to know that naraini now got united with her son only for him to lose her writers you all are writing real shit sorry to say now darpan was blamed for narainis murder so she had to flee from there and in the process got separated from her brother ganesh whats so stupid now is that a couple found her in the boat and ten years have passed so that was ten years away from ganesh who promised to take care of darpan now she has lost her memory what next you know what I would think that the mere idea Mahesh hid the film in the locket is that one it would be found by darpan when she opens the locket but no you writers had to do shit and let bhao find so his innocence can never be solved what crap writers we the viewers have the last say please bring this soap to a happy ending that clearing Mahesh name and remember no one really knew what happened to him when he fell so you can bring him back and say he had lost his memory and for me naraini should not have died poetic justice would have been for bhao to see Mahesh naraini his son raghav darpan and ganesh unite and let that hurt him for killing Mahesh wife and setting up Mahesh plus all the suffering Mahesh endured writers you all sure need help with your scripts because you all are doing real shit with it that locket bhao should never have found the film in it that should have remained in safe keeping for when Mahesh returned and unite with his family and bring bhao down writers read this and take hint of all was said here and rewrite your scripts

  3. I am so happy that that young girl is out of the picture.Seeing this young girl with a gun in her hand and seeing
    all this blood disgust me.I know it is a picture but these things when acted by children ,sooner or later affects
    them in adult life because of the psychological effects it leaves on their minds.If you do a study on most of the
    young actors and actresses in Hollywood ,they wind up having problems during their adult life.As a mother myself,I will not make my young daughter act in some of those episodes.I had stopped looking at the show and was only reading the written episodes because some of the scenes were too harsh for me to digest.So thank you writers to remove this young girl from this show.

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