Jodha Akbar 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Salim comes to Jodha and greets her, she as him to sit, he sit and says that your husband came to me and requested me to do the preparations of marriage anniversary, you know that i am not afraid of him but he so cutely asked me so i couldnt say no for it, Jodha smiles and recalls how in childhood Sali would say that he is not afraid of Jalal, Jalal comes there too and listens all this, Jodha ask did Jalal come to you with request, he says yes, Jodha says when Jalal talked to you then promise me that you wont fight with him now, Salim says i didnt go to him but he came to me with request, i am not afraid of him, Jalal says ahem, so you are not afraid of him, Salim fumbles, Jalal hugs him, Salim is stunned, Jalal says i am very happy that our son will handle our marriage anniversary, i and Jodha decided to not do celebrations as you were sad but you made me proud by taking responsibility of jashn, this made me very happy, he hugs Salim again, Salim hesitatingly hugs him back, Jodha notices this and smiles broadly, Haidar sees this family reunion and says this cant happen.
Jodha is eating food with murad and Daniyal, murad says i cant eat now, i am not Daniyal that will eat everything, Jodha says this is not good, Murad says i cant eat after all stopped eating, i am sure i will find Daniyal in breakfast here eating dinner till then, he leaves, Daniyal ask Jodha why you make me eat so much? Jodha says i couldnt spend much time with you in childhood and you spent time in amer mostly, DAniyal says i like this rajvanshifood, in childhood Mann bai would get stunned seeing me eat so much, Jodha says yes you must have spend time with her, how she is? he says she is very nice, very soft hearted, very emotional, once in childhood, mann bai had cat, she would eat with her, would sleep with her but then cat went somewhere so mann didnt eat anything for dayrs, Jodha says you know very much about Mann, Daniyal says yes, i would not like mann’s sad face, he leaves too, jodha stops him and says i want to tell you something, she says you wont see sad face of mann noe, i will be giving her such thing that she wont get sad in whole life, Daniyal says that is awesome.

Scene 2
Haidar is fuming, javeda comes there and haidar addresses her as mother, she says i have prepared suites for you, she says a marriage proposal have come, you should see the girl, Haidar says i am not interested in marriage, Javeda says why you get angry, Haidar says i have other works too to do, his uncle comes there and ask Javeda to not scold him, she says he doesnt agree for marriage, make him understand, she leaves, Haidar says i wont let Jalal and Salim come together, i will see to it that Salim doenst recieve fatherly love, i wont let become one, uncle ask how will you do it? Haidar says i have narkali. i will use her.
Zil is in market, some people are talking about Qutub’s marriage, they say Jalal prepared huge function for Qutub’s marriage, zil is shocked to listen that Qutub got married.
Zil comes to Anarkali and ask why you didnt tell me that Qutub got married, Anarkali says what to tell you? i am unfortunate to love a person who never loved me, i got betrayed in love, she hugs her and thinks that how to tell you i got betrayed by Salim not Qutub.

Scene 3
Jalal is with Jodha, he says you seem happy, she says my son is preparing for our function so i am happy, Jalal says i am happy too, Jodha is playing with pool water, Jalal ask her to not play as she will catch cold, Jodha says that Salim gave us good gift but what about you? you never gave me good gift, Jalal says whole india is for you, ask for anything, Jodha says you wont be able to give it, Jalal says dont underestimate me, you will get anything you want, Jodha says i will ask for something that you wont be bale to say yes for it, Jalal says just ask for it, Jodha says i want you to sing in marriage anniversary function for me infront of all, Jalal is stunned and says me? actually.. Jodha says forget it, i want it only, Jalal says ifi dont accept this then i wont fulfill my promise but how will i sing infront of all? Jodha laughs seeing his confused state, she lies her head onf his shoulder.

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haidar comes to his people, they tell him about Anarkali and says she is daughter of Rashid who was considered as betrayer of jalal, Rashid is very ill now and they dont have any place to live, Haidar says wow, this family is destroying.
Anarkali comes market, Haidar’s goons follows her, Anarkali is going to sell jewelry for Rashid’s treatment, shopkeeper says i will you just two coins for it, you people are betrayers maybe this is stolen jewelry, i will give most 4 coins, Anarkali says ok buy it, in between all this, Haidar’s man comes there and steals jewelry, he starts leaving, Anrkali follows them and ask them to stop, she ask for jewelry that they stole, man says i am common person, you are alleging me, another man comes to shopkeeper and ask him to speak againt Anarkali, shopkeeper says to people that this girl is robber, she stole necklace from my shop, people gather around, Anarkali ask what yu are saying? you are lying, mughal constable comes there, Anarkali says a man stole my jewelry, shopkeeper says its this girl who stole from my shop, constable ask to search the man, soldier search the men but doesnt find anything from him, constable says now you will be searched, and your house too, Anarkali says i am from good family, Man ask then let us search your house. Anarkali says ok.
soldiers are searching place. constable ask to search everything, soldeirs messes their things to find jewelry. one soldeier finds stolen jewelry from their things, they are shocked.

PRECAP- Anarkali is standing behind Salim, she says today i will stun Qutub. Salim turns and you are late but atleast you came Anarkali, he smiles, Anarkali is stunned.

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  1. OMG….Our beloved Shahensah Jalal will sing ???? Wow…eager to watch that scene than…
    Also tomorrow in real life he will getting marry….ALL the BEST for you, Rajat Tokas ^.^ AMIEN
    Its hurt but I am happy for you……………………………..

  2. Haider wants Salim and Anarkali should come close so that gap between shahanshah and Salim might increase.

  3. Thank you Rosey for that i was going to comment yesterday but didn’t bother…i say this once and i’m going to say it again Haider you even look older than your mom lol these writers are something else. really taking us viewer for a ride we aren’t dumb plz be realistic and it’s full time Salim start loving his parents… this is dragging for too long now and let Ruks be exposed their are other villains in the show to carry it on,there alot of storyline and script left to be written or you want it to last long as pavitra rishta

  4. There is a eunuch in this story line and in speaking he said he cannot love because he is neither man nor woman,
    therefore he is not capable of loving when he was scolding ruks.Let me explain ,that is not true.A eunuch is a man and can love.There are eunuchs who were born that way,there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others and there are eunuchs who choose to live that way.In this soap Hoshiyar is a forced eunuch.He was castrated for whatever reason.It was common practice in ancient times for rulers of Kingdoms to castrate some of their servants and advisers inorder to subdue and pacify them when they are in
    a royal harem.Even though eunuchs are men that have their s*xual organ removed they are capable of loving
    someone becomes love comes from the heart and not the s*xual organs.Hoshiyar is forced to not love and live a woman in this story line because he is forced to do this.Love has nothing to do with this procedure.A eunuch can love someone.

  5. In History it is not clear, in serial he is not.

  6. daniyal is jodha’s son?

  7. Aawweessoommee

  8. Why Salim changed for Anarkali?

  9. Nice episode.

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