Jamai Raja 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sid getting busy with presentation to DD’s client. He gets anxious looking at watch as he has to reach garba competition venue soon. DD asks him to continue with presentation. Roshni sadly waits for him at the garba venue and calls him on his phone, but DD asks Bablu to switch off his mobile as she is getting disturbed. Roshni calls him again, but his phone is switched off. Host announces Sid and Roshni’s name for the competition. Raj also calls Sid, but his phone is switched off. Naani says Durga/DD must have stopped him. Host says it is last call from Sid and Roshni. Roshni reminisces her childhood incident where DD did not attend competition. Naani thinks once again DD chose business over Roshni. Roshni drops dandiya and walks out of venue.

Sid comes home late and sees Roshni angry. He tries to speak to her, but she asks him to leave her alone. He says he wanted to come, but. She asks what did not he come then and says she once again failed in life and realized that he does not love her like her mom. He repeatedly asks her to listen to him, but she continues her emotional atyachar and asks him to leave her alone, starts crying vigorously. He sadly walks out of room. DD says him that he cannot carry on the relationship and says he has to go away from Roshni’s life.

Sid sadly sits beside swimming pool and remembers promising Roshni to get her happiness of whole world. He then remembers Bablu’s request to unite mother and daughter and then his marriage with Roshni. He then remembers Roshni selling her jewelry to bail him out of lockup and then fighting with DD for him, DD perparing her food and she eating Sid’s prepared food, Naani telling him about Roshni’s childhood incident. Naani sees him sitting sadly and asks if Roshni fought with him. He says he is confused. Naani says she will not tell that he did not fulfill his responsibilities, but whatever happened is very bad for Roshni. She says Roshni’s hatred is very old and she is seeing its effect on their relationship also. He says he does not know what to do, whenever he tries to correct one thing, another thing gets wrong. Naani says Roshni’s hatred is since her childhood and he should wisely handle her. She says she has gone old and wants to see the family united before she dies. Sid jokes if she referring DD as old. They both smile. Naani asks him to convince Roshni again as he cannot live with him. He says he knows but it is his mistake. He says he made her cry a lot and will make her happy now. He says he will turn the happiness key this navratri.

Precap: DD says Sid that clients want to play garba and asks Kesar to arrange best DJ in town. Sid gets happy hearing that thinking he and Roshni can dance now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I really hope Roshni and Sid do make up

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