Ek Hasina Thi 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Durga trying to ignite fire in Sakshi’s heart by inviting Sakshi. Sakshi gets upset seeing Raima and taunts her. Raima manages well. Durga asks did she did any mistake by inviting Raima. Sakshi says no, she is my best friend. Raima praises Durga saying Suchitra is lucky. Kangana sees Raima and talks to her, Sakshi gets angry seeing Raima bond with Kangana. Durga fills Sakshi’s ears against Raima saying she is maintaining well after being divorced. Raima tells Rajnath that she kept Karwachauth fast for him and he has to break her fast. Sakshi sees them. Durga smiles and thinks be ready Sakshi, your every moment will be tough.

Dayal cocmes and hugs Durga. Durga says she invited Raima, and there will be big drama today. Rajnath welcomes Dayal and says congrats, its Durga’s first fast. Shaurya talks to Dayal and says I hope you don’t have any negativity for me. Dayal says no, we are back on track. He asks about Dev. Suchitra says he will come from office now. Dev comes to meet Agnihotri. The watchman says he did not come back from yesterday night, maybe he went out of city. Dev asks any relative’s number. He says no, I don’t have. Dev says something is fishy, Agnihotri is greedy, did he become underground for any other deal.

Rajnath talks to Raima and says I m happy seeing you here, thanks for coming. She says when our trip cancelled, I was angry on Sakshi, but then Durga invited me with love so I came here with a motive to teach a lesson to Sakshi. Rajnath says we will teach her lesson later, don’t make any mistake in anger, I have jackpot in my hand by which Sakshi will go away from our life. He says I will take you to heaven trip. She smiles and says I m looking forward to it. Dayal compliments Raima. She thanks him.

Rajnath says I think we should take cancer research project ahead. Raima says yes, Dev and Durga are together to handle now. Dayal says he wants to propose a matter infront of Sakshi. They go to talk to Sakshi. Rajnath says Sakshi that Dayal has a proposal. Dayal says yes, I need your permission as you are project head. He says I want to suggest about Raima, she is part of your family, why don’t she become part of our project. Rajnath says what do you mean? Dayal says Raima can be good PR head. Raima smiles. Dayal says I discussed with Durga and I think Raima should handle our PR, what do you say Raima? Raima says thanks a lot. Durga says you will be very good Raima.

Rajnath thinks great, we can work together and spend time, what a fantastic idea. He says he did not think this. Sakshi says we can’t take such decisions soon, and Raima has a grooming school. Raima thinks Sakshi is jealous, she is waiting for the day when they kick her out of their lives. Raima says I can do multitasking. Sakshi laughs and says really, you take me very serious, I m joking, don’t give me explanations. Shaurya thinks mum is not understanding, dad will be having fun as Raima will be with him 24 hours and I m still on this wheel chair, I want to get up.

Durga tells Dayal that it was master stroke. Dev meets Payal and thinks he failed today, but he will get justice for Nitya and Payal. Suchitra calls Dev and asks him to come home to break Durga’s fast, you don’t have any right to behave with Durga in this manner and insult us. Durga says Dev did not come, you don’t call him else he will feel we are blackmailing him. Sakshi asks Durga where is Dev. Durga says he is on the way. Sakshi asks Suchitra to call Dev and find out where is he. Durga says Sakshi is taunting Suchitra. Raima says wahst the big deal Sakshi, Dev will come in some time.

Durga waits for Dev. Shaurya smiles and holds Durga’s hand asking did her husband cheat her, he won’t come as he don’t love you. Break your fast seeing my face. Durga says leave my hand and sees Dev coming. She smiles. Everyone look at Dev. Rajnath welcomes Dev. Raima says Dev will be punished as he kept Durga hungry till now. She taunts Sakshi. Dev says I m sorry, I had some work so I got late. Rajnath thinks what work son, I know you are hurt by evidence gone missing. Suchitra asks him to freshen up.

Raima messages Rajnath and he smiles. Sakshi looks on. Durga breaks her fast with Dev doing the rituals. Raima sees Rajnath through the net as he stands behind Dev. Dev makes Durga have water. Dayal gets tears in his eyes happily and asks Durga to touch Dev’s feet. Durga touches his feet. Dev keeps his hand on her head. Raima says Dev, you now make her have sweets. Dev does so. Suchitra says now you both sit together and have food. They leave. Raima drops her phone and touches Rajnath’s feet. Sakjshi looks on. Rajnath and Raima smile. Sakshi thinks Raima is playing kids game, gather happiness as last move will be mine.

Raima and Sakshi have an argument. Raima gets angry and tells about Payal and Dev tries to know more about Payal. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. shaurya was looking really cute today! and precap is awesome..

  2. amena thanks for update . In first line u wrote sakshi instead of raima

    1. May be it happened as amena was also curious about the fast.
      Btw good job amena. Hats off

  3. dear amena theres a small mistake in ur update in the first line its durga invited raima not sakshi kindly correct it and the show was uite good

  4. Awesome episode.. Lovely expressions, everyone, especially Raima and Rajnath!

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