Tumhari Pakhi 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
news is printed in paper that aryaman is freed, girish gives DNA report to pakhi, veer says let anuja come, we will show her DNA report then. Pakhi gets call, veer ask her to not say anything about DNA report to anuja, pakhi takes call and its anuja, she ask pakhi to make her talk to aryaman, pakhi ask het to come home, aryaman is sleeping, anuja says I am not fool, lavanya takes the phone and ask anuja to come, anuja says I wont talk to you, lavanya says I did all this to save my house, you know how much I love Girish, when was I not with you in fight of aryaman, he is my brother and I love him to, please come here, anuja says I am trusting your statement lavanya, I am coming home to see aryaman, all are relieved.
Anuja comes home and ask pakhi where is aryaman, pakhi ask where is ayan, lavanya says please wait mom, anuja starts going upstairs to see aryaman, she says my child must be waiting for me, lavanya says he is not your son, anuja looks at her, lavanya says see this DNA report, anuja says you all lied to me, lavanya you lied to me that aryaman is at home, lavanya says aryaman is no one to us, he fooled you that he is your son, look at this DNA report, anuja says its all a lie, you made a fake report, anuja says to pakhi that you tricked me, you fooled me, she says to lavanya that you came in girish’s talks and lied to me, lavanya says you have kidnapped ayan, anuja says I am his grandmother, pakhi ask her to punish her but please bring ayan back, she sits in anuja’s feet, anuja says you also crave for your child like I craved for anuja, anuja says I wont leave you all, lavanya says to pakhi that did you see it, you asked all of us to not inform police as it will tarnish her image but you said that no, see her animosity has gone to another level, I craved for motherly love for 25 years but now I think mom doesn’t love me, there was respectful image of mother in my eyes but anuja destroyed it, now there is no options, we should call police, anuja says you will call police, she puts gun at her forehead, she says I will kill myself, what will I do living without aryaman, now ayan will live life of orphan, Anuja puts gun on her forehead, pakhi says what are you doing, Aniuja says I will finish myself, you wont be able to ayan for life, its late now, she loads gun, veer comes forward and says anuja that don’t do this, veer tries to snatch gun from her, anuja fires at him, pakhi shouts.,, veer is shot on hand, even then he takes gun from anauja, all holds veer, lavanya calls doctor and ask him to come home fast, anuja sits in stairs, pakhi looks at her and takes her to veer, she says you wanted to do this, now you happy? you wanted bloodshed in our house, now be happy, what you want mother what? I know motherly love is blind but why are you deaf, why you don’t listen to us, what you want, aryaman? you want all of us to leave from this house, ok we all will leave, you live with a person who is no one to you, he is a thug, he is only a person who killed you Anshuman, he is that person for whom you put Riya on wrong path, he is that person for whom you kidnapped Ayan, he is that person for whom you left all of us, where is that anuja who used to walk with respect, you craved for your two children for 25 years but now you don’t listen to them, you don’t trust them, you crave for a son who is not even your son, what kind of this cravenness, that you are destroying all this, anshuman kept asking you that you are on wrong path, what has happened to you? we don’t matter to you at all, you are giving away ayan for that aryaman, she gives her DNA report and says see this, you are doing all this for a person whose DNA doesn’t even match to you, you are doing all this for you person who is a goon, who destroyed our family, anuja cries and her head is down. pakhi says what proof should I give to you, she ask anuja that tell me what proof you have that aryaman is your son, Girish brought him from somewhere and we thought he is your son, he kidnapped me and ayan, he killed anshuman, how can you trust him and not us, pakhi says ok mom, you want to finish all of us then kill us, she takes gun and gives it to anuja, she ask anuja to kill her, anuja nods in no and cries, she ask to finish all this, kill us all, pakhi cries and sits in stairs, anuja sits in her feet and says forgive me, please forgive me, she hugs pakhi and cries, they both cries, pakhi says you didn’t do good maa by going away from us, we all love you a lot, anuja ask forgiveness from her, anuja wipes pakhi’s tears and lovingly looks at her.

Scene 2
in night, Ayan comesback home and says mom, pakhi happily looks at him and hugs him, she ask him are you fine, he says yes, ayan says dadi took me to hotel like aryaman had taken me, anuja looks down being embarrassed, pakhi says no, veer calls ayan, he says we planned surprise but I got hurt so we cancelled plan, ayan ask what happened, he says nothing, see your grandmother was roaming here and there to take you to picnic but we had mistake, ayan hugs anuja.

PRECAP- veer says to pakhi that sometime is feel that I should remain ill so that all pamper me, pakhi says tomorrow, your jiji and nandini sister is coming.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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