Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update: Rohini gives birth to Devki’s 7th son

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The Episode starts with Narayan telling that Shesht that time has come for him to go to the earth. He says I am your younger brother and you will be my elder brother. Shesht says it will be my dream and today it is near me. Narayan says you will be my elder brother, but then I will get stubborn and will meet you in Gokul now. He says our togetherness will be strong and nobody can listen to her. Shesht tells that I don’t want to go now, as I don’t want the clothes which Devki Maa sent for Yashoda’s 8th son. Narayan asks him not to worry and says this Pitambar will protect her 8th son only, and says there is some other arrangement for you, and asks him to go to Gokul. He says Devki’s Maa 7th son will be born and all the universe will see this moment. Yashoda tries to feed food to Rohini. Rohini says how can I eat food, and says whatever food you get, you give it to me. Vasudev says Devki will not let you stay hungry. Rohini says if Devimaa helped me come inside, then she will help me go outside.

Kans calls Bakasur and asks if he saw anyone coming here. Bakasur says once he felt some human’s reflection, but it is his misunderstanding. Kans scolds him and says now I don’t believe anyone. He goes to the prison. Devki, vasudev and Rohini get shocked. Devki prays to Narayan to save Rohini and gives him swear of all the motherly love. Yashoda feels Rohini is in danger and prays for her. Kans comes inside the lock up and says there is nobody here. Devki and Vasudev are shocked. Narayan says a mother called me, how I don’t help her. He protects Rohini with his protective shield and makes her invisible. Kans walks past Rohini. Vasudev says there is a strict security here, how can anyone come here. Kans says if anyone had come, then would have gone from here. He tells Devki that he will meet her again, to meet her 7th son. Devki asks him to let him live. Kans says I will let him live, but can’t say how much time. He says bear some pain until your 8th son is born, and then you will live like before and will be freed from here.

Shesht tells Narayan that Devki Maa shall not worry as her son is Narayan himself. Narayan says a mother is always worried for her son. Vasudev takes Rohini to side, and says how could Kans can’t see you. Rohini says I don’t know? Yashoda says Pitambara has saved you, this is not gift, but blessings for all life. She says my son will be alive, I will make this Pitambara worn to the 7th son, just as he is born. Shesht tells that Devki Maa wants me to cover in the same pitambara which is for you. Narayan says sometimes some moments makes impossible as possible. He makes Yashoda’s 7th son come out of her womb and places her in Rohini’s womb, when both are sleeping. He says this is that moment, which made impossible as possible. He says you was in Maa Devki’s womb, but you will take born from Rohini’s womb. He says your name will be Shankar. Shesht says now I can go safely, as my Prabhu’s pitambara will be born by my Prabhu. He says you have let Rohini come inside and asks him to let him take her safely out, so that the world shall see that she is carrying Shesht Naag. Shest goes to the prison and many snakes appear in the prison. Devki, Vasudev and Rohini get surprised seeing the soldiers leaving. Rohini says we all shall leave. Vasudev asks her to let them here and leave from there. The Senapati comes and looks at the box from where snakes came out. He scolds the soldiers and asks them to take the box out. Rohini is hiding inside the box. The soldiers take her out. Narayan tells Shesht that he has fulfilled his duty as a son.

Devki tells Vasudev that it is a miracle that Rohini came here with the pitambara, and then she could go away from here safely. Vasudev asks her not to disbelief the sky announcement. Devki tells Vasudev that she couldn’t feel her baby. Vasudev asks soldier to called Dai maa as the baby is getting born before the time. Kans says I am waiting. Daimaa checks Devki and tells that she has a miscarriage. Devki shouts and cries. Kans asks if Narayan got afraid of me. He says you didn’t give birth to the 7th child, now I will wait for the 8th one. He says I will do something with him that Devs will stop doing the sky announcement. Devki cries. Yashoda tells Nanda that even destiny became her enemy, and made Devki lose her 7th son. She says don’t know what she is going through. Rohini comes there. Yashoda asks her to come inside and asks her to sit. She says thank god, you are saved and asks why you didn’t give any news. She asks where was you? Rohini says I came here, as I can’t trust anyone in this condition. Nanda asks what happened? Rohini shows her pregnancy bump and tells that the baby can take birth at anytime. Yashoda says I will become your baby’s Dai. Lakshmi tells that she wants to sees Shesht birth. Devraj congratulates Narayan and says Dao will be born. Narayan says welcome Dao in Gokul. Yashoda shows the baby to Rohini and says he is like you. Rohini gets glad and emotional. Yashoda smiles and gets emotional. The baby holds her finger as she tries to get up to go. Yashoda gets happy. She says my Lalla haven’t come, but my Jiji’s Lalla accepted me as his mother. Rohini says you made him come in this world, he will be called as your son too. Yashoda says lalla, you have two mothers. The baby laughs. Narayan asks Shesht to take Rohini and Yashoda’s love, until he comes. As when the younger brothers are born, they snatch elders’ rights.

Precap: Narayan gives darshan to Devki and says I will be born to you. Devki challenges Kans that he can’t harm her son. Kanhaiyya is born. Yashoda says my lalla. A storm comes in the sky and also water floods. Kans is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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