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Episode 14

The episode starts with Bondita in her room listening to the radio. She heard something which made her think about it.

Reporter- The failure of the cripps’ Mission left no further meeting ground between the British Government and the Congress. Mahatma Gandhi felt that the British presence in India had an invitation to Japan to invade India and their withdrawal would remove the bait. He therefore, asked the British to leave India in God’s hands.

Bondita listened to all these. She thought about Gandhi ji’s struggle to improve and free India from British clutches. She had made up her mind to meet Gandhi ji.

She went to Anirudh . She told him about the news , she heard on the radio.

Anirudh- But Bondita, this may be risky.

Bondita- Let it be risky, I will never care about my life when it comes to my country. I will meet him and join Quit India Movement.

Anirudh- You know , How the British killed millions of people some years back in Jallianwala Bagh Massacre???

Bondita- yes!

Anirudh- I will not stop you but you have to stop now! Think about our baby who is in your womb.

Bondita- ok! Pati babu, but until then I will fight the ongoing case in court.

Anirudh- Bravo Bondita, I am proud of you!

Bondita- But I have done nothing.

Anirudh- you are telling about fighting a case in your pregnancy days! That’s enough for me to praise you!!!

They both laugh . (Rishta tera mera plays).

It was afternoon, when Batuk was in his room reading a romantic horror novel.

In his book,

Authur- And the two ghosts kissed each other in their terrace and they became so powerful that whoever saw them , they kill them by glaring them back.

Batuk was scared. He was alone in his room he went outside to get some fresh air.

In Sompur’s room,

Tapur was combing her hair when Somnath held her from behind. They were so close that they can feel their warm breath. They can feel each other’s nervousness when they came close. Tapur ran towards the terrace. Somnath ran behind her. They reach there.
They came too close. They touch each other’s nose and were about to kiss when Batuk appered there. He shouted.

Batuk- GHOST!!!!!!!!

Hearing his scream eveyone appeared there. And asked, he saw som and Tapur there. To control the situation, he told kaka that she saw bihari and got scared and told them to go!

Bondita saw Sompur. She told Anirudh and Batuk to stay there.
Anirudh- All elders have gone, now you can tell the reason for your scream!!

Batuk- Dada! I saw two ghosts kissing each other.

Bondita understands what he wants to say. And sh laughs. But Anirudh being our Dumb Babu, cannot understand what had happened.

Bondita- Pati Babu , Batuk referred  Somnath and Tapur as ghosts.
The trio laughed while the duo stood there in embarrassment.
Somnath- Batuk! You always come in between my romance. Yoh a romance Bomber!!!

Batuk- Sorry Dada!! But I like to disturb you!!

The trio again laughed and teased them!!

Somnath can not supress his anger any more and said!

Somnath- You never gave me personal space to kiss my wife!

Batuk(teasingly)- Dada! Do you have bedroom???

Somnath- ok! I will do it here only!!

He started kissing Tapur in her lips infront of the trio. There was an awkward silence. The trio turned around and left. They came downstairs and started laughing hard!

Anirudh- Bondita, you have told me about it otherwise I can’t understand!

Bondita(teasingly)- Because you are my Buddhu Babu!!!

Anirudh- I am Buddhu Babu???

Bondita- Yes!

They started arguing, to calm Bondita , Anirudh kissed her in her lips. They kissed passionately.

Batuk(thinks)- Oh god! Where I am ! Everyone here wants to become ghost!! Hey god! Please make Aabha mine otherwise I will become mad watching these four ghosts romance!!

Batuk went to kaka shouting ghost!!!

Kaka- what happened dumb?? (Kya hua Nalayak?)

Batuk- you have told yourself? Good, I want to tell you this from since last 10 years!! (Apne khudko kaha?? Thik hai , mai bhi apko ye kehene hi wala tha ki apne khud aj keh diya)

Kaka fumed in anger and started beating Batuk with his stick!!!

Batuk(thinks)- If you want to save your life , Run Batuk run…
He ran from there and kaka also ran behind him.

Suddenly he saw AniDita kissing. Yes! They haven’t stoped till now!
Kaka- Tauba Tauba ! Sara mood kharap kar diya! Nalayako, bedroom mein jaker ye sab karo!! (My mood is spoiled now, dumbs do these things in your room!!)

Anirudh and Bondita separated with a jerk!

Kaka(thinks)- Abhi ganga mein 100 bar dubki laga ke ana hoga mujhe suddhikaran k liye! (I have to go to ganga for puring myself as I have watched this sin from my eyes!)

He went.

Bondita hit Anirudh in his stomach.

Bondita- Bade aaye kiss karne wale! Ab ksj kya sochenge???

Anirudh- Sorry! Room mein chalo na!!

Bondita- Do you forgot ?

Anirudh- What??

Bondita- I am already pregnant.

Anirudh- so what??

Bondita- how many times will you make me pregnant???

Anirudh- 1000 times!!

Bondita(nervously)- ooffo!! You Flirty Babu!!

Anirudh- Flirty Babu??

Bondita- yes!

She left the room!!

In the hall, a phone call came. Anirudh picked it up.?

Anirudh- hello!! Who is this??

Voice- I am Aakash! Can I talk to my sherni??

Anirudh- who is your sherni?? No one is here in the name Sherni!!!

Aakash- oh! Sorry! I mean , can I talk to Bondita Das?

Anirudh- yes! But let me clear you, she is Bondita Anirudh Roy Chowdhury!

Aakash- ok! Let me talk to her!

Anirudh- she is having fever, you can tell me , I am telling her!

Aakash- Tell her that I am coming to India tomorrow and
I have a surprise for her!

Anirudh- who are you to give her surprise??

Aakash- Her best friend!!

Anirudh in anger and jealousy cut the phone. Bondita was hearing their conversation.

Bondita- Jealous Babu! (Laughed)

precap- jealous Babu more jealous! Aabha realises he love!




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