Udaariyaan 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update: Jass frames Sandhus

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The Episode starts with Jass saying I got the law and legal papers with me, I carry the trump card with me, marriage registration paper. Khushbeer says you can’t take Tejo, you looted and ran away with your greedy mum. Jass says I told you the entire Ramayana, you are asking who is the Raavan, keep your anger down. Fateh shouts. Tejo stops them. She says tell me why did you come, I want to know what’s going on in your mind. Jass says I explained you, I will come to take you, I m not saying anything that they have kept my wife here as their bahu, don’t get angry Fateh, your blood is hot, just like mine, even my blood boils. Fateh scolds him. He asks what do you want, Tejo won’t go from here. Jass asks what happens to you, the entire pind knows that you love her younger sister, do you get goosebumps hearing her name, is everything fine. He laughs. Tejo says stop the nonsense, come to the point, why did you come. Jass says I came to take you following a legal way, uncle ji would have 2-3 years left, will you send him and mummy to jail. Fateh says stay away from my mum. Jass pushes him and says you stay away from my wife, how does this fire come out when I take her name, did any night you both crossed those boundaries.

Fateh gets angry and catches his collar. Khushbeer and Amrik stop Fateh. Jass scolds them. He says I will file one complaint, you all, Virks Sandhus will go to the jail. Fateh says your case won’t stay in the court for 2 mins. Jass asks if the case doesn’t reach the court for 6 days, then…. the court is closed for 6 days, ask them. Khushbeer says I will go to jail for my daughter, come. Tejo says no, you won’t go anywhere. Khushbeer says don’t stop me today, you have given many tests as a daughter, its a father’s turn today. She says no, please, I know how to deal with him. He asks what will you do. She says whatever, I won’t let my family go to jail, I will talk to him in his language. She says I will leave this house, but I will not go with you, you have a problem with Fateh and my marriage, I won’t stay in this house. Khushbeer asks what are you saying. Tejo says don’t stop me, I will go to my house, my parents’ house, you tell that I m your wife, which law states that a wife can’t get upset with her husband and go to her Maayka. Jass sees Jasmin. Jasmin stares back. Tejo says I will teach you law, I will file a case against you, I will file a case of fraud, of domestic violence, then we will see who goes to the jail, you or my family. Jasmin thinks she is smarter than Jass, its fine, she is leaving this house. Tejo says you will fail today also. Jass says fine, I will bear your tantrums, I won’t move until you leave this house.

Tejo says fine, you stay here and wait for me, don’t dare to argue with my family, don’t try to act smart. She goes to her room. Everyone cries. Jasmin goes. Fateh holds Khushbeer. Jass says sorry, my wife will win, then we will go, please wait outside. Tejo packs her clothes. Jasmin says I m really feeling bad for you, when Fateh isn’t yours, what is the use to hit head in front of others, you have spent beautiful moments with Fateh, Lord snatched a lot from you. Tejo recalls Fateh and cries. Jasmin says this bag looks small, Jass will know you are fooling him. Tejo says leave this on me, stop interfering in my work. Jasmin says don’t worry, I told Fateh that after you leave, we both will get married, Jass will not trouble you then. She goes. Tejo cries. She comes out with her bag. Khushbeer says Tejo, all this… She says its necessary, don’t worry, I won’t let him succeed in his motive, I have fought big battles, I will fight this one also, I have six days to bring him to the path, when I m here, nothing can trouble my family. Everyone cries. Tejo hugs Gurpreet and everyone. Tejo takes her bag and leaves. Fateh recalls Tejo and cries. Jasmin thinks you left this house in real sense now.

Tejo is with her family. Rupy says its our mistake, we could have not seen this day if we fixed it before. Jass knocks the door. He shouts and says its me, Jass, won’t you all welcome me. Harman and Rupy get angry. Tejo says no, he wants this to happen, stop. Jass says I will sit here, Rupy you are greedy and got Tejo married to Fateh just for money, you should have sent Jasmin also, buy one get one free. Abhiraj says let this dog bark. Jass kicks the door. Tejo says Abhiraj, open the door. Satti says he did so much with us. Tejo says we will get defamed in the pind, please control yourselves, its my request, its a matter of six days. Tejo goes and opens the gate. Jass smiles seeing her. He says you have no respect for me, you want to welcome Jamai with sticks/rods. He taunts them. He asks Tejo to come in. Abhiraj says leave her hand. Jass says she is my wife. Abhiraj beats him. Rupy and Harman beat him with the sticks.

Tejo shouts and asks them to stop. Police comes. Tejo worries. Police stops the fight. Inspector says arrest them. Tejo says no, Jass is lying. They all shout and ask Inspector to arrest Jass. Inspector says I have seen who was doing what. Jass says they have kidnapped my wife. Abhiraj asks what wife. Jass says I was a bad person before, I m a nice man now. Tejo says shut up, its his stories, Sir trust me, he is lying. Jass shows the papers. He says she is my wife. Biji says he can’t force her. Inspector asks did he touch you all, did he hurt your family, I can see who has beaten, I will arrest them for the fight, else I will arrest them charging with a criminal case. Jass says they are emotional, put them in lockup for few days. Inspector says take them. Rupy, Harman, Navraj and Abhiraj are taken to the jeep. Rupy says Tejo don’t worry, call Fateh. Tejo, Satti and Lovely cry. Jass smiles.

Precap: Tejo calls Fateh, but Fateh is with Jasmin. They are dancing and having a romantic time. Jass catches Tejo with the phone and takes the phone away.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. wow unbelievable and Jasmine just stands there i am comforted in knowing that wen Jass tries 2 attack Tejo Fateh LEAVES Jasmine 2 save Tejo

  2. Snowflake

    Trashmean happily smiling 😒😒😤😤😤
    The only thing that is keeping me going is one of the rumours….and it mostly is true…
    Jass’ another wife will come! Her names preeto…bts pics are there..I’ll see if I can send them..if it’s true thennnnnn.. yasss! Can’t wait to see chameli’s face after that!

    1. Oh even i can’t wait for that….. It shud come soon
      Todays episode um i wished the sandhus should have enacted a drama where they hit jass nicely but infront of police fully innocent 😃😃 like jassu does …. It would have been comedy track something the viewers would want after seeing that toxicity in the recent episodes 😣😣

    2. Snowflake

      They are also not sure..but let’s hope🙏

    3. Harsheeee

      i also have the same feeling that tejo should bring all the girls who were married with jass before her after that no one gonna touch tejo as jass’s wife

    4. but preeto is jasmine’s friend an jasski sister in law not his wife.

    5. Hi I’m Clavenda and my first time commenting but I started watching the movie from the beginning

      Jass is a scammer and has fooled many families

    6. preeto is jasmin friend but she never support jasmine in her wrong doings like sweety. she even warned jasmine that fateh is tejo’s husband after that she in not seen in the serial.

    7. that just annoyed me

  3. Oh even i can’t wait for that….. It shud come soon
    Todays episode um i wished the sandhus should have enacted a drama where they hit jass nicely but infront of police fully innocent 😃😃 like jassu does …. It would have been comedy track something the viewers would want after seeing that toxicity in the recent episodes 😣😣

  4. wait Fateh emotional over Tejo leaving and Jasso stands there glowing

    according 2 YouTube these are the next set of spoilers
    1. UDAARIYAAN || OMG || Unknowingly, JASMINE’s lie will come in front of FATEH, will ask this question
    Udaariyaan || Tejo will cross all limits to kill Ravana Jass, will save his purity like this
    UDAARIYAAN || FINALLY ! BUZZO will show FATEH the theft VIDEO of JASMINE, now will support TEJO.
    4.Udaariyaan||25 October 2021||Upcoming Twist||Fateh to rescue Tejo
    5. 26 October 2021||Upcoming Twist||Tejo’s in plan to trap Jasmine
    6. do u guys think this is true

    1. Hmm in these spoilers only the 1 st and 2nd one can happen in reality
      Jassu secret can come out in unknowingly and tejo as act of self defense can harm jass even the 4th one makes a bot sense after seeing the promo off course but the 3rd and 5th chances r super low 😃😃😃

    2. Hi @Tasneem how are you.. Is this true dear? . Or it is shown …

  5. Jai ho Jass baba kisi🤣Sandhu’s ko sahi sabak sikhaya aur apna + Jasmin ka badla le liya. Tejo k karan pura parivaar ab jail mein aaram karega😌Jasmin ko dukh diya tha na ab bhuktoh. Bus aise he Tejo ko sabak sikhao Jass bhaiya aur Jasmin k life se dur kardo is ko. Is ka Ego itna bada hain ki apne parivaar ko jail mein rehne degi but fateh se help nhi mangegi.
    Apne karmao ka faal jhel rahe hain Sandhu’s just like Tejo.Shaadi Suda hain phir bhi Fateh k sath soti thi😒Aur Jasmin ko dusri aurat bolti hain ye Tejo khud toh wale kaam karti hain.

    Comment edited. / Please be respectful to character /

    1. Get well soon dear

    2. I wish you speedy recovery. Get well soon

    3. Saanz


    4. get well soon!

    5. Get well soon….wishing u speedy recoveries!!!!!

    6. get well dear speedy recoveries

    7. Hi Trashcan! I know that wasn’t your mother but you yourself. What else can you do other than cooking fake stories you Trashishu?

    8. I think she has serious issue in real life with Jejo , she hate Jejo in real life not the series ..Just saying…

    9. @Bacii I did think that too. but what if it is true!

  6. Itv always portrays police as the most incompetent people. How come police not investigating why jass came uninvited to someone else house, why didn’t he bring police if his wife is “kidnapped”, if tejo is kidnapped by her family ask her about her “kidnapping”. They basically didn’t investigate anything and are arresting house owners for beating up an intruder.

  7. Precap ?

  8. Precap plz

  9. Precap link?

  10. Precap

  11. Precap isn’t that good tejo tries to call fateh but over there this chameli is trying to seduce fateh (he looked a bit uninterested in it 😂) and then jass comes and pulls of the phone from tejo… But after those scene what will happen we will know off course tejo will lose calm and hold a hooked knife in her hand and threaten jass and fateh will realise that tejo was trying to contact him and he will rush there leaving jasmine and her romance 😂 sadd for her tho…… But it is ok for me 😂😂😂✌✌

    1. Naveena Annadan


  12. DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!
    WRITERS PLEASES CLEAN THIS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Stupid episode, I can’t understand how police without proper investigation just arrests people, they are so dumb in serials, jasmine has gone so low that she is not bothered about her parents and brothers arrest , enough tolerance too much of domestic violence, can’t drag so much , please be crisp , so that viewers should not be irritated…

  14. Naveena Annadan


  15. In precap they show fateh dancing with jasmine, how come he can be so insensitive about matters happening at home , really bugging

  16. I just wish nothing happened to Kushbeer .. It’s like a hunch that Jass and Jasmine are going to try his life .. I think Kushbeer is going to learn the truth about Jasmine and Jass and they are going to try to harm him .. Just this feeling .. Because Jasmine has already tried to her health and Tejo did not say anything .. Now khusbeer said that the duty of a father is tested .. And even that this phase of Jass’s entry is causing her health concerns .. I am afraid that something will happen to her .. I hope and dare that it is not .. But CV can do it all.

  17. fateh does not look interested now i am torn

  18. Precap link pls

  19. someone wrote this beautifully on Twitter nd between being seduced by someone u thought that u love but u look like a dead body with no feelings
    Tasneeem Jasmin knows that he is in love with tejo that’s why she asked him when he was in jail did u still love tejo that’s why u sacrifice
    and this was my reply i think he knows he loves tejo but he hasn’t accepted or acknowledge it to himself and jasso is doing this coz she can see the feelings in his actions mom says a women always knows (wat u gals think)

  20. Now I feel like tejass is better than fateh how cheap he is what’s going in home wrong but he is enjoying with his so called girlfriend how cheap and bad I thought fateh is good but I wish Tejo forgive fateh at any cost

  21. these are the spoilers flying around

    UDAARIYAAN || OMG! TEJO will take the avatar of mother DURGA and will end JASS, FATEH will also be stunned to see
    Udaariyaan||26 October 2021||Upcoming Twist||Jasmine Successfully Traps Fateh
    |25 October 2021||Upcoming Twist||Fateh to rescue Tejo

    udaariyaan || omg || mahi ke haath lagega jasminai ka phon,chall daitails ke jaariye saamane aayega sach
    UDAARIYAAN || OMG || JASMINE’s phone will be in the hands of MAHI, the truth will come out through CALL DETAILS

    UDAARIYAAN || OMG! PREGNANT TEJO will leave FATEH’s side, JASMINE’s PLAN will be successful
    wat do u guys think

  22. In the next segment Jass is in the sandhu house. And Tejo is there and seems to be serving him .. So I don’t think Fateh saw Tejo’s call and will come and save her as shown in the promo .. and I think he finally romanticized with jassu …. Anyway .. Just a guess ..

  23. This Jass issue is seriously annoying me. He has no right to claim a relationship with Tejo after all his multiple marriages. I’m just waiting for them to finish this track and let’s see wats next. Fateh is soon annoying…… having a romantic time when Tejonis going thru so much.

  24. daariyaan 23rd October 2021 Written Update Grave danger Tejo gets troubled when Jass plays a provoking drama to make Sandhus react and beat him up. Jass gets Sandhus arrested to weaken Tejo further. Rupy advises Tejo to call Fateh as soon as possible to take his help. Tejo agrees to do so, being with no option. Jass informs Jasmin about the Sandhus’ arrest. Jasmin isn’t affected for anyone. Jass knows that Tejo will call up Fateh to seek his help. Jasmin also knows this well that Tejo will reach out to Fateh and Virk family to rescue Sandhus.

    Jass and Jasmin make a plan to keep Fateh out of Tejo’s react. Jasmin assures Jass that she will not let Fateh reach Tejo in any way. Jasmin tells Fateh that she is also worried for Tejo, but now the latter is safe in her family’s house. She asks Fateh to spend time with her, and cover up for the lost days which passed in just tension. Fateh is just worried for Tejo. Jasmin keeps him engaged by planning a surprise romantic date. Fateh stays lost in Tejo’s thoughts. He isn’t interested in romancing Jasmin, being occupied with Tejo’s worries. Jasmin dances for him and gets close to him. She makes sure that he doesn’t have his phone.

    Fateh wants to go and check Tejo once, but Jasmin doesn’t allow him to move. Tejo gets troubled by Jass, who enters her house and forces her to accept him. Tejo runs from Jass and gets her phone. She calls up Fateh to inform him the situational tension. Fateh doesn’t see Tejo’s call, when his phone is lying somewhere away. Jasmin hugs Fateh and doesn’t let him go. Tejo calls him again. Jass reaches Tejo and finds her calling Fateh. Jass stops her. Tejo gets scared seeing Jass. What evil will Jass plan next? Will Fateh listen to his heart and understand Tejo’s call for him? Keep reading.

  25. I hate the next episode…Fateh is having a romantic time with Jasmine?? While all the family are in trouble?? I hope to see Fateh’s face if Jasmine force him or he do it willingly . PRODUCER PLEASE DONT DISAPPOINT YOUR FANS

  26. Resumes won’t reveal Jasmine’s truth anytime soon. In the next segment seen on Instagram. He’s showing that Jasmine is talking to Kushbeer .. What I don’t know. then we see in another segment that jassu and jass meet in the night and jass is holding jassu’s arm like he did for tejo .. i don’t know if jassu is romancing or not but please fateh stepped aside and that he is telling Jasmine what she is doing is not correct. .. In another link that gives the summaries it is mentioned that Tejo ignores Fateh because she doesn’t want to give Jass the opportunity to speak badly about them and their relationship .. But frankly I wonder when it will be. wake up and see things from a different perspective. Because really it is time for Fateh to discover Jasmine .. And as much Buzzo Fateh Amrik mahi and Simran can not help Tejo .. She is facing her problem and her executioner all alone ..

  27. Hey guys do you remember when jass first got in there was a promo about him getting into the series this is the link https://www.instagram.com/p/CUxW-a0BXTR/
    Also, there is BTS filming a promotional advertisement, but they did not show it. I think he will come out with this show when the reality of Jasmine approaches. I think it will be the promotional show in episode 197. This is the link to BTS filming
    I was reading all the comments and everyone was saying why Fateh acted ignorantly and helplessly and they didn’t give him space on the screen. The appearance was for Tejo, Jasmin and jass. Now Fateh’s situation is similar to Tejo’s situation. Before the truth of the betrayal was revealed, Tejo was then blind in love with Fateh and trusting him blindly. We saw that she was lost between Fateh and Jasmin
    Now Fateh is the lost between Tejo and Jasmin
    Fateh’s situation is now similar to that of Tejo
    And the truth of Jasmin will come out in a similar way like what happened with Tejo at the party. I mean, the truth of Jasmin will come out without anyone’s help.
    I think Jasmin’s truth will come out in episode 199 or episode 200

    1. Snowflake

      Those 2 links are bts of shooting the promo…

  28. hi @llou i am good its rumors’ flying around that i found on twitter and people are putting on youtube

  29. As per promo i want the future story to be tejo will kill jass and fateh wanted to help tejo he will take blame and go to jail
    After fateh arrest chameli will become more psychotic and end up in committing suicide as she cant able to go canada
    Fateh will get released after 20 years and tejo will come to jail to receive him
    This is wht i expected 🤷‍♀️😂

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