Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 7th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Samrudhi gets angry on Vaishnavi

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 7th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone searching Vaishnavi in the palace. Kadika asks Sevikas why they are shouting in the morning. Sevika says they are searching Rajkumari, she is not in the Palace. Kadika’s husband tells that he will ask Mahipal to search her. Kadika recalls where did she go? She thinks if Chandra is also missing then she will not leave both Chandra and Vaishnavi. Mahipal smiles while returning to Palace. Vaishnavi asks if he is thinking that nothing will hinder his sleep. Mahipal says no and tells that he has experienced Jagrata in these 10 nights. He is about to keep hand on his head and stops, tells that he is very happy as has seen Maharaj and Maharani’s qualities. Vaishnavi says Maharaj and Maharani are superb, holds his hand and keeps on her head. Mahipal gets teary eyes and tells that something went in his eye.

Kadika comes to Chandra’s room and finds him sleeping. She kisses him and thinks my Chandra is sleeping here like a good boy. I tried to make Didi understand not to spoil Vaishnavi, but nobody listens to me. She says my son doesn’t ignore my sayings. Chandra opens his eyes and smiles. He then closes his eyes again.

Ratnagar Sagar asks where is Mahipal? He asks soldiers to inform senapati that rajkumari is not in the palace. He asks his brothers to search her in the Shripuram. His brother tells that he knows what he means to him, but Shripuram senapati is not in the palace. Ratnagar is shocked and thinks where will he go? Ratnagar asks them to ring the trouble bell and announce that Mahipal and Rajkumari are missing. His brother asks if this is needed? Ratnagar asks him to do as he said. Samrudhi continues to search Vaishnavi. The trouble bell is ringing. Everyone runs there. Chandra gets up shockingly. Kadika thinks something exciting will happen today.

Mahipal and Vaishnavi come near the palace and hear the trouble bell. Mahipal gets tensed. Vaishnavi asks why it is ringing. Mahipal says it rings in trouble and thinks if Maharaj came to know that rajkumari is not in the palace. Devi lakshmi says if we had sensed this then would have found a solution. She asks Narayan. Narayan says it was destined and asks her to have devotion. Devi Lakshmi thinks everything shall be good. Samrudhi gets worried and thinks why trouble bell is ringing. She thinks Vaishnavi might be here and hiding to play with me. She calls her asking her to come out. She says I have lost, come out. She recalls Ratnagar’s words that Vaishnavi is born to do betterment of the people. She comes to the temple and says my dream is proved true, my daughter is gone. She comes inside and asks Narayan why is he smiling after attacking a mother’s heart. She asks what kind of God you are? She asks you gave me a daughter so that you snatch her later. She folds her hands and tells that you have seen my bhakti, but not my anger. She says if I don’t get my daughter, then no diya will be lighted with your name, and nobody will take your name. She says if I lose my daughter then will wipe you from my memory. She asks him to return her daughter and cries.

Ratnagar comes and asks her to calm down. He tells that Vaishnavi might be sleeping in the Palace. Mahipal asks what we will tell Maharaj. Vaishnavi says don’t know, but will not lie. Mahipal thinks he will be the ex- Senapati and will not see Shripuram again. Vaishnavi asks him to have trust and says everything will be fine. The soldiers see their chariot coming and one of them runs inside to inform Samrudhi and Ratnagar. Samrudhi apologizes to Narayan and asks her to return her daughter. She says you want me to bend down my head in your temples and tells that she will do and asks him to return Vaishnavi. She says she will go to Trikut temple by walk. Narayan says tathastu. Soldier comes and informs that Mahipal and Rajkumari came back. They run out and see Vaishnavi and Mahipal coming. Mahipal takes aarti plate from Vaishnavi’s hands. Samrudhi runs to Vaishnavi and hugs her. Vaishnavi smiles and thinks Chandra shall be fine. Samrudhi kisses her. Chandra comes there. Vaishnavi says I am fine. Samrudhi says I was very worried and asks where was you? Vaishnavi looks at Mahipal and tells that she went out of Palace. Samrudhi is shocked and asks why? She says I am asking you and asks her to answer. She asks how can you go out without our permission and asks how dare she to do this.

Precap: Samrudhi tells Vaishnavi that she wants to know the truth. Vaishnavi says I don’t want you to know. Samrudhi gets upset and leaves. Mahipal tells Ratnagar that he is seeing doubt in his eyes for him and asks him to give him death right now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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