Nimki Vidhayak 7th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Annaro stays at Nimki’s place

Nimki Vidhayak 7th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dadi says I could not be a mother I guess. If he feels a mother’s love around Annaro what can be happier for me? He will feel the warmth of motherhood for some time as well. I feel so sad for her as well. She lost her son. She lost her sanity. My Mintu could never have a mother like her. Nimki says he had dadi at least. Dadi says you are useless though. You couldn’t even make my bed. Nimki says better sleep before Annaro comes and throttles you. Dadi says shut up.

Annaro massages Mintu’s head. She says your hair is dry. Don’t you oil them? He says dadi oils them. Annaro says her hands must be useless. I will massage your hair. They will shine like they used to. She says I have suffered a lot. I missed you every moment. I wanted to see you. Mintu says I couldn’t say anything either. Nimki recalls their past. Nimki says when she had her own son she couldn’t be a mother like this instead she incited violence. Annaro says you had a mole behind your ear. Where did it go? Mintu is confused. Nimki says it was removed in his operation. Nimki says Mintu.. I mean Babbu.. he is having fun here. Annaro says did you call him Mintu? Nimki says you keep hearing Mintu. I never said it. Nimki says to Annaro go and sleep now. Annaro says is that how you will talk to her? How dare you? Mintu says no she meant you should rest. Annaro says she will massage your feet.

Scene 2
Ganga shouts where is everyone? The servant ask Parag if they can go? He says no. Count the seeds. Ganga comes there and says what’s happening here? Parag says they made juice for me and forgot to take out seeds so now they’re practicing it. Ganga asks them to leave.

Tune calls Nimki and says why aren’t you back? Ramla says Nimki come back. I have arranged everything in the house. Mono says I am really hungry. Nimki says I will come back in a while.

Ganga cleans the seeds. Parag says what are you doing? She says I have to clean your mess every time. Why do you spill anger in the wrong places? He says what else should I do? Ganga says you only create a mess. And I have to clean it. Tell me what didn’t I let you do? Parag says did you let me take revenge from Nimki and her sister? They spit on my face. I hate it when I see it in the mirror. Annaro says we can clean it together. Bring trash can.

Mauhaa says all of this isn’t right for Nimki. Tune says she will handle it don’t worry. Ramla says ask her to come back so we can eat.
Gaga says I know you won’t calm down if you don’t take revenge. Let’s make a deal. If you make a good public image, I will take your revenge. They will all run far away. They are your culprits, right? Clean your image, I will clean them. I heard Mintu brought a woman his place. Nimki was also there. Find out what’s happening. Parag says I can kill her. Ganga says just find out who she is. This might be fun keeping her alive. You start your game and I will start mine.

Nimki sees Annaro sleeping. She says her smile is back. It looks like she is at peace. I have to find my peace now. Get well soon. She leaves. Nimki says where is Mintu? He isn’t even in his room. Dadi says where are you leaving my Mintu? Nimki says did I marry him? Dadi says we won’t take care of that Annaro. Stay here with her. Nimki says I am MLA. I have hundreds of things to do. Nimki says where is Mintu? dadi says he is out to bring me Chowmein. Nimki says you can’t ever compromise right? Annaro says who would give her water if she needs it at night? Nimki says I placed everything there. Nimki says I am leaving. Dadi says I will tell Mintu. Annaro wakes up and says Nimki where are you going at this hour?
Precap-Nimki says would you like kicking your wife out of the room? They both fall on the bed. Dadi comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. The Nimki-Mintu romance is not only grotesque, but also sinful. Babu caused immense pain and miseries to his wife Nimki, and Nimki caused no less to him and his family in return. But much beyond these, Nimki treacherously murdered her husband Babubu. Now Nimki cannot be given the human sanction to romance Babu’s look-alike Mintu, just in the name of Anaro, which itself is a big narrative farce, unless Nimki confesses her sins, repents, and reforms.

    1. So true. Nimki, tauba kar Kutiya, tauba Kar. Allah tumhare gunaah maaf Kat dega.

    2. Lol are you ok girl you know its just say show not happening in real dumbo seriously who are you use this kind a language for anyone lol is the character romancing with ur husband

  2. Pooja, r u cross about the content, or the language, or both? Firstly, both, the content and the language, are meant for Nimki, and definitely NOT for Bhumika Gurung. Both are true and befitting for Nimki. Secondly, let Nimki romance with my hubby, no costs to her. If at all someone has to buy, it would be my hubby. Happy lol?

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