Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 10th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaishnavi tries to cheer Samrudhi

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 10th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vaishnavi thinking to start her day cheering Maa and thinks she got ready by herself today. Sevika comes there and tells that Samrudhi is in her room. Vaishnavi thinks if Maa has done her breakfast and goes to her room. Ratnagar asks her to come and asks what is she doing with the milk glass, says none of them drink it. Vaishnavi says this is for me and not for you both. Ratnagar says you came to show her, how you finish her. Vaishnavi says Maa’s friend Yamini said that if daughter drinks milk then Maa is healthy and happy.

She says she has decided to drink milk daily. Samrudhi hears her and sees Vaishnavi drinking milk. Ratnagar laughs and asks if this is for Maa’s health. He tells Samrudhi that their daughter has grown big. Samrudhi thinks the day is not far when she…Vaishnavi does the work which Samrudhi is doing. She asks shall I cover you with this. Samrudhi takes it and thinks how I will manage when you leave me, I have to prepare for that time. Ratnagar asks Vaishnavi to give sometime to her mother. Bharti reminisces Vaishnavi in the Goddess avatar and tries to make the sketch of her different avatars. Bhakti comes and asks where did you see balika avatar of this girl. Bharti thinks how to tell you that Devi was with us. She asks about the letter in their hand. Bhakti says your father is returning. Bharti says this is my Mata Rani’s trikuta doing. Bhakti says we shall not call human as devi and says human’s parents are humans. Bharti says shailputri’s parents was devi too. Bhakti asks her to think whatever she wants. Loknath hears them and thinks they can’t be saved from him. Just then his son comes and asks what is he doing? Loknath says he was going from here. He gives him letter and says he is coming, I will see until when your happiness will exist. He says he will rule in this village and people will not remember trikuta even in dreams.

Devraj Indra tells that his aim was to kill the asurs through Mahadev, and asks himself whether he is doing right. Moor calls Devraj indra and asks him to see his next plan. Devraj Indra asks what is it? Moor says this is my new weapon. He tells that Bhudevi gets her powers from Narayan and tells that he will make his 6 weapon take powers from Narayan and then they will kill the girl. Chandra asks Vaishnavi if Rani maa haven’t talked to you. Chandra says yes and tells that even his Maa don’t offer him extra food as she has doubtful that I have hidden truth from her. he asks Vaishnavi not to worry as her secret is save with him. He says whatever you did last night was awesome. Vaishnavi says if Maa is not happy then we are not happy too. They talk to their fathers. Ratnagar says if their anger increases. Vaishnavi says my mum is upset with me and I don’t want this. She says kaki maa is upset with Chandra. She says we have to do this. She says until Maa forgives me, I will not eat food or drink water. Chandra says even I. Chandra’s father tells that the matter is serious, they have to do something. Ratnagar says surely.

Later Ratnagar and Samrudhi come to have food. Samrudhi serves food to Ratnagar. Kadika comes and asks where is he? Ratnagar says if she is talking about Swarn Sagar. Kadika says she is talking about Chandra and asks he might be unwell as he didn’t come. Ratnagar asks her to have food and asks Samrudhi to sit. He serves her food and thinks he knows whom she is searching, but she is not here?

Precap: Swarn sagar tells Ratnagar sagar that sadhu and sadhvi came to palace and asks for bhiksha from your and bhabhimaa’s hand. They go out and see the kids as Sadhu and Sadhvi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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