Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 10th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Amma criticizes Rajjo’s dance

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 10th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chamchi and others sitting at the dining table. Chamchi sings that she will have eggs today. Ranbir says today puri sabzi is made so who will eat eggs today. Hritik says who eats puri sabzi on Sunday. Chamchi says you will eat. Hritik tells her that he will cut her nose. Amma asks him to eat it. Rajjo says I would have made something special to you if you had brought good report. Hritik says apna time aayega/his time will come. Amma asks shall I call Happu. Beni tells happu about his relative who became engineer later. Happu says he wants his son to become something. Beni asks Happu and Rajjo to be strict towards him. Happu says he is strict to him. Hritik, Chamchi and Ranbir are playing. Happu scolds Hritik and says you shall study all the time whenever I see you. hritik says I was studying since morning and that’s why thought to play cricket. Beni asks what were his marks last time. Happu says 91 percent. Beni says that was also fake, actually he got 19 percent marks. Hritik says you didn’t do right. Beni calls him failure.

Amma cuts the cake while everyone sings song. She tries to make Dada ji eat cake, but the cake piece fall in beni’s face. Beni gets happy and thinks Amma loves him much. Happu questions him. Amma tells that she wanted to make her husband eat it, but beni eat it. She makes Happu and Rajjo eat cake. They wish Amma happy birthday, while hritik is sitting and studying. Kamlesh cries and wishes happy birthday to Amma. Kat laughs and tells that Kamlesh’s father said that he is not his son and laughs. Hritik asks if he can attend the party. Happu says no, but Amma calls him. Hritik wishes Amma. Happu asks him to go and study. Hritik tells beni that he didn’t do right. Beni calls him failure and thinks hritik can’t do anything. He plays the song. Malaika dances first on the song rang de basanti. Others join her. Kamlesh cries and dances. Amma asks Rajjo why she didn’t dance. Rajjo says she has special dance performance. Amma gets upset, while Dada ji enjoys the song…Happu dances with Rajjo and says she is looking like Vidya Balan. Amma slaps Happu and tells that her dance seems to be vulgar and bad. Rajjo says I thought you will like my dance. Amma says you look beautiful in saree and asks why she has worn such dress. She says she don’t like this vulgar dance. Happu asks Amma to have food. Happu asks did I dance well? Amma says yes, but she didn’t dance well.

In the night, Rajjo cries. Happu asks if cat entered the room. Rajjo says do you think I am cat? Happu asks if she is crying due to Amma’s critics. Happu says your dance was bad. Rajjo says her dress was good and everything was covered, but in saree, stomach is seen. She says you have selected the song and tells that she wants to break his face. Happu asks him to beat him in blanket. Rajjo hits him.

Later Dada ji waits for Amma. Amma comes wearing modern outfit and dances on the song Laila main laika. Hritik sees her dance and captures video in his phone.

In the morning, Ranbir asks Chamchi about hritik. Rajjo comes and asks him to call Hritik. Happu comes and tells Rajjo that he is feeling cold. Rajjo says you took bath in hot water. Malaika says he is cold blooded. Ranbir brings hritik downstairs. Happu asks why he didn’t get ready to go to school. Hritik thinks he will rule in the house. Amma asks them to slap him. Hritik comes to Amma. Amma asks why you don’t want to go to school. Happu tells Rajjo that he is doubtful and thinks that this boy is exchanged in the hospital. Hritik tells Amma that he saw a video last night. Amma asks him to show. Hritik shows the video. Amma says this dress seems to be familiar and identifies herself and shouts. Happu says if hritik attacked her. Amma says she saw the rat and asks Hritik to delete the video. Hritik says he didn’t make this video to delete and says if she don’t agree then he will show the video to mummy and papa.

Precap: Amma asks hritik to delete the video. Hritik asks her to call Beni and slaps him 4-5 times.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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