Bigg Boss 13 10th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Shefali Zari and Asim fight over Bhau

Bigg Boss 13 10th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 73
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song Kala chashma. They all dance. Shefali Zari hugs Vikas.

8:45 AM
Madhu hugs sleeping Vishal. Paras watches it and says this is good, give her a kiss, she is yours. Madhu kisses Vishal’s cheek. He smiles. Madhu goes to sleep on her bed.

9 AM
Vikas is cutting apples. Sid says he didn’t even wash it. Paras says he doesn’t even take bath for 5 days. He has become better after the show. I met him at a party, he was showing me attitude, I don’t along with him.

9:30 AM
Rashami asks Arhaan to cook for her. Sid watches it and says she needs friends who can follow her and become a servant. Paras says I said no to her. Sid says you became her servant literally. I don’t understand if you don’t like her, you don’t get a girl but still, you are working for her? why? Paras says you know her nature but I didn’t. Sid says I watched her antics, I thought good about her but then I saw her with the people and how she behaves with them. It shows a lot about her personality.
Arhaan takes cheese from Rashami’s drawer. Paras and Sid see it. Sid says how did they get the cheese? We won it but then how did they get it? Paras says Rashami is a big thief, we will find a lot of things in her drawer. Sid says this is rubbish, how are they even eating it? They will vomit.

10:45 AM
Mahira tells Madhu that you need to wake up so that’s why we nominated you. Promise me that you will talk above 500 words and you will be nominated next week too. Madhu says yes I want Mahira to be nominated.

Madhu comes to Mahira and Vishal. She says I don’t want to work, I want to create an issue. Mahira says then go and say that I won’t do my duty.

Shefali Zari tells Arhaan that monsters are gone so all are civil now. Even Mahira is trying to talk to everyone. I told her that if 80% of people are telling her that she is wrong then there must be something wrong. She listened to me.
Arhaan tells the Bigg Boss that I want to talk to a doctor. Paras watches it and says I will not spare Shefali Zari. They all are targeting Sana and Mahira. They are all sleeping. He hears an alarm playing in the house. Bhau, Asim, Vikas, Rashami and Sana are sleeping. Paras says they are too relaxed. Bigg Boss keeps playing the alarm. Bagga asks them all to wake up.

12:30 PM
Asim says Arhaan didn’t make parathas? Arti asks Bagga to make parathas for everyone. Bagga says they don’t eat it. Arti says you just make it, they can eat when they want, you are telling Madhu to wash the dishes but you are not working. Bagga says because they waste the parathas but Madhu is not working. Madhu asks her to shut up, you keep telling me to wash the dishes, I will do it when I want.

Vishal asks Asim to change the duties. Asim asks Mahira if she will make breakfast from Monday? He hugs her. She says okay I will do it but don’t ask me to clean the washroom. Asim says okay. Mahira hugs Vishal and thanks him. Paras watches it and says they are all hugging her because I am not there. Sid says Mahira is liking it.

2:30 PM
Sana tells Rashami that I am better now. Rashami asks Sana to keep water with her. Sana says you really care for me? Rashami says you don’t understand the relations. Sana says I was miffed with you, she hugs her. Rashami says you remind me of yourself. Rashami says you made fun of me. Sana kisses her forehead.

4 PM
Asim laughs at Bhau that international Don is cleaning the dishes, mopping floors. Bigg Boss asks Bhau to wear his mic. Bhau says then give my son’s picture back. Asim says Paras and Bhau argue with Bigg Boss.

5:30 PM
Bigg Boss asks Bhau to wear his mic. Bhau is hugging Sana and doesn’t listen to him. Bhau says Bigg Boss is not listening to me so I am not going to wear the mic. Rashami asks him to wear it, we will all get punished. Bhau says don’t worry, he leaves his mic there. Asim says they will give the picture when they want, we will all get punished so don’t do this. Bagga asks Bhau to wear it for her. Bhau says I requested them a lot but they don’t listen to me so I am not listening to him.

Bhau says in the camera that I have been requesting in the mic but you don’t give me respect so how do you expect me to respect the rules? I don’t like to do all this so don’t force me to show my face.

Shefali tells Bhau that Asim is not talking to me much, he thinks that Himanshi left because of me. I used to hug and kiss him so he wouldn’t look odd with Himanshi. She told him that she will get married after the show but I used to be near him to cover Himanshi and make his infatuation normal. Sid hears it and says she is lying. Shefali tells Arti that she was hugging Asim as he was feeling down but he is selfish.

6 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the next task is about the letters but if Bhau doesn’t wear his mic then he will lose his letter. Vikas asks him to wear his mic if he wants to get the letter from his family. Bhau wears his mic. Vikas reads the task that they all have got letters from their families but if they get that or not, it will be decided by a task. The task name is BB Post office. This task will decide about the captaincy too. Rashami, Sana, Mahira, Asim, Arti, Shefali Zari, and Bhau’s post box are made in the garden. There are letters from their families in the post box but empty letters are there too. When the buzzer plays, we will tell who has got the letter. That post box will be opened and other inmates will try to find the real letter out of all the empty letters. Whoever finds the real letter will be able to become the contender for the captaincy. If he or she tears the letter in the shredder then that person will become the contender for the captaincy. If he or she doesn’t tear it and give it to the person who got that letter then no one will win the contender position for captaincy. Rashami will not find the letter because she is injured but she can choose a person to find the letter on her behalf and if that person gives her the letter then she will decide to shred it or not.

Arti says I have been missing my family. Asim says if I give you the letter but then I will lose the captaincy. I will shred it if I get it.

Asim says I might give it to Arti and Mahira as they have been here. Paras watches it and says he won’t give it to anyone.

Arti tells Shefali that I won’t give the letter to Rashami as Arhaan is her support here.

7 PM
Buzzer plays, Bigg Boss says the first letter is from Sana’s house. They all try to find the real letter. Sana looks on. Vikas comes to Arhaan and Rashami. He says I have it and I will say I am doing this. Vikas tells the inmates that he has the letter but Rashami will decide to give her the letter or not. Asim says why? Vikas says because Arhaan found it for Rashami. Rashami shreds the letter and says I think she is not strong for the captaincy. I want to become the captain too. Mahira says we can expect this from you only. Rashami becomes the captaincy contender. Sana hugs Mahira and says leave it.

Sana says Rashami is hating me, I know why they call me to favorite and all that. I am going to give it to anyone if I get it. Vikas says it will show you how you are as a person. Vishal says Rashami is playing a different game. Rashami says sorry to Sana. Sana says I didn’t feel bad about the letter but you said that I am not strong? Rashami says I was talking about the captaincy. Sana says I will give your letter because I want to show the difference between us.

7 PM
Letter from Arti’s house comes. All run to get the letters. Asim gets it. He thinks and says I am sorry. Arti cries and says you wanted to give it to me. Asim gives it to Arti. Arti hugs him and cries. Asim says I left the captaincy for you. Arti reads the letter from her mother, it says that you are playing well, you are playing for the truth, you have stood up for the right and you will move ahead in the game, don’t cross the line, all are liking you, they all miss you. Arti cries and thanks Asim. Sid looks on watching it. Arti says this is the third letter from my mother in my life. Paras asks Sid if he is getting senti? Sid says this was a sweet gesture.

Shefali tells Vishal that if he wants to destroy her letter then do it, become the captain, you are my friend. Vishal says I will give it to Mahira if I get hers. Paras says she wants to become a fairy now. Shefali tells Asim that Parag sent the message via Vikas. Asim asks what? Vikas says that was personal but Vishal can destroy her letter. Shefali says yes I don’t need that letter so Vishal can destroy it.

8:15 PM
Bigg Boss says we heard Shefali Zari saying that she doesn’t need the letter from her family so Vishal and Asim can destroy it for the captaincy but we are sure that they don’t need the captaincy in charity so now Shefali will shred her letter herself. Paras watches it and says she wanted to become the fairy. Sid says she was trying to become the player. Shefali takes out her letter and says I wanted to do the good for Asim and Vishal. Paras says now she will act crying. Sid says she acts over-smart. Sid says Asim has lost the game. Shefali shreds her letter and is sad. Bhau and Arti hug her. Shefali says I wanted to do the good for my friends.

8:30 PM
Shefali says now I will tear any letter I get. Paras says her friends in the house are more important than others. Bigg Boss the next letter is from Rashami. Rashami says I want that, please. They all grab the letters. Bhau has got her letter. Bhau says I want to become the captain but I can’t make someone cry so I am giving her that letter. Vikas asks Rashami to take it. Vikas says no one will snatch from you. Give it to me. He takes the letter from Bhau and says I don’t think Rashami needs it. He shreds it before anyone can stop him. Sid and Paras laugh seeing that. Mahira hugs Vikas and says I love you for this. Vikas puts his picture on the captaincy board. Bhau says it should be me. Vikas says no you gave it to Rashami. I am sure Rashami didn’t need it.

8:45 PM
Asim shouts at Bhau that why didn’t you fight with Vikas. He shouts at Rashami that you could have told Vikas that you needed that letter, your hand is broken not your mouth, why did you not stop Vikas? This is wrong, Rashami should have talked to Vikas. Paras laughs and says Vikas played his game. Vikas says Rashami has Arhaan so she doesn’t need any letter. Asim says you will tell her? He shouts at Rashami for not speaking up. Arhaan says it’s okay. Shefali says Arhaan should have protected you. Asim says why did you people give it to Vikas?
Sana tells Vikas that he played his game. He didn’t do anything wrong.
Rashami tells Asim that why did you not talk to Bhau? If you didn’t need that letter then you could have made Bhau the contender, you could have told him but you were acting emotionally when in reality you didn’t need that letter.
Vikas tells Bagga that we have to create strategies in this game.
Asim tells Rashami that who is Vikas? Is he your friend? Rashami says no. Asim says then why are you not talking to him?
Rashami tells Vikas that she really needed that letter. Vikas says I am sorry but I am here to play too. Arhaan is with you. Rashami says it was an important message. Vikas says but we have to play the game too. I just played my game. What is wrong with that?
Shefali tells Vishal and Asim to not sacrifice for others. Asim says it was not a sacrifice. Shefali said all that because it was her mistake, you did not sacrifice for us.
Vikas says I am playing on Devo’s behalf so I will play my game. Devo must be happy now.

9:30 PM
Bigg Boss says the next letter is from Bhau’s house. They all run to get the letters. Mahira says I can’t play like this, they are pushing others. Arti says you don’t want to play and blame others. Mahira takes some letters too. Shefali Zari gets the letter. She shreds it and puts her photo on the board. She says sorry to Bhau and says I want to become the captain.

Bhau is sad. Mahira hugs him and says I will not let anyone become the captain, let them tear my letter and then I will make sure to get this task rejected. Sana says we will bring the shreds here.

9:45 PM
Shefali says sorry to Bhau and says I was angry. Bhau says I really needed that letter. Shefali says I know how much you love your family but I want to become the captain and I didn’t think anything else at that time. I am your criminal so punish me. He says it’s okay. Asim says don’t listen to her, she is not loyal to anyone. Paras laughs hearing that. Asim says I knew about her, she can’t be trusted. I used to tell Himanshi that too. Bhau tells Shefali that I really wanted that letter. Asim says now she is acting hurt for Bhau, she shredded it without thinking. Bhau says to leave it, I am talking to her. Asim says I made Shefali captain before and now she wants to become the captain before too. What is her friendship now? She is acting emotional now. Bhau says to leave it.

10 PM
Shefali tells Asim that everything is clear now. Asim says I don’t trust you, we made you captain, Sid and I made you strong in this house. Shefali says emotions are not needed in the house, you don’t have emotions too, I tried a lot to make Bhau the captain. Asim says yes we can see that. Asim says then why did you tear his letter? Shefali says because I was angry.

PRECAP- Shefali Zari says that I was angry and I couldn’t control it, it has been a lot and I had to blast so I tore Bhau’s letter. I can’t be sensible all the time. Sana says it’s her game to leave it Asim. Asim says then don’t talk about trust and friendship when you are playing the game only.
All attack Asim’s letterbox. Bigg Boss says it’s from Asim’s house. Mahira gets the letter and says I want to become the captain but I have emotions so I will give this to him. Asim is surprised. She gives the letter to Asim, He hugs her. Mahira says you will play for me now? He says this was important. Asim gets Mahira’s letter and says I am sorry, I have to become the captain. He shreds her letter. Mahira cries and looks at the shreds.
Paras and Sid make puppets in the house and they have to follow their instructions. They make Rashami and Sana dance like puppets and laugh.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Some r supporting Asim and some not….so I’m really not able to take a strong stand today that where Asim ND shefali z. went wrong. Waiting for some reviews to clear the air..
    Till then enjoy the newest roast of #bb13

    1. I did disappointed asim how can you do this to Mahira?

  2. Channel favorites- Sid, Sana, Paras, Mahira
    Benefits alwAys go to them
    Bias show

  3. cheffali has no feeling for bhau atlest play for ur friends/ and paras was right for the first time that she is trying to gt into everyones good books being a ‘ pari’. asim’s anger was justified but i feel he went to far but it was ok.
    hats of too asim as he gave a letter to aarti that was very pleasing and that vikas gupta getting out of order he truly is a mastermind. playing too far huh!!!!!
    i liked mahira and asims hug that was cute
    + missinh himanshi so much
    luv her
    big boss please bring her [email protected] pls get this aarti outshe is annoying

  4. Why this arti enters in others fights…if one has to care about everyone’s emotions it means no contenders for captaincy but I wanted Asim to give letter to mahira for the first time…pehle bhi aisa hua hai…so nothing new
    Plz jldi inn dono Dracula’s ko house mein bhejo..ab inki yeh chubne wali Hassi ???bear nhi KR skti…they r laughing like Salman…his way of laughing is like u r sprinkling salt or pepper on your dish…

  5. Aarti did not deserve the letter. She doesnt even like Asim, but he gave it. Also, she starts all the fights.

  6. Good morning Sid haters n’ Sid supporters,
    Its long time i could not join you in the forum for commenting and reading it too. As usual some sid haters continue to have the field day keep abusing sid, while some moderate fellow commentators and his fans supporting him too.
    Honestly what is happening in the house in scripted dramas in which everyone doing the role in their own style and words….that is what making it more interetsing to watch…. while some playing straight others according to their nature and character playing it crooked all the time…
    The drama queen Rashmi though pretend to be nice is one of the worst crooked charcter so as shefali….Bhau is another comic charater who prenteds to be a don of mass and never have the guts to fight alone, and he wanted to be with big gang and pledge his supports for the big team even if he founds them at wrong…
    Mahira and Sana are both perceived to be bad characters by their naughty behaviours but they are seems to be good at heart not as bad as the above characters…. Vikas as expected playing his cards to create more dramas as he is good in doing it anytime….how long he will stay is to be seen, if he overstays then it will do no good to him and the show too…. 🙂
    Seriously missing Sid in the house, but pity that he was overused in house for TRP and the fellow is so sick and down, hope he returns to house with good health and modified nature……
    Asim’s gesture to Arti and then his return bad gesture to Mahira is too confusing…it should not have done it to Mahira as she is badly missing parental guidance and she needs some advice from their family on how to conduct herself in BB as her earlier antics were very bad….. offlate she seems to be fairly good….
    Anyway let us wait and see how this dramas unfold in the coming days…. let us have fun dear friends…. 🙂

    Guys plz like , share and subscribe ????????
    #bb13 today’s review

  8. Reading bb here only ..not watching …totally baised show ..the way paras n Sid reacting showing on every one is redicules…sorry but they r favourite of bb ….feeling sad for bahu

  9. Just for fun, no hard feelings.
    Shefali: woh do Rakshah nahi hai
    Sid ~ No reaction
    Arhaan:Dekho ghar ka mahaul shant hoo gya
    Sid~No reaction
    Paras:Inke pass cheese hai
    Sid:CHEESE?! CHEESE!? Yeh inke pass kahan se aayi. Biggboss dekho inke pass cheese hai.

    ??? Banda sirf khane ka pujari hai.Mummy meli cheesh kha li inhone,chol kahinke.

    I am not able to decide what is Rashami doing. Is she reallt that gullible or trying to play some game? Vikas literally snatched the letter and she didnt even try to save once. Pehle Arhaan ko maaf kr diya ab yeh, Rash baby you are disappointing me but still I like you.

    It was too nice of Asim to give Aarti her letter. He was the star of the episode, even fought with Shefali for Bhau. But the precap?‍♂️??‍♀️ . Tho, Mahira is not my fqv person but still the girl got betrayed by Asim. But Asim already gave his chance away for Aarti so it is too much to ask for second sacrifice. He desperately wants to become the captain. If he would have given the letter to Mahira then he would have gain alot of neutral audience by his side.


    Right now, the situation of Sid & Paras is just like we viewers. Only commenting & supporting their own people just like we are here to comment & supporting the contestant to whom we like the most. There is no difference so it is not necessary to comment on Sid & Paras right now. We can comment towards the players & I feel that BB is a game & everyone is playing for a win. So, there are no emotions involved if you really wish to win the game.

  11. So today’s episode…I felt Asim stole the first he made himself clear that he is here to play and don’t expect anything from him…Yet he gave arti her letter…was a nice gesture…
    I won’t blame anyone here for shredding others letter coz every one is here to play..wild cards and people who have ex/ partner at house don’t need the letter that much compared to Asim, arti, Sana, mahira as they were here from day one…
    This episode Asim showed everyone’s reality to all… (By yelling at reshmi for letting vikas shred her letter and fighting with Shefali for bhau letter and constantly used sacrifice word by Shefali…)
    Shefali could have given the letter to bhau as she already became captian plus bhau was desperately waiting for that letter…she purposely ran and shred letter bfor any one could do anything…and then shedding tears was not at all acceptable…
    Reshmi letting Vikas shred her letter…she literally was taking it as if it’s not required…if that’s the case, let bhau shred it…forget bhau, give that to arhaan and let him be captian contender…. always confused and loosing the plot…
    Shefali wanted to show I sacrificed for my friends and that thing backfired her… She could have let the letter be shredded and then said that’s alright I got msg from Vikas…but no…then how will people know that she was a good friend and was ready to sacrifice hubby letter for friends captaincy…
    I never liked paras as a player…but I am liking paras commentary…let him stay in secret room and do commentary for the entire season…
    Get well soon Sid and come back with a calm mindset…

    1. @jisha ur liking asims game good on u he gave arti letter saying she been away from home 70plus days n he destroys mahira’s even tho she gave up captaincy for him also mahira is still a kid she would b missing family more than aarti she been there done that already…

    2. He said that I’ll support my team…ND more specifically he said either arti or mahira…pehle arti ki aa gyi toh wig Kya krta….and it’s a game…one should be mentally prepared to destroy your happened in previous seasons also…they will definitely surprise people by bringing their family members in house..pray that she survives till that day..waise toh KR hi ki second favorite Jo hai
      But yes personal view point poocha Jaye toh mujhe bhi thoda bura lga

    3. @alfy
      I appreciate that mahira gave letter to Asim leaving her captaincy…
      but how much Asim can sacrifice…he has already done that once to arti…how many times would u expect that man to give away his chance of captiancy…he clearly stated I am ready to leave it for arti or mahira ..arti’s letter came first and he stick by his words…he is also here to play…of course if he would have gave that letter, he would have won more hearts…but that’s his call…
      Similarly I wouldn’t blame sana, arti, mahira or reshmi destroying others letter for captiancy as they have been here from day one and has not been captian yet…
      If mahira has given it, I appreciate her gesture…


      Let me put my point of view of different players on this episode.
      1) Asim was right for Aarti case but later on I feel that he is following the step of Sid for unnecessary commenting on others point. Regarding Rashmi & Bhau case, they are not arguing but Asim is arguing a lot as he feels that he lost a chance to become the competitor for capitancy task on the first instance. Everyone is blaming for Sid’s loud voice, are they not agreeing that Asim is also doing the same. If you want to speak loud then do it but only if the case is related to him only.
      2) Shefali Zari – She told Vishal & Asim to destroy her letter if they got. Later on, we witness that she told other guyz that she know if other members will receive her letter, they will give to her only. It means, she felt that Vishal & Asim may try for the captiancy task & destroy her letter which may hurt her later on. Both were agreed. Instead of hurting from her own friends, she herself told them to destroy it so that if it may happen then she will not feel bad for her friends. I think there is nothing wrong in this way. But it backfires after BB announcement, particularly Asim as he was assured that he will be one of the contenders for the capitancy task. This is the reason why he is angry with Shefali.
      3) Rashmi – She is realy tried to became a smart player but Vikas changed all the game plan. She was trying emotionally with everyone in such a way that no strong players can be a contender for capitancy task. For this, Once again, Vikas proves as a mastermind player. We need to witness when Sid & Paras will rejoin the game with Vikas.
      In yesterday’s episode, it was Vikas who played the main role to destroy the peacefulness in house.

  12. It’s better to also get your confusion cleared as we might support our favorite at wrong time also…start watching review of reviewers to know what actually went wrong..they give unbiased decision unlike this show…make them enter the show quickly..I’m bored to see them making fun of others like this??????????????????????????

  13. True Sree fans ke liye….and Sid supporters ke liye…it’s not about his negativity it’s about difference
    Like ND subscribe??????

  14. Aarti, Shefali Jariwala, Bhau, Vishal my favourites now. Sid n Paras should stay in secret room as they r ruffians. Asim is getting very temperamental these days. Mahira n Shefali Bagga r very loud. Shehnaz is a bit boring.

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